[Column] Kirtan Sita: Laying the groundwork now for future business recovery

05-14-2020 | 15:17:42
The rapid global spread of COVID-19 has forced business, education, and social activities to be conducted virtually.

[Column] Garsen Naidu: The new normal calls for leadership with a human touch, virtually

05-11-2020 | 15:20:00
In recent years, working from home has been a perk for some. Suddenly it became an imperative for many, as demand for remote work soared globally in only a few weeks. This has been a profound shift for society at large.

[Column] Murat Sahinoglu: The million dollar question about 5G

05-09-2020 | 13:04:07
Experts are all eyeing 5G to open up monetisation opportunities for communication service providers (CSPs) beyond their traditional markets.

[Column] Helen Kruger: Proactive businesses will survive

05-06-2020 | 14:02:00
Business disruptions are becoming more common phenomena and can impact businesses of all sizes, this in turn can impact productivity, customer satisfaction, brand reputation and cause revenue loss.

[Column] Kirtan Sita: The next digital disruption awaits South Africa companies

05-06-2020 | 13:23:00
Businesses have evolved from using the internet economy (which was based on internet connectivity mainly to communicate with stakeholders) to the digital economy.

Africa debate whether to remain on-premise or move to the cloud

05-06-2020 | 13:18:00
Security, risk, data loss, and legislation. These are the primary concerns listed by organizations and government institutions when asked why they are reluctant to move to the cloud.

[Startup Interview] Terry Macharia, Founder, Secvate Solutions, Kenya

05-04-2020 | 14:09:00
Terry Macharia is a founder and Managing Partner at Secvate Solutions, an information technology startup domiciled in Nairobi Kenya that has since 2018 been offering customized software solutions, cyber security consultancy and data analytics.

[Column] Vukani Mngxati: Enabling remote workers at scale during Covid-19

04-30-2020 | 06:55:38
COVID-19 has turned into a global crisis, evolving at unprecedented speed and scale. Experts don't know how long it will take to contain the virus.

[Column] Vukani Mngxati: Unlocking new opportunities by stepping over the innovation gap

04-22-2020 | 10:42:20
In the midst of a major technology revolution, South Africa continues to face multiple challenges. Innovation – driven by digital disruption – is opening up new opportunities.

[Column] Stefan Nalletamby: COVID-19 bolsters case for technology-based economic resilience

04-15-2020 | 08:19:23
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a devastating impact globally, the African continent, while less affected, is preparing to undergo its own severe social and economic crisis.

[Column] Wandile Mcanyana: Retailers must secure trust with cyber customers

04-09-2020 | 13:23:00
In a dynamic, connected environment where sensitive customer data is highly attractive to hackers and forms the lifeblood of the business, facing a cyber-attack is no longer a case of "if", but "when".

IDC to explore the rise of multi-cloud in Africa as COVID-19 pandemic proves the case for business agility

04-08-2020 | 15:14:00
By 2022, over 90% of enterprises worldwide will be relying on a mix of on-premises/dedicated private clouds, multiple public clouds, and legacy platforms to meet their infrastructure needs, according to the latest forecast from IDC.

Coronavirus reveals need to bridge the digital divide, UNCTAD

04-08-2020 | 08:59:00
The global crisis brought on by the coronavirus pandemic has pushed us further into a digital world, and changes in behaviour are likely to have lasting effects when the economy starts to pick up.

[Column] Mhlengi Ngcobo: How African entrepreneurs can use tech to solve continental problems

04-03-2020 | 09:32:37
African entrepreneurs need to be at the forefront of innovation and proactively be looking at strategies that will solve the foreseeable problems that will arise.

[Column] Ushal Moonsamy: Forging alliances to drive innovation and meet market needs

04-03-2020 | 09:29:01
Collaboration and ecosystems are reshaping business relationships for long-term success and sustainability.