Nigeria’s Economic Resurgence & Fulfilling Its Connectivity Potential
24-08-2018 11:29:00 | by: Bas Vlugt | hits: 6817 | Tags:

Following two difficult years spawned by a recessionary environment, the Nigerian ICT and telecoms market is slowly returning to stronger growth. 

By Nigeria Com’s estimates, the retail telecoms market grew by 8%-10% in 2017, the sector’s strongest revenue performance since 2011.

The signs are positive yet persistent challenges remain that could hamper long-term Nigerian telecoms development as it enters it's 'Re-emergence Phase'. 

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  • The correlation between the Nigerian GDP & mobile services growth
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  • Nigerian financial inclusion rates & fibre rollout
  • Nigeria's infrastructure requirements & potential
  •  'The Re-emergence Phase' & the path ahead


From the effect of the country’s reliance on oil exports to its 4G spectrum allocation and the telecoms sectors’ current CapEx, discover how Nigeria’s economy is being uplifted by the cumulative telco sectors, and what catalysing actions will truly drive growth in 2020 and beyond.

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