[Column] Josephine Wawira: Can e-commerce be Africa’s economic goldmine?

06-05-2019 | 05:57:59
Digital economy in Africa is snowballing, and in the process, it’s creating new jobs and opportunities for digital entrepreneurs to explore a larger web market.

[Column] Avinash Ramtohul: 5 key considerations for your journey to cloud

06-05-2019 | 05:27:35
According to the IDC’s Kenya Enterprise ICT Market 2019 Outlook, 1,9 million USD is predicted to be spent on ICT in Kenya this year alone.

[Startup Interview] Yvette Uwimpaye, CEO, Murukali, Rwanda

05-31-2019 | 13:04:23
Yvette Uwimpaye is the founder and CEO of Murukali, one of Rwanda’s pioneer e-commerce startups

[Column] Chetan Goshalia: Need future jobs? Start introducing current ones to IOT

05-31-2019 | 13:01:30
Let’s start with the parade of scary numbers and predictions that seem inescapable. The WEF estimates that by 2022, over 75 million jobs will be lost.

[Column] Isabel Papadakis: Redefining value in a digitally transformed world

05-31-2019 | 06:06:34
Digital transformation has been likened to a wave, a powerful force sweeping across industries and businesses and leaving in its wake more modern, nimble, effective and customer-centric organisations.

[Column] Nixon Kanali: Moving to the cloud can help African businesses stay secure from cyber threats

05-30-2019 | 06:16:00
With the threat of cyber-crime and insider fraud on the rise, Kenyan companies should be looking towards cloud applications as one means of improving the security of their IT environments.

[Column] Ade Famoti: Autonomous IT, empowering business to be its best

05-30-2019 | 04:46:01
Cloud computing is rapidly becoming an essential component of business transformation. In Kenya, cloud is no longer just a possibility, it is the fundamental tool igniting innovation.

[Interview] Dirk-Jan (DJ) Koeman, Chief BDO, Poa Internet, Kenya

05-29-2019 | 10:51:00
Dirk-Jan (DJ) Koeman is the Chief Business Development Officer at Poa Internet, a community enterprise proving fast, affordable and unlimited internet in Kenya.

[Column] Murray Steyn: The network cables that connect Africa to the world

05-23-2019 | 07:34:06
In total, there are 520Gbps of bandwidth capacity over the East and West African intercontinental network cable systems for wholesalers to leverage.

[Column] Kieran Frost: So, what’s left after the machines take over?

05-22-2019 | 09:17:00
One of the questions that we at the International Data Corporation are asked is what impact technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have on jobs. Where are there likely to be job opportunities in the future?

[Column] Christine Ambetsa: Data Security; embracing autonomy and intelligent machines

05-22-2019 | 04:47:29
CIOs are operating in a state of heightened awareness. Their mission-critical systems are increasingly under threat from constantly evolving viruses and hacks, making it tougher than ever to defend the lifeblood of their business – data.

[Column] Hannes Venter: African utilities need to transform services to meet demands of experience economy

05-17-2019 | 13:10:00
Make no mistake: energy utilities are not immune to the powerful forces of disruption upending other industries.

[Interview] Esther Asante, CEO, Organic Trade & Investments, Ghana

05-16-2019 | 07:36:00
Esther Asante is the founder and CEO of Organic Trade & Investments, a Ghana based online retail store selling organically produced commodities.

[Column] Anton Jacobsz: The always-on economy gives cloud data management trends a seat at the boardroom table

05-16-2019 | 05:56:30
With regards to both data centre and cloud offerings, data management provides an important tool to facilitate an infrastructure that needs to operate in a round-the-clock application availability

[Column] Iniel Dreyer: Data Management as a Service is a solution for the mining digital revolution

05-16-2019 | 05:37:00
Mining has always been an intensive industry, from the perspective of resources, time, labour and people safety.