[Startup Interview] Ali Messoudi, President, Transpare, Morocco
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Transpare is a Morocco-based startup offering a digital platform targeting shippers and freight forwarders. Ali Messoudi the President talked to Africa Business Communities.

Introduce Transpare

Transpare is a digital platform that makes international freight transport easier. Like Booking or Trivago for tourism, we put in relationship shippers and freight forwarders. Transpare.eu is totally free, both can register themselves in a few minutes only. Then they ask a quotation, they compare offers from freight forwarders and they book the most competitive international freight transport offer. Finally shippers can follow their operations online thanks to a very complete dashboard and track and trace technologies

Who are your clients?

Our clients are shippers and freight forwarders. For shippers, our digital platform is totally free. For freight forwarders, we earn money if they earn money too.  We only take a 2.5% commission on transactions linked to operations performed thanks to Transpare

What gives your business the competitive edge?

We make international freight transport easier for importers/exporters. Everything is digital now : from the quotation until the follow of the goods. We are the first digital platform on this specific market. Our most competitive edge is the intuitiveness of our digital platform. Another key point is that shippers can compare the different offers from freight forwarders, so they always choose the best for them. Today we can say that we enable shippers on Transpare to save 10% of their global international freight transport costs

How has the market responded to your services? Why do you think that is so?

The market responded to our services well. We earned 500K euros on our first fiscal year (2019). Each day, more and more shippers register themselves on http://transpare.eu . I think there is a real need from shippers to get an intuitive tool that helps them in their international freight transport.

What does Transpare bring to the market that isn’t present at the moment?

We enable shippers to compare offers from freight forwarders. That’s new for the market. Another point : shippers have often a dedicated transport axis, and so a dedicated freight forwarder. But how can they do when they have a new transport axis ? Their freight forwarder is not the most competitive on this new axis. With Transpare, this problem vanishes : you have always the most competitive offer because we have dozens of freight forwarders registered on our digital platform.

What is your contribution to the growth of international freight transport?

Our digital platform is so easy-to-use that it helps shippers to manage their international freight transport operations. So maybe, we triggers companies which are ill-at-ease with international freight transport to launch their first international operations thanks to Transpare. We provide for free advices to companies which don’t know anything to international freight transport.

What do you consider the biggest threat to your business?

All threats to international freight transport are threats to our business. Coronavirus is the last example I can give to you : China is at the heart of international freight transport and almost all their ports are closed. That’s very bad news for Transpare.

What kind of collaborations do you expect and need for Transpare to succeed?

Today, we have about 60 freight forwarders on our platform, that’s enough but we are ready to get more because we bring them new clients. But to succeed in developing Transpare, we need more shippers. So please, may every reader of this interview, who is a shipper too, register himself on Transpare.eu ?

Where do you want to take the company in 2020 and in the long term?

Our technology is today available worldwide. Shippers from all around the world can use Transpare to send goods from wherever to wherever. But our two biggest markets today are France and Morocco. In 2020, we will concentrate our efforts on two new markets : Tunisia and Turkey.

What is the latest news from Transpare?

We are raising funds to accelerate our development. If your readers are investors, they can contact us on contact@transpare.fr , we will tell them more informations fort hem to make an opinion on our company and our growth potential.



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