[Column] John Mc Loughlin: Cybercrime - Impersonating the CEO

05-16-2022 | 15:08:00
Over the past month, there has been an increase in an evolved method in change in bank details or payment fraud. This trend involves an internal change of bank details, mostly for the CEO.

[Column] Carey van Vlaanderen: The algorithms that suggest your kids’ content aren’t neutral

05-16-2022 | 08:32:00
Talking to children about their online behaviour may make them feel like we are invading their privacy, so be sensitive and make sure they feel heard and understood

Four ways to level up your digital marketing strategies

05-13-2022 | 10:08:00
With more and more businesses moving into the e-commerce space, it's increasingly becoming essential to curve a way for your online business to stand out and thrive among competitors.

[Africa Tech Review] Nixon Kanali: Safaricom’s mobile money service M-Pesa revenue hit Ksh.107.69 Billion

05-12-2022 | 15:53:00
According to Safaricom's Full Year 2021/2022 results released this week, M-Pesa revenue grew by 30.3% to hit Ksh. 107.69 Billion making it one of the biggest contributors to Safaricom's net profits. 

[column] Marlene Mutimawase: Is Africa ready to fight cybercrime?

05-11-2022 | 10:04:47
More and more Africans are going online, increasing the continent's contribution to the global economy. Everyone - businesses, governments and individuals - must learn to protect their data and digital sovereignty.

[Column] Hyther Nizam: Three reasons why customer experience isn't just about existing customers

05-09-2022 | 13:47:00
According to a 2018 PwC survey, consumers are willing to pay a premium for an amazing customer experience, and disgruntled customers are much more inclined to transfer their business elsewhere than to seek to remedy a terrible experience.

[Column] Berenice Chassagne: Engaged Employee Experience: Balancing human and technology

05-09-2022 | 13:31:00
​​​​​​​Employee engagement is a key driver of the overall performance of a business.

[chronique] Marlene Mutimawase: L'Afrique est-elle prête à lutter contre la cybercriminalité ?

05-09-2022 | 12:10:00
Les Africains sont de plus en plus nombreux à se connecter, ce qui accroît la contribution du continent à l'économie mondiale. Tous, entreprises, gouvernements et particuliers, doivent apprendre à protéger leurs données et leur souveraineté numérique.

[Column] Junaid Kleinschmidt: AI tech to predict climate change - possible solution for future KZN floods

05-09-2022 | 07:25:00
AI deployed and run on the correct infrastructure can predict the behaviour of extreme weather events across the globe and do so days in advance.

[Interview] Jeannette Karemera, CEO, Inuma Technology, Rwanda

05-06-2022 | 09:59:00
Jeannette Karemera is the CEO of Inuma Technology, a company in Rwanda that builds new generations of products that are unique, smart and radically helpful.

[Africa Tech Review] Nixon Kanali: Data security and privacy laws develop across Africa

05-05-2022 | 15:44:00
This week, lawyers across Africa commented on the continent’s urgent need for data privacy and security laws among other top stories of the week.

[Interview] Gerald Begumisa, Managing Director, Yo Uganda Limited

05-03-2022 | 13:09:00
Yo Uganda Limited is a fintech company that is revolutionizing the payment landscape in East Africa.

[Column] Esther Kamau: Why MSMEs Must Embrace Technology To Remain Competitive

05-02-2022 | 13:31:48
Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) ought to consider ‘Social Commerce’ as part of their performing business model if their main aim is to exploit vast business opportunities in the expanding Kenyan digital economy. 

[Chronique] Pascaline Icyizere : Services financiers et Cybersécurité

05-02-2022 | 09:42:00
Bien que les institutions financières investissent dans les meilleures technologies et protocoles de sécurité pour assurer la sécurité de nos données financières, chacun de nous a également un rôle crucial à jouer dans la protection de nos finances, de nos appareils et de nous-mêmes.

[Column] Pascaline Icyizere: Financial services and Cybersecurity

05-02-2022 | 09:25:00
Although financial institutions invest in the best technologies and security protocols to ensure the safety of our financial data, each of us also has a crucial role to play in protecting our finances, devices and ourselves.