[Column] Murray Gardiner: African payments for African development

10-29-2020 | 07:12:43
The statistics that hover uncertainty around Africa are not ones that should make the continent proud. The World Bank has estimated that Africa could potentially hold 90% of the global poor population by 2030.

[Interview] Jane del Ser, Program Director, Catalyst Fund Inclusive Digital Commerce, Ghana

10-26-2020 | 09:55:00
Catalyst Fund, managed by BFA Global, is an accelerator that supports inclusive tech innovators and facilitates the growth of innovation ecosystems in emerging markets. Jane del Sur directs this program in Ghana, West Africa.

[Column] Winston Ritson: Steps SMEs can take to improve their cyber security

10-22-2020 | 15:19:00
Digital transformation has brought with it a massive increase in cyber activity, and attacks present a real, and present danger to people and organisations across the globe.

[Column] Nick Durrant: Why your mobile strategy should be top-of-mind

10-19-2020 | 07:19:36
Mobile app usage increased by 40% year-on-year in the second quarter of 2020 and in-app spending hit a record high of $27-billion.

[Column] Wale Arewa: The opportunities in global electronics market

10-19-2020 | 07:16:08
The supply chain challenges of 2020 have caused the global electronics market to decline drastically but has also brought new opportunities for the refurbished market.

[Column] John Mc Loughlin: Data breaches becoming more common

10-16-2020 | 07:46:35
Another day, another data breach. South African businesses are becoming more susceptible to cyberattacks and seem to be easy targets for criminals.

[Column] Tonny Tugee: Developing entrepreneurship in a digital economy

10-13-2020 | 10:46:19
With a shift away from physical commerce, consumers are increasingly taking their daily activities online.

Women in Ghana closing the gender gap in internet access - but still miss out on benefits of digital technology

10-12-2020 | 08:29:00
Almost as many women as men use the internet in Ghana, according to a new survey from the World Wide Web Foundation, which finds men are just 6% more likely to be online than women.

[Column] Fida Kibbi: Accelerating inclusion in Africa through mobile solutions

10-09-2020 | 06:09:00
Digital revolution has enabled various forms of innovation. We all agree that Africa is witnessing a major technology shift and the pace of change in Africa is becoming exponential.

[Column] Nick Durrant: Businesses need to adapt to new disruptive staffing models

10-08-2020 | 07:43:55
Recruiting and staffing have become more complex, technology driven and many businesses view this disruption as a threat. They need to understand that they cannot continue using traditional methods and keep doing things the same old way.

Mastercard study highlights the digital divide that needs to be addressed to power gig economy growth in East Africa

10-06-2020 | 07:45:25
Mastercard released a white paper revealing how gig work across East Africa is helping to drive economic growth by facilitating economic opportunities, improving livelihoods, and acting as a buffer against unemployment.

[Column] Andrew Brinded: CIOs need to save and lead

10-02-2020 | 12:13:16
Amid a historic global economic slowdown and societal crisis, CIOs can show their mettle and drive their organisations to a more prosperous future by practising the skills and embodying the attitudes that mark out all great leaders.

[Free Webinar] Incentro Presents: Digital Transformation in Africa with G Suite - use Google Cloud to run your businesses remotely

09-25-2020 | 08:34:00
See how your peers are using Google Cloud to run their businesses from home; Real-time collaboration, Video conference, Insight and data security, Manage discounts

[Column] Craig Parker: The potential positive impact from broadband investment in South Africa

09-24-2020 | 07:32:03
The 2020 lockdowns have fundamentally changed the way business operates with new operational models allowing remote working. Broadband connectivity is essential to achieve this.

[Column] Jens Ischebeck: Money Transfer Abroad: Questions you ever wanted to have answered

09-22-2020 | 14:32:00
Money transfer abroad is so easy today. And so difficult. $445 billion of remittances want to be transferred. This amount is higher than we can imagine.