[Column] Bertrandt Delport: Mastering the Multi-cloud

09-28-2023 | 12:27:00
Spurred on by the pandemic, many organisations greatly accelerated their digital transformation plans over the past three years. Digital transformation became an existential necessity, which entailed migrating to or more fully adopting the cloud.

[Column] Robert van Breukelen: Four growth challenges for emerging African telcos

09-27-2023 | 10:59:00
The more dominant telcos will continue to take advantage of this growth by leveraging technology to develop innovative new revenue streams and business models.

[Column] Neil Coetzee: Revolutionizing retail efficiency through the power of the cloud

09-27-2023 | 10:58:00
Technology has become not just a tool, but a catalyst for transformation to bring greater efficiencies as well as improve the customer experience.

[Column] Dumisani Moyo: Tech marketeer of the future

09-26-2023 | 14:25:32
The fast-paced tech landscape demands an agile mindset, embracing change, adopting, and leveraging innovative approaches and strategies, and a commitment to steadfastly prioritise delivering value to both internal and external customers.

[Column] Sarah Henkelmann-Hillebrand: The Never-Ending Challenge of Getting Education Technology “Just Right”

09-25-2023 | 12:00:00
The most crucial aspect to remember is that while every politician, researcher or parent may weigh in on the debate of technology in education, it’s the teachers and the students that must use it and its their opinion that matters most.

[Interview] Edouard Docteur, Chief Delivery Officer, Global Voice Group

09-21-2023 | 05:58:00
Edouard Docteur is the Chief Delivery Officer at African egulatory technology developer and Big Data Analytics firm Global Voice Group (GVG).

[Column] Sandi de Souza: Why top-performing companies use AI to boost procurement

09-20-2023 | 15:50:55
Leading organisations are augmenting their source-to-pay processes with automation and artificial intelligence (AI), unlocking greater efficiency and driving improved bottom-line and sustainability outcomes.

[Column] Ruth Njihia: Unleash your business potential with Google Cloud and Incentro Africa

09-18-2023 | 13:59:53
In today's fast-paced world, data is the currency of success. Yet, many businesses across Africa face the daunting challenge of collecting, storing, analyzing, and visualizing their data effectively.

[Charting a Cloud-Driven Tomorrow] Tim Kuria: Incentro Africa's modernization expertise

09-18-2023 | 13:32:00
Today, I'm thrilled to dive into the fascinating world of cloud computing infrastructure modernization with you.

[Google Cloud Security] Irene Mutile: Protect your business data and applications

09-18-2023 | 13:17:00
You’ve probably heard a lot about the importance of securing your digital footprints, but in truth, security is crucial and firms need to prepare for what’s coming.

[Column] Bertrandt Delport: Undersea cable incidents highlight need for network resilience

09-18-2023 | 11:13:00
In light of recent disruptions involving undersea Internet cables, the importance of these cables for South Africa and the entire continent cannot be overstated

[Column] Benjamin Coetzer: Migrating to the cloud? Beware of the many hurdles

09-14-2023 | 07:17:00
Businesses today are moving en masse to the cloud. However, before undertaking such a move, companies should understand the many hurdles they face, and how to overcome them.

[Column] Phyllis Migwi: The digital transformation challenge facing governments

09-11-2023 | 07:41:00
News reports from across the world indicate cyberattacks against state and local governments continue to accelerate, with activity targeting critical infrastructure jumping from 20 to 40 percent of all nation-state attacks.

[Column] Vignesh Subramanian: Harnessing Generative AI in the Enterprise

09-07-2023 | 14:02:00
Naturally, it’s only a matter of time before the GenAI space matures and addresses such concerns. In the meantime, with human control and moderation, GenAI models have the potential to revolutionise enterprise environments.

[Column] Craig Doyle: Overcome your data centre challenges with a modular approach

09-04-2023 | 13:04:00
Rapid technological advancements, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing, have led to an increased need for data storage and processing. However, this presents sustainability concerns due to the substantial power consumption of data centers and the resulting carbon footprint.