[Column] Nick Durrant: Uberising software development

01-27-2021 | 07:02:55
Staff augmentation is fast becoming the buzzword in the app development job market, attracting more businesses to hire remotely. However, not many businesses understand the benefits of staff augmentation and the art of choosing the right model to harness global resources.

[Column] Reynhardt Uys: Inclusive design is transforming the customer journey as digital accelerates and expectations skyrocket

01-25-2021 | 06:08:52
Inclusive design has evolved from simply optimising a product or service for a specific user with specific needs, to creating a customer journey that considers all customers, and potential customers, of the business.

Incentro: Not even a pandemic can stop fifteen consecutive years of growth

01-21-2021 | 12:19:00
For the fifteenth year in a row, we have realized growth. Nothing can stop us. Not even a pandemic! Our provisional data shows that in 2020, we produced revenue of almost 57 million euros. That’s a 8.8% growth compared to 2019.

[Column] Tonny Tugee: Kenya’s digital journey - Where are we now, and where are we going

01-21-2021 | 11:24:10
Kenya’s ICT sector has seen a 10.8% average annual growth since 2016, making it one of the fastest-growing tech environments on the continent.

[Column] Pedro Guerreiro: The role of technology in unlocking trade value in East Africa

01-21-2021 | 07:00:58
The latest data – and East Africa's continued focus on transforming its key industries, sectors and infrastructure through technology – is giving me hope that the economic outlook is brightening.

[Column] Andrew Bourne: Addressing Data privacy concerns in the workplace

01-21-2021 | 05:21:11
Whatever state a business finds itself in this year, it cannot afford to ignore data privacy as a key priority especially, now that global and local news networks are covering online privacy quite extensively.

[Column] Arthur Latim: Leveraging Africa’s demographic dividend in the fourth industrial revolution

01-20-2021 | 15:35:00
Africa's tech industry is still at an infant stage, with an industry wide revolution dubbed the fourth industrial revolution. Africa to some extent missed the first, second and third revolution and is yet to miss the fourth industrial revolution (4lR) which is mixed up with industry 4.0.

[Column] Alain Tshal: Cybersecurity trends to watch in 2021

01-19-2021 | 07:19:14
In 2020, the world changed overnight in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As more organisations adopted and accelerated digital strategies, cybercriminals were presented with a huge range of new opportunities to exploit.

[Column] Gerhard Fourie: Why Data is Key in the Era of 5G

01-18-2021 | 13:53:55
The cloud, the endpoint, the edge and now 5G are converging and changing the way we collaborate, connect and communicate.

[Column] Gerhard Hartman: Artificial Intelligence is the future of finance

01-15-2021 | 13:34:00
The role of the chief financial officer (CFO) has expanded beyond the traditional gatekeeper to financial resources, chief accounting officer and head recordkeeper.

[Column] Reem Asaad: The 6 trends that will shape the tech space in 2021and beyond

01-14-2021 | 13:35:00
In 2020, the future of digital transformation arrived faster than anyone could have predicted. Cisco expects this will continue into 2021, with trends initially projected for 2024 becoming a reality much sooner.

[Column] Francis Wainaina: Growing Kenyan entrepreneurship – the digital programmes and projects that are shaping the future

01-14-2021 | 09:45:00
With the rise of Kenya’s digitally enabled start-ups, developing local entrepreneurship is pivotal to the success of an inclusive digital transformation journey.

[Column] Sabelo Dlamini: The Slow-Motion AI Explosion

01-14-2021 | 06:00:32
AI has crept into systems and solutions with determined, algorithmic intensity, and it has layered its capabilities onto chatbots, APIs, neural networks, and business processes.

[Startup Interview] Prof.Yakubu Makeri, Founder, ICYDT, Uganda

01-11-2021 | 13:45:29
International Center for Youth Development on Technopreneurship, ICYDT, is a Uganda startup working on skills development and reduction of poverty among the youth using information technology.

[Column] Nixon Kanali: Three technology trends that will shape 2021 in Africa

01-11-2021 | 10:04:00
The covid-19 pandemic altered the usual way of doing things and we should therefore expect a number of innovations on new emerging technologies to adapt to this new normal, mostly from African tech startups.