Africa Tech

Tingg by Cellulant automates payments for petrol stations in Ghana

06-09-2023 | 16:31:47
Tingg by Cellulant In-Store solution is transforming the digital payments space in Ghana by providing Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) with a single payment collection point across multiple payment options and channels, ensuring real-time settlement.

Mitsumi accelerates growth in West Africa

06-09-2023 | 16:26:20
Mitsumi Distribution, the largest global distributor of consumer electronics, IT, Telco, Networking, Storage and Solution provider in Africa and the GCC, has announced the expansion of its distribution partnership with Dell Technologies in West Africa – French speaking countries.

IFC invests in Safaricom Ethiopia's greenfield telecommunications network

06-09-2023 | 16:25:58
This first partnership between IFC, MIGA, Vodafone, Vodacom, Safaricom, Sumitomo Corporation, and British International Investment in Ethiopia addresses the World Bank Group's core mandate to help countries end poverty and meet their citizens' demands for services including digital connectivity.

Bolingo Consult helps organizations to deal with miscommunication by seamless technology

06-09-2023 | 12:03:00
One Website, Multiple languages: Bolingo Consult helps organizations to deal with miscommunication by using technology.

Ravin expands its AI-based visual vehicle inspection tech to South Africa

06-08-2023 | 14:08:00
Ravin AI, an Israel and U.K.-based startup developing AI to autonomously inspect vehicles for damage has expanded to South Africa.

Global Startup Awards Africa announces Eastern Africa regional winners

06-08-2023 | 13:32:00
Fifteen startups from Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Mauritius, Rwanda and Tanzania have been announced as Eastern Regional winners of the Global Startup Awards (GSA) Africa 2022/23.

[Rwanda] Electric mobility startup Ampersand achieves major milestone with 1,000 motorcycles

06-08-2023 | 11:33:00
Ampersand, the Kigali-based electric motorcycle startup now has more than 1,000 commercial-use electric motorcycles on the roads in Rwanda and Kenya.

[Kenya] Safaricom partners with the KEWI to deploy Smart Water System

06-08-2023 | 08:18:00
Safaricom is partnering with the Kenya Water Institute (KEWI) to deploy Smart Water System at the institute’s Nairobi and Kitui campuses.

Huawei advocates for affordable spectrum to deepen home internet access in Africa

06-08-2023 | 08:10:00
Huawei Technologies has called for a collective adoption of the 2.6 GHz as the dedicated spectrum with the most cost-effective 4G Fixed Wireless Access for home broadband service to scale up the current low penetration rate.

[Senegal] Government shuts down the Internet amid massive rioting

06-08-2023 | 08:05:00
Senegal Government has shut down the internet in some parts of the country following massive riots as a result of the sentencing of opposition leader Ousmane Sonko.

Fintech firm LemFi expands its diaspora remittance services to Kenya

06-08-2023 | 07:59:00
LemFi, the cross-border payment solution that enables the diaspora community to send and receive money back home has formally launched its services in Kenya.

Flutterwave and partner to provide pay by bank transfer to users in UK and EU

06-07-2023 | 08:15:44
Flutterwave, Africa's payments technology company, has collaborated with, Europe's account-to-account (A2A) payment infrastructure provider, to power Pay By Bank transfer capabilities for Flutterwave's platform.

MTN Group Fintech appoints Mudassar Aqil as Executive: BankTech

06-07-2023 | 08:14:14
With a wealth of experience in the financial services industry, including a 12-year tenure as a CEO in the banking and fintech space, Mudassar brings with him a deep understanding of banking regulation, lending, payments, and platform strategy.

African nations feature prominently in global top 100 for online threats, data

06-07-2023 | 08:03:16
Nigeria, currently ranked 50th worldwide for online threats, South Africa at 82nd, and Kenya at 35th, have increasingly become focal points for cyber threats, as per the latest data from the Kaspersky Security Network.

[Kenya] Samsung launches e-waste program to mark world environment day

06-05-2023 | 16:33:00
Samsung Electronics East Africa has partnered with home appliances store Housewife’s Paradise to collect e-waste for recycling as part of a joint effort on environmental conservation.

[Interview] Caroline Mutuku, General Manager, Glovo, Kenya

06-08-2023 | 14:22:00
Caroline Mutuku is the General Manager of the multi-category app Glovo. Caroline joined Glovo in December 2022 from Swvl Kenya where she also served as the General Manager from December 2021.

[Column] Patrick Ndegwa: Journey to the centre of the cloud - Why Kenya should store data locally

06-08-2023 | 13:41:11
While the benefits of adopting cloud computing services have been made clear to enterprises, questions still linger regarding the value of local data hosting.

[Column] Chester Wisniewski: The internal threat – the hidden face of corporate threats

06-08-2023 | 13:18:00
Intentionally or not, insider threats are legion. For example, when an employee carelessly forgets a USB key containing copies of critical information on the train, he then neglects to comply with all the rules in force

[Column] Nixon Gecheo: Agtech, a pivotal force driving climate change action in agriculture

06-05-2023 | 07:56:00
Agtech offers numerous tools and techniques for sustainable crop and livestock management, including the use of climate-resilient seeds, and improved breeding techniques that result in higher yields with reduced land, water, and chemical inputs

[Column] Christopher Sau: Ready to fly - A cloud migration roadmap for Kenyan enterprises

06-01-2023 | 11:28:00
According to the Cloud in Africa 2023 report by World Wide Worx, 84% of Kenyan organisations increased their cloud service spending last year. This is fuelled by an increase in the number of local data centres and available cloud platforms

[Interview] Hontinfinde Jean: Co-Fondateur, CTO chez Arnio

05-31-2023 | 11:30:00
Arnio est une nouvelle marque de classe mondial dans la conception et le développement de véhicule électrique en Afrique.

[Column] Garry Ackerman: Embracing the cloud - Mitigating load shedding impacts on business operations

05-29-2023 | 16:08:00
Load shedding poses significant challenges for businesses, disrupting operations, and hindering productivity. However, the cloud offers a viable solution to mitigate the impacts of power outages.

[Column] Andrew Springate: Spearheading Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) innovation in South Africa and beyond

05-29-2023 | 14:41:00
While the journey towards a fully modernised Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) market in Africa has its challenges, the opportunities far outweigh them.

[Column] Joanne Mwangi – Yelbert: Entice more women in tech to bridge skills gap and bolster growth

05-29-2023 | 09:40:00
Digital technologies hold immense potential to improve people’s economic and social outcomes, yet challenges remain regarding women’s access to and use of these technologies.

[Column] Mukesh Bector: A Simple Place to Start if You’re Lagging on Digital Transformation

05-29-2023 | 08:32:00
Digital transformation: we’ve all heard the phrase a thousand times. It’s a buzz word that’s been around for a couple of decades. Yet it can mean different things depending on the organisation that needs to change.

[SAP on Google Cloud] An Intelligent Enterprise enabled by Incentro Africa with SAP and Google Cloud

05-26-2023 | 13:55:00
At Incentro Africa's SAP on Cloud Storefront, we possess end-to-end capabilities and industry-specific insight to assist you in realizing the full transformative potential of the cloud.

[Column] Shameel Joosub: Unlocking AfCFTA's potential value

05-26-2023 | 10:03:00
Encompassing 54 countries and 1.3 billion people and accounting for revenue of over US$3.4 trillion in terms of GDP, the AfCFTA’s potential value is enormous.

[Column] Chester Wisniewski: Protecting Assets in a Remote-First and Potentially Hostile World

05-25-2023 | 13:15:28
With both persistent attacks and post-pandemic remote work here to stay, modern security solutions must assume the endpoint device or phone operates in a dangerous environment at all times.

[Column] Patrick Ndegwa: Expanded connectivity - How Kenya’s manufacturing sector could reap major benefits

05-25-2023 | 10:51:00
With the right tools, enterprises can collect, analyse, and act on the data generated by IoT devices, thereby improving decision-making and business outcomes.

[Incentro - Google Webinar] How to upgrade your classroom with GWS for Education

05-24-2023 | 10:36:00
Elevate your classroom into a collaborative and innovative hub with GWS (Google Workspace) for Education - empowering learners and teachers to reach new heights!