[Column] Richard Shaw: Cost of non-compliance is hefty

09-20-2021 | 08:21:00
One of the biggest challenges for businesses today is keeping up-to-date with constantly changing regulations. This is largely due to the dynamic nature of the compliance landscape.

[Column] Sébastien Fabre: How technology can help airlines today

09-17-2021 | 10:11:38
They have had to reprioritize technology spend to keep operations running through the pandemic, doing more with less to compensate for the financial losses of fewer passengers flying.

Business and industry increasingly adopt IoT to drive sustainability

09-17-2021 | 10:04:49
Beyond the immediate benefits like having data about business operations available in real time, businesses are increasingly exploring and adopting Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to drive their sustainability goals.

[Africa Tech Review] Duncan Mochama: Facebook launches a new campaign against fake news in Nigeria

09-16-2021 | 13:59:00
This week, Facebook announced a new partnership with Big Cabal Media and Comic Republic to launch a new campaign against fake news in Nigeria.

[Africa Cloud Review] Simon Ngunjiri: Moving to the cloud can cut your security risks

09-14-2021 | 04:44:10
Cloud security,  also known as cloud computing security, is the practice of protecting cloud-based data, applications and infrastructure from cyber attacks. 

[Column] Efayomi Carr: Africa's youth hold the key to the expansion of agritech across the continent

09-13-2021 | 12:52:00
While there are a wide range of agritech innovations that can propel African farmers to profitability, only 23 percent of youth engaged in agriculture are using any form of agricultural technology

[Column] Andrew Bourne: Hybrid working is the way forward, here's how to get it right for your business

09-13-2021 | 07:47:00
With both the COVID risk and changing employee preferences in mind, businesses should, if they have not already, consider implementing sustainable hybrid work approaches as a core part of their business continuity strategies. 

[Africa Tech Review] Duncan Mochama: M-Pesa is now Africa’s largest fintech with 50 million active customers

09-09-2021 | 15:36:00
More than 14 years after launching its mobile money service M-Pesa, Safaricom this week announced that it reached 50 million monthly active customers strengthening its position as Africa’s largest fintech.

[Column] Marilyn Moodley: Meeting the challenges of disruption with strategic FinOps

09-09-2021 | 13:43:06
According to the State of FinOps 2021 report, cloud financial management, or FinOps, has become a mainstream practice in large organisations across all sizes of cloud spend

[Column] Todd Schoeman: Choosing cloud can cut your security risks

09-09-2021 | 11:09:00
It may seem counterintuitive, but organisations can better guard against today’s constant wave of security threats – or at least reduce some of their risk burden – by accelerating their move to the cloud.

[Column] Michael Finch: Data centres remain central for business growth

09-08-2021 | 14:13:00
Today’s business landscape is generating information from data centres to the fingertips of employees and customers.

[Africa Cloud Review] Simon Ngunjiri: Cloud-based services a must for future workforce productivity

09-07-2021 | 13:32:00
The pandemic has driven a fundamental shift in business architecture assumptions and this has made organisations shift their cloud strategies according to ‘’The future of cloud-enabled work infrastructure report by Deloitte.

[Column] Dejan Kastelic: Achieving mobile-enabled digital inclusion in Africa with 4G technology

09-07-2021 | 11:44:19
Mobile phone technology will play a key role in building an inclusive, sustainable Africa of the future.

[Column] Tonny Tugee: Fintech in Kenya - an industry of innovation

09-06-2021 | 11:54:00
Since Kenya’s homegrown mobile payment platform M-PESA was launched in 2007, the app has grown to host more than 24.5 million users – representing over 70% of the mobile money market in Kenya.

[Column] Lerisha Naidu and Angelo Tzarevski: Digitisation leading to the transformation of competition law in Africa

09-06-2021 | 06:24:19
A recent Baker McKenzie report shows that, in Africa, this dynamic evolution of markets presents an opportunity for competition regulators to drive structural transformation and development.