[Africa Cloud Review] Simon Ngunjiri: Cloud is transforming the education sector in Africa

10-11-2021 | 17:58:19
Cloud is transforming teaching and learning as we know it, while fast-tracking education improvement from primary school to university across Africa.

[Column] Jaco du Plooy: Creating sustainable data centres through energy-efficient solutions

10-11-2021 | 10:54:00
With the large-scale migration of business data and IT services to the cloud – particularly in light of the global pandemic driving a 35 percent increase in online traffic – there has been a notable rise in global data centre construction.

[Column] Bridgette Vermaak: Data compliance for healthcare

10-11-2021 | 08:04:06
Safeguards governing the processing and storage of patient data are required and will be bolstered by the introduction of the Protection of Personal Information Act, No 4 of 2012 (PoPIA).

[Column] Hyther Nizam: The future of IT - Democratising application development with low-code platforms

10-11-2021 | 07:27:00
With COVID-19 accelerating the digital transformation of businesses, many organisations were forced to adopt a work-from-home strategy, and customers began to increasingly purchase goods and services online.

[Column] Dumisani Moyo: Winning hearts, minds and market share: Four key focus areas for African retailers

10-08-2021 | 07:42:00
Technology has transformed every aspect of our personal and professional lives, and has left no sector of the economy untouched.

[Africa Tech Review] Duncan Mochama: Teraco completes first phase of its Cape Town hyperscale data centre campus

10-07-2021 | 14:07:41
This week, the firm announced the completion of Phase 1 of CT2, its new hyperscale data centre in Brackenfell, Cape Town – the largest data centre in the Western Cape.

[Startup Interview] Femi Apesin, OnePipe Growth & Marketing Lead, Nigeria

10-07-2021 | 11:04:00
Femi Apesin is the Head of Growth and Marketing at OnePipe, a Nigerian startup that has raised almost US$1 million in a pre-seed round with a plan to make API integration seamless for banks and fintech companies.

[Column] Todd Schoeman: Why co-sourcing is a smart choice for cybersecurity now

10-07-2021 | 07:39:35
One of the side-effects of the move away from the controlled environment of the office has been an increase in the threat landscape.

[Africa Cloud Review] Simon Ngunjiri: Cloud can help power smart cities in Africa

10-04-2021 | 16:26:00
Cloud provides the digital infrastructure for smart cities: in other words, a city’s cloud will function as a storage and analysis system for the data used in everything.

[Africa Tech Review] Duncan Mochama: A huge number of the world’s population is now using mobile internet

09-30-2021 | 12:31:00
GSMA has released the 2021 report on the same showing that, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, more than half of the world’s population is now using the mobile internet.

[Column] Hyther Nizam: Why the next big leap forward for CRM is transforming into a ‘system of experiences’

09-30-2021 | 11:33:00
Customer relationship management (CRM) is a massive industry. In fact, it’s the biggest software market in the world that continues to see steady growth.

[Column] Ben Gossage: Why the subscription economy is transforming B2B operating models forever

09-30-2021 | 05:52:00
Subscriptions started life in the media world, with newspaper and magazine subscriptions dating back centuries. But in the last ten years, the subscription business model has exploded

[Africa Cloud Review] Simon Ngunjiri: African Banks Increasingly Embracing Cloud

09-28-2021 | 08:10:00
Financial services in Africa such as banks and insurance firms are beginning to embrace cloud as they seek to modernize their solutions.

[Column] Mandy Duncan: The age of distributed IT - a channel partner’s playbook

09-27-2021 | 10:57:00
Between the COVID-19 crisis and consequent economic upheaval, it’s fair to say that many businesses have spent the last 18 months in survival mode.

[Column] Cynthia Wandia: SACCOs should invest in securing their management systems

09-27-2021 | 08:43:00
Every Savings and Credit Cooperative (SACCO) that has digitized its operations can attest to the efficiency that comes with such a move. Digitization helps to enhance productivity in SACCOs and improves service delivery to members.