[African Blogger interview] Kenn Omollo, Founder, Joon, Kenya
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Kenn Omollo is the founder of Joon, one of the top ranked blogs in Kenya that has since 2018 attracted thousands of readers due to its unique content and customer-centric services. 

Well done on your blog Kenn. What does the journey and the success of this blog mean to you?

 The success of my blog this far means my business has stayed in line with its mission and vision. Which if you ask me, is to always provide the best free information on online investment opportunities, and tohelp as many talented young writers start their blogs on free blogging platforms.

What is the name and address of your blog?

The name of my blog is Joon and it is found at joon.co.ke . Irun the website and 3 others from my home in Kisumu.

What is your blog about?

Joon Online is an information platform for investment opportunities found on the internet. We offer our readers well researched posts around the general personal finance topics like Forex and Options Trading.

We also blog about budgeting, banking, insurance, mortgages, estate planning, retirement planning and tax planning.

How many and what kind of people do you reach through your blog?

On average, our website gets 48,570 monthly visits with at least 230,000 pageviews. Most of our visitors are aged between 24 and 35; entrepreneurial, looking for ways to make money online and likely to start their own online businesses in future.

What makes people return to your blog?

Most people return to Joon because they find our posts rich and informative.

Others come back though, because they are either in our mailing list or have subscribed to our push notification. Meaning, anytime we post new articles they become the first to be notified.

How can companies that want their content on your blog work with you?

Companies interested in working with us can send us sponsored posts, sponsored reviews, sponsored giveaways or place banners on our advertisement areasat competitive rates.

Our package contracts last from 3 months to one year and in the event that a company cannot write their own content, we offer to write for them at an additional cost.

What is the latest news in your field?

The latest and most awaited news for majority of our readers is the Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) report release in August. The report comes out on the first Friday of every month.

For those who don’t know already, Non-Farm Payroll refers to US jobs with the exception of employment by private households, military, intelligence, unincorporated self-employment, proprietorship and non-farm organizations.

This report is important because it is used to gauge the economic state of the US.

Even more important, economists and policymakers use the NFP report to determine the future economic levels of the country by evaluating the current GDP among other factors highlighted therein.

Need I mention that the NFP directly affects the US labor force? And what does this mean to our readers (Online investors)?

Anything which touches on the US labor force has a direct impact on the stock market, the price of gold, and the overall fluctuations of the USD and all the other pairs that use it as a base currency.

This news is important to Forex traders who depend on trading news from our blog and other websites in our niche because it helps them pick a position early enough into the month.

What do you think is the future of blogging in Africa?

It’s funny how until I started this blog on June 1 2018, I believed that the only way to become a self-made millionaire in Kenya was to either work a high profile job in the UN or in parastatals.

Barely a year into the blogging business, I’m consistently making $ (4 figures) a month in net revenue and my website is valued at $7,090 (estimated figures).

If you ask me, this is not too bad for a first year of business.

My belief is that in the coming years more people in Africa would stop seeing blogging as just another medium of showcasing talent and sharing ideas; and start viewing it as the easiest way to start a profitable business.

How much did it cost to start your blogging business?

I started Joon with Ksh. 1,599 only. That was Ksh. 999 for hosting - for one year and Ksh. 570 for my domain name also for one year.

Without a doubt, you can design your own blog for the same price if you want.



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