[Column] Matthew Munyiri: Three reasons why your employees should be using Chromebooks
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Affordability is just one reason you should consider getting Chromebooks for your employees. Find out what the other 2 reasons are in Incentro's tech snack about Chromebooks.

Average battery life is 12 hours

The first thing most of us do when prepping for a long day of remote working is checking the battery level of our laptops and phones. If it's fully charged, we pack them up alongside their chargers. The beauty of Chrome OS is that its lightweight nature means it sips power. So much so that the average battery life is around 12 hours (depending on the device).

Everything you need on any device

Most of us work on different computers. The most common default is a Work computer, Personal Computer. The truth of the matter is sometimes we work on our personal computers and vice versa. We shouldn’t, but we do. 

Sounds familiar? If you are guilty of this and use Chrome OS, then all you need to do is sign in to either of your accounts and retrieve whatever file you're working on. Yes, regardless of where you worked on it. The hidden advantage of this is that if something happens to your Chromebook, you can easily recover your work on another machine. You quite literally have everything you need everywhere you need it.

The performance you need at a cost you like

The truth about Chromebooks is that they are generally less expensive than the average company laptop. The secret to this low price? The internals. Given that Chromebooks run Chrome OS - the need for high-end specs is low! This means Chromebooks can cost as little as $235 for an Acer Chromebook. The beauty of having an efficient operating system means the need for 16GB RAM and processing power of over 2.5GHz is unnecessary for simple productivity tasks like e-mailing, document processing, or online meetings. Though, this doesn’t mean Chromebooks are slow. Chromebooks boot up in seconds, and automated updates ensure that you always have the most up-to-date software without being interrupted by installation screens first thing in the morning. 

Chromebooks for your business

Are you ready to choose a Chromebook? Or not quite yet? Matthew is happy to talk to you.


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