[Interview] Jerome OWONO, Marketing and Communication, ALM CREATIVE STUDIOS, Cameroon
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Jerome OWONO MINBOE is the Marketing and Communication Manager at ALM CREATIVE STUDIOS, a young professional services company in Cameroon offering a wide range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, design, technology and operations.

Dear Jerome, could you start by telling us about yourself and your company?

First of all, I present myself to you today under a different hat from that of CEO of Orion Communication.

ALM CREATIVE STUDIOS is a young professional services company in Cameroon offering a wide range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, design, technology and operations. Created in 2013, it is part of ALM Holding which consists of 5 companies in total; With a head office based in London

We help organizations maximize their performance and realize their vision. We ensure the development and implementation of marketing and digital solutions that increase the productivity and efficiency of our clients – we also sometimes manage their operations on their behalf. Finally, we enable our commercial and government customers to achieve high performance.

What industry do you serve?

We collaborate with companies from various sectors of activity; We do not limit our services to companies in a particular sector of activity

Is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic AND the work-from-home trend affecting your operations?

Yes, at the beginning it was not easy since we were not used to this working method, but then we had to adapt to the realities imposed by the pandemic and adapt ourselves to this new standard of telework.

How did you adapt to covid-19?

We simply adapted and we reinforced the capacity of our entire team to be able to remain motivated and competitive despite the new way of working that was imposed on us!

What is ALM CREATIVE STUDIOS' growth strategy for 2022?

Our strategy for this year 2022 is very simple, first consolidate our achievements from the previous year to maintain our positioning and then develop new market niches to achieve effective expansion. New partnerships? Certainly yes, we will see how things evolve during the year but we remain open to new perspectives

Are there any long-term ambitions for ALM CREATIVE STUDIOS that you are aiming for as a business?

In the long term our ambitions are focused on international expansion; We have the English market in our sights

What government policies can be implemented for businesses to thrive in Cameroon?

You know in reality, there is no policy worse than another! What we really need are policies in line with the economic reality of the country. The government should consider reducing taxation for SMEs and improving the terms of access to credit financing if they really want businesses to prosper in Cameroon

Jerome, with your observation what do you think are the 3 best performing African countries in terms of activity in 2022?

Morocco, Kenya and Ghana are the fastest growing African countries

with an increase of more than 3.8% in 2021 after a sharp recession in 2020 in Africa. This is good news for some African countries that have experienced an unprecedented economic crisis. Leading data and analytics company Global Data notes that the fastest growing economies in the region are Morocco, Kenya, Ghana, Egypt and South Africa, all of which recorded growth. of real GDP above 4% in 2021.

How do you think Africa will develop as a knowledge economy in 2022 and how can businesses contribute?

To develop Africa, Africans must specialize in their educational fields. Most African education systems require specialization reform.
Unfortunately, our western governors called African heads of state are still stagnating in repressing their peoples than developing Africa in general and their countries in particular.

While young Japanese, Russians, Koreans, Americans, French… sometimes specialize from college or high school; the vast majority of Africans oppressed and repressed by their own rulers are not even qualified to the degree.

Companies can contribute to this development by creating value chains, and by training young people on the law of dissemination of innovation, with an emphasis on digital transformation

What are the opportunities for Agribusiness and Agritech in Africa in 2022?

Modern agro-technology makes it possible to increase productivity, and consequently the wage rate. In addition, strong development of rural infrastructure opens the way to new jobs in non-agricultural activities. Virtually all governments in developed countries have grasped the challenge of agribusiness development and are integrating it into their policies.