Incentro: Not even a pandemic can stop fifteen consecutive years of growth
21-01-2021 13:19:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 2465 | Tags:

For the fifteenth year in a row, we have realized growth. Nothing can stop us. Not even a pandemic! Our provisional data shows that in 2020, we produced revenue of almost 57 million euros. That’s a 8.8% growth compared to 2019! Of course, we’re very proud.

Stef Lagomatis, board member Incentro: “As we have done for many years in a row, we again present good provisional data. Especially because COVID-19 has had such an influence on our business, we are very proud of the results we present right now.”

Impact of the pandemic

From March 2020, the world has been dealing with the COVID-19-pandemic and its impact on business. As a result, some industries were hit very hard, while others were able to profit from the pandemic.

When it became clear that some of our clients were looking at a negative impact, we came up with different scenarios. Using these, we were able to react to the new reality as it was unfolding. For instance, we realized that clients in the travel/leisure and retail sectors would be facing difficulties. As the months passed, this turned out to be true, which led to several millions of lost revenue in 2020.

On the other hand, the pandemic made it possible to speed up our clients’ digital growth. Therefore, they also were able to grow their sales! As a result, Incentro grew, despite the pandemic.

Stef Lagomatis: “Digitalization is high on the agenda of organizations, thanks to COVID-19. Incentro is a service provider: we help clients to be successful in the digital world. As a full-service digital service provider, we keep growing steadily.”

Powerful partnerships

Our success is partially due to our close collaboration with several prominent software partners. For instance, we work in cooperation with Google to operate their Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We also work with suppliers such as Alfresco, UiPath, CommercetoolsOutSystems, and Mendix. The use of these platforms makes it possible for us to implement change and deliver quick results.

Preview of 2021

In 2021, the digitalization trend will persevere. Our partnerships are an important part of the digital solutions that we offer our clients. In our portfolio of partnerships, Google is especially important.

We will focus even more on helping our clients with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), with their migration to as well as the effective use of the platform. As such, clients profit from the efficiency, innovation, and sustainability of this public cloud platform. As Google’s largest GCP partner in the Benelux, we have a lot of knowledge and experience on the platform. For our clients, this means that their strategic digitalization program is in the safest of hands.

Incentro has offices in the Netherlands, Spain and, since 2017, also in Kenya. The African market is served from there. As the only Google Premier Partner in the region, Incentro Africa has also seen the demand for Cloud services increase significantly. Dennis de Weerd, CEO Incentro Africa: "Where the demand from Dutch customers for software development from Africa showed a dip, we were actually able to make more impactful software solutions for the African market. Because our services have become extra relevant, we wre able to achieve results and make an impact. "