[Free Webinar] The threat of Ransomware on the Cloud and how to prepare for the worst
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When: 13 July 2021

From: 12:00 - 13:30 EAT

Where: Online Webinar

For: Countries across africa apart from francophone countries

This webinar offers the opportunity for Incentro and HYCU to share insights of existing/past cases of ransomware attacks and how they were overcome. The Webinar will focus largely on Google Cloud (Incentro/Google) and Cloud security (HYCU).


  • 12:00–12:05 Introduction to the Webinar and the topics to be covered
  • 12:05–12:30 Incentro and the Google Cloud Solution proposition
  • 12:30–12:50 Migration Success Story (TextBook Center)
  • 12:50–13:15 The threat of attack and the beauty of having a ready solution (HYCU)
  • 13:15–13:25 Ransomware Case Study (HYCU)
  • 13:25–13:30 Closing Remarks



  Dennis de Weerd, CEO, Incentro Africa




  Elizabeth Akinyi, Google Cloud Professional Collaboration Engineer     and Deployment Specialist, Incentro Africa




  Simon Muraya, Google Cloud Architect, Incentro




  Steven Cooper, Channel Director, HYCU




You’re invited to hear more about the threat of Cloud Ransomware and how to prepare

As cloud services continue to grow and cut costs around the world for several small, medium and large organizations, the threat of attack of these ever more increasingly integrated devices grows at a near directly correlated rate.

We would like to discuss this growing threat and the solution that both Incentro and HYCU are perfectly suited to provide. Our team will share the long list of benefits that SAP on Google Cloud is capable of offering and the success of this product in the field with a deep-dive into the TextBook Center story, while HYCU will share the additional benefits that they can offer in regards to data protection and data back up and how this solution benefited one of their clients.

Join our webinar to gain a better grasp on how to cut costs, increase productivity while maintaining security with Incentro and HYCU. Virtual Welcome.

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