[SAP on Google Cloud] An Intelligent Enterprise enabled by Incentro Africa with SAP and Google Cloud
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Why SAP on Google Cloud?

Overall Performance 

Brings cross-product and cross-industry expertise to be a true end-to-end business partner

Network Connectivity 

Delivers strong connections to customers with the largest worldwide fiber network

Provision Speed 

Provides a cost effective platform for growth, innovation and increased business agility 

Ability to Host 

Certified for running production SAP applications at a scale on a secure and resilient cloud architecture .

Technology Native 

Provides market-leading innovations such as Machine Learning, Security/Access Custodian, SAP Leonardo and BigQuery

Improved Insights 

Combines Google Cloud’s petabyte scale data analytics with the power of SAP HANA to help organizations make informed business decisions.

Extended SAP Capabilities 

Extends SAP environments with the power of SAP Cloud Platform on Google Cloud (beta) and native capabilities from Google Cloud.

Data Intelligence

Combines SAP applications and Google Cloud Machine Learning to help organizations gain competitive advantage.

Methodology & Outlook 

Our SAP clients have communicated that simply implementing SAP S/4HANA is inadequate in the quest to modernize their foundation. The race to modernization requires additional aid in hosting and overseeing their complete cloud infrastructure, as well as the capability to create and execute solutions that utilize forward-thinking, cutting-edge technologies. Firms demand a strategy coupled with supportive services to enhance their business processes and gain access to the full spectrum of advantages related to the cloud, such as cost-effectiveness, security, and adaptability.

Incentro Africa provides a comprehensive suite of services to aid enterprises in creating and implementing their cloud strategies powered by SAP from start to finish. We recognize the importance of enabling clients to envision and overhaul their business processes for the digital age, and we work closely with them to achieve this transformation.


Simply reimagining your business is no longer sufficient in the face of rapidly evolving customer expectations and technologies. 

To truly drive your business forward, Incentro Africa can guide you on how to adapt and achieve tangible results.


By leveraging SAP solutions and encouraging organizations to rethink their operations, Incentro Africa empowers them to flourish in an era of continuous disruption. 

With a "business first" mindset, our team of multidisciplinary experts assists clients in maximizing their SAP investments and positioning themselves to generate long-term value in the digital economy.

Essential Inquiries

Adopting SAP on Google Cloud Platform (Google Cloud) presents a chance to revolutionize your enterprise and establish a smarter organization. However, prior to commencing the migration to the cloud, IT teams must address a set of inquiries:

  • In what ways can SAP on Google Cloud lower my total cost of ownership?
  • Is Google Cloud equipped for SAP enterprise solutions?
  • Which Google Cloud architecture best fulfills my business's service level agreements (SLAs)?
  • What is the process for migrating SAP to Google Cloud?
  • How do I incorporate Google's native technologies with SAP?
  • Who is capable of providing comprehensive managed services for my SAP operations on Google Cloud?
  • How are security, risk, and compliance addressed and maintained on Google Cloud?


A three-phase approach to facilitate the reinvention, implementation, and conversion to an intelligent, digital enterprise

At Incentro Africa's SAP on Cloud Storefront, we possess end-to-end capabilities and industry-specific insight to assist you in realizing the full transformative potential of the cloud. Our capabilities encompass the complete cloud lifecycle, spanning from strategy and design to build, migration, and management, in order to deliver tangible business results utilizing the potent technology inherent in Google Cloud.

(1) Counsel

  • To approach and create each business case, we follow a methodology that considers the following factors:
  • Analysis of the current state of applications
  • Evaluation of infrastructure and operations
  • Assessment of security and risk
  • Exploration of technology trends
  • Examination of speed to market
  • Consideration of business agility
  • Assessment of financial considerations
  • Analysis of current business and IT challenges
  • Redesigned and engineered the architecture of the future state on Google Cloud utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and industry-leading practices.
  • Formulated strategies for deployment, migration, and roadmap development.


(2) Execute

  • Utilize and customize pre-established playbooks and industry-standard migration tools to expedite the migration of SAP workloads to Google Cloud.
  • Deliver pre-defined architectures and pre-configured solutions to swiftly deploy SAP and S/4HANA solutions on Google Cloud, with the ability to meet business-critical SLAs through customized deployments.
  • Utilize Google Cloud's big data processing and analytics capabilities to enable data-driven insights and help solve complex business challenges faced by clients.
  • Improve and automate SAP business processes through pre-packaged solutions based on Machine Learning, RPA, and IoT.
  • Empower digital experiences with a comprehensive suite of integrated services and on-premises and cloud extensions, leveraging both SAP Cloud Platform and Google technologies.


(3) Manage

  • We provide SAP Cloud Managed services through Incentro Africa, powered by Google Cloud, on a subscription basis, which includes:
  • SLA-based cloud managed services covering the entire stack from OS to SAP Application BASIS, with round-the-clock support
  • Support for traditional SAP, SAP S/4 HANA-based applications, non-SAP based applications, SAP integrations, SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Leonardo, Google Machine Learning, and Data Analytics
  • Reselling of SAP licenses and offering SAP application maintenance and support.


At Incentro Africa, we take into account the critical factors that come into play during the cloud journey and create customized approaches that address:

  • Integration
  • Cybersecurity
  • Deployment
  • Data


Managed Services for SAP on Google Cloud 

The infrastructure offered by Incentro Africa and powered by Google Cloud serves as a management backplane that offers essential management services for client solutions hosted on Google Cloud. OpenCloud provides a unified enterprise platform that can cater to and support business-critical applications such as SAP, and can adapt to changing needs.

  • DevOps & Automation 
  • Infrastructure Management & tuning 
  • Security, Risk & Compliance 
  • Reporting & Dashboards 
  • 24/7 Support
  • Cost Optimization

What makes Incentro Africa stand out? Incentro Africa stands out for the following reasons:

  • Ready-to-use and proven tools, teams, and methods, supported by a worldwide SAP practice consisting of qualified SAP professionals across 33 African countries.
  • Extensive expertise in implementing SAP S/4HANA, which has been recognized through several SAP Pinnacle Awards.
  • A flexible support model that provides skilled resources through a global network of delivery centers.
  • Deep understanding of the capabilities and technical aspects of Google Cloud, gained through co-development with Google


Begin now!

Organizations seeking to transition their business into an intelligent enterprise by migrating their essential business workloads to the cloud can accelerate their efforts by completing some of the preliminary work:

  • Initiate your cloud business case and roadmap development 
  • Test run the migration of SAP workloads on Incentro Africa OpenCloud, powered by Google Google Cloud 
  • Explore innovative solutions based on SAP and Google native technologies (Machine learning, IoT, artificial intelligence and data analytics).
  • Dry run your SAP rapid deployment solutions


We would be happy to have a conversation with you

By combining SAP applications with Google Cloud, organizations can benefit from a secure, flexible, and cost-effective hosting platform that enables them to become more agile and innovative. Incentro Africa is the partner that can bring these two technologies together to help companies transform into intelligent digital organizations. If you're interested in learning more about how we can assist with advising, implementing, and operating SAP applications on Google Cloud, as well as our core innovations that can help your organization thrive, please contact us.

This article was written by Barack Litzwa the Head of Outbound Google Cloud Business Development at Incentro Africa


With over 10 years of proven expertise in technical consultation and related services, Incentro, the only Google Premier Partner in  East, West and Central Africa has become the go-to partner for successful business transformation in the continent.

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