[Vacancy] Freelance Tech Journalist

06-01-2018 | 12:47:00
Africa Business Communities is looking for a freelance African journalist/webmaster, specialized in ICT and Telecom, for the Africa Tech Platform

[Column] Llewellyn le Hané: The speed of Technology- Bucks have become bits and bytes

05-29-2018 | 10:01:00
Technology is becoming increasingly safe, online shopping is not a rarity any more, even here in Namibia.

[Column] Rahmon Ojukotola: Is Africa ready for working in the cloud?

05-28-2018 | 10:44:00
Cloud computing has made a positive impact on development targets in Africa. The Cloud enables Africans to access storage capacity they would otherwise be unable to afford for free with services such as Google drive or Dropbox.

[Column] John Enoh: Revolutionising e-payment solutions in Africa

05-24-2018 | 09:52:00
Electronic payment is an emerging form of payment within the fintech industry and has become one of the most popular payment forms in Africa. The drive of the industry is the speed and simplicity of opening new accounts, recruit new merchants and customers.

[Startup Interview] Jerry Oche, CEO, Growsel, Nigeria

05-23-2018 | 10:34:00
Growsel is a Nigeria based Agritech startup that is working with farmers to simplify activities from farm to folk using ICT.

[Startup Interview] Mary Mwangi, CEO Data Integrated Limited, Kenya

05-22-2018 | 14:50:00
Data Integrated Limited (DIL) was one of four winners of the MEST Africa challenge and will participate in a pitch challenge to showcase their solution at the MEST Africa Summit

[Column] Llewellyn le Hané: Namibia poises to embrace the new 'smartified' world

05-21-2018 | 13:56:00
The digital revolution has well and truly been embraced by Namibia and Namibians. Apart from spending most of our time online on social media, we are now seeing a shift to real world benefits enabled through connectivity.

[Startup Interview] Renaldo Bothma, Managing Director, HomeFixer, South Africa

05-21-2018 | 13:16:00
Renaldo Bothma is a professional rugby player and founder of a new app, Homefixer, an app to help fix any household related issue at the push of a button.

[Column] Li Peng: ICT investment and partnership key to fuelling Africa's digital growth

05-17-2018 | 08:36:20
Rapid advancements in information communications technologies (ICT) over the past 20 years has substantially altered the ways in which people live, work, play and interact with one another.