[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Digitization is critical for growth of SMEs

03-26-2019 | 08:45:00
The commitment by the Government to accord more support to SMEs comes at a critical time when the manufacturing sector is expected to create 1.3 million jobs and contribute 15% to GDP by 2022.

[Column] Derrick Sebbaale: Africa telcos and governments should jointly fight SIM boxing

03-26-2019 | 06:06:00
In 2016, it was estimated that telecom companies in Uganda on annual basis were losing about $60m due to illegal redirection of international calls traffic.

[Interview] Chijioke Dozie, CEO, OneFi, Nigeria

03-21-2019 | 09:22:00
Chijioke Dozie is the CEO and co-Founder of OneFi, a leading African Mobile-First Consumer Lending Business that has disbursed over $40m to consumers since inception.

[Column] Mark Bannerman: "Smartstreaming" Enterprise Financial Management

03-20-2019 | 09:28:06
Statistics SA recently released its findings that the South African economy grew by 1.4 percent in the last quarter of 2018. While this is encouraging and a move in the right direction, many are still faced with the question; “is this growth sustainable?”.

[Column] Petrus Pelser: The ubiquity of IoT in design

03-20-2019 | 06:35:32
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a wave that impacts all “verticals” and “horizontals” of the digital evolution and organisations who deliver design and manufacturing services in this hazy matrix are not spared the change.

[Column] Doros Hadjizenonos: Using advanced AI to stay ahead of cybercriminals

03-18-2019 | 15:10:11
As the threat landscape continues to evolve rapidly, it now includes increasingly sophisticated, zero-day malware that traditional security approaches can no longer keep pace with.

[Column] Matthew Ashe: How wholesale colocation is helping Africa realize its digital ambitions

03-15-2019 | 07:04:37
Africa’s relatively young population is increasingly switched on and connected and is becoming a growing part of the global digital economy.

[Column] Serge Blockmans: Four themes of the experience economy that drive CX value

03-14-2019 | 12:15:48
Today, you can order a book online and have it delivered to your doorstep on the same day. You can watch your favourite shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime anytime you want and when you order a pizza you can track the delivery on your smartphone.

[Africa Tech Week] Smartphone shipments in Africa recording significant growth

03-14-2019 | 10:32:04
While 2018 was a tough year for worldwide smartphone shipments, Africa experienced year-on-year growth for first time since 2015.

[Interview] Brian Richardson, CEO, WIZZIT, South Africa

03-14-2019 | 06:35:00
Brian Richardson is CEO and Co-Founder of WIZZIT International, a global pioneer outfit in the digitalisation of financial services and in particular, the use of mobile technology directed at financial inclusion, with a current focus on Africa.

[Column] Pedro Guerreiro: The impact of free trade and technology on Africa's accelerating economic development

03-13-2019 | 08:40:00
When the Africa Continental Free Trade Area is implemented this year, it will create a single market for goods and services for the first time in the continent's history.

[Column] Riaan Graham: Capitalising on tech innovation for 2019

03-13-2019 | 08:17:27
With 2019 already in full swing, thoughts inevitably turn to what to expect later this year. Evolving technology means the public and private sectors can capitalise on potential growth, but what should businesses be looking at in 2019?

[Column] Willie Kanyeki: Open banking to transform East Africa’s digital financial services

03-13-2019 | 04:55:17
Open banking is revolutionising the financial services landscape across the world, and presents opportunities for transformation and financial inclusion throughout East Africa.

[Interview] Steve Burke, CEO, DigiBlu, South Africa

03-07-2019 | 21:16:00
Steve Burke is a former British paratrooper and management consultant, currently CEO of DigiBlu, a company that uses Intelligent Automation to create and operate Digital Workforces over the cloud.

[Column] Michèle Scanlon: Demand for VSAT satellite services growing as Africa strives for a bright digital future

03-07-2019 | 10:02:49
Thanks to the arrival of HTS (high-throughput satellite) in Africa, the demand for VSAT satellite services is on the increase and remains critical to unlocking connectivity on the continent.