[Column] Chris Boshoff: Connecting the digital backbone

03-30-2023 | 12:28:00
The Internet of Things (IoT) isn’t new, but it has simmered on the edges of innovation and transformation for years and now it has, as the World Economic Forum puts it, ‘quietly arrived’.

[Column] Gur Geva: Biometric attacks on the rise: the trends financial institutions need to be aware of in 2023

03-30-2023 | 07:23:29
As governments and businesses continue to unlock new value and efficiency through digital services, one key challenge remains. Organisations need to be assured that the person on the other side of the screen is human, and are who they claim to be

[Column] Thabiso Foto: Fintech is a path to democratised financial services

03-23-2023 | 13:54:02
intech has played a significant role in democratizing access to financial services across Africa in the past decade.

[Column] Jon Tullett: Cloud economics for enterprises

03-23-2023 | 06:19:00
According to Jon Tullett, Associate Research Director, IT Services & Cloud, at IDC sub-Saharan Africa, this is something that is often overlooked when determining whether the cloud solutions a company is using are providing optimal value.

[Column] Mukesh Bector: The Ingredients of Tech Innovation

03-20-2023 | 13:50:00
Time only moves in one direction, and with it, we must keep evolving. Technology has become central to our development as a species and is likely to remain

[Column] Takalane Khashane: Building a digital, sustainable bank for the future

03-20-2023 | 07:24:00
Banks in South Africa are increasingly using new technologies, digital solutions, and data analytics to reimagine and enhance customer service and provide personalized offerings

[Column] Gur Geva: How biometrics can fuel inclusive growth in Nigeria’s ICT sector

03-16-2023 | 12:07:46
Nigeria is at an inflection point where it needs to adopt enabling technologies at scale to support high growth in the telecommunications and digital sectors. Using the right technology as a catalyst, these sectors can support financial inclusion and widespread economic growth.

[Column] Vernon Naidoo: The security landscape is complex but best practice solutions can be simple

03-09-2023 | 13:28:00
Last year, Gartner identified the expanding attack surface due to remote work as one of the top concerning security trends. This leaves organizations more vulnerable to attacks and makes security more complex.

[Column] Darryl Pietersen: Improving digital innovation and technology for Zimbabweans

03-09-2023 | 09:37:38
While technology and innovation hold great promises for marginalised communities, including women across the African continent, conversations around women’s access to digital technologies remain topical.

[Interview] Julie Davila, VP Global Field CTO Operations, Sophos

03-09-2023 | 07:08:00
Julie Davila, VP Global Field CTO Operations at Sophos, a global cybersecurity company that develops products for communication endpoint, encryption, network security, email security, mobile security, and unified threat management.

[Column] Imane Charioui: Addressing the gender gap in the technology sector

03-08-2023 | 11:47:53
Today, innovations in the financial services sector are increasingly recognized for their acceleration of access to science, technology and innovation for all.

[Column] Darryl Pietersen: Improving innovation and technology for gender equality in Ghana

03-07-2023 | 11:07:00
The digital revolution is fully underway, and the technology industry is reshaping our world. While it looks quite innovative and revolutionary from the outside, women remain a dramatically underrepresented group in shaping this tremendous social transformation.

[Column] Paul Colmer: Ongoing power crisis threatens 5G rollout in South Africa

03-06-2023 | 15:05:24
So not only is the power crisis causing service disruptions across the board, it’s changing the dynamics and threatening the future plans for the vendors currently committing to the 5G rollout.

[Column] Veerakumar Natarajan: How tech can help stimulate micro economies

03-06-2023 | 07:38:00
A lack of access to technology can hinder local economies, particularly in developing countries such as Kenya and other African nations.

[Column] Marilyn Moodley: Conquering the biggest cloud adoption challenges with an effective strategy

03-06-2023 | 07:09:00
As CIOs turn to the cloud to help streamline performance across key areas of operations, knowing exactly how to conquer the biggest cloud adoption challenges is more important than ever before.