Africa Tech

Huawei Cloud launches Elastic Cloud Server services across Africa

11-15-2019 | 13:33:00
Huawei Cloud has released Kunpeng ECS (Elastic Cloud Server) cloud services and Partner Program 2.0. The Kunpeng-powered cloud services will be made available to African customers by the end of December 2019.

[Zambia] Zazu to launch Mastercard prepaid cards linked to its mobile wallet

11-15-2019 | 11:38:00
In a market first, fintech company Zazu Africa Limited has announced a partnership with Mastercard to issue prepaid cards linked to the Zazu app in a move that will help to reduce cash dependence and increase financial inclusion in Zambia.

[Kenya] KETRACTO digitizes procurement processes with SAP Ariba Cloud

11-15-2019 | 09:13:04
In a bid to improve its operations and in compliance with presidential directive and government requirements, Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Limited, KETRACO, has digitized its procurement processes.

Greenlight Planet partners with Orange to provide African customers with clean energy solutions

11-15-2019 | 06:50:00
Greenlight Planet and Orange have partnered to provide Orange’s customers with access to clean energy solutions in several African countries.

US invests $63 million in digital solutions to modernize Ethiopia’s health system

11-15-2019 | 06:35:00
The United States, through USAID in partnership with the Ministry of Health have announced the launch of the new USAID Digital Health Activity to continue investments in digital information solutions.

[South Africa] AlphaCode invests in diabetes health and insurtech innovator, Guidepost

11-14-2019 | 11:34:00
Rand Merchant Investments, through its fintech investment arm, AlphaCode, has taken a 25.1% stake in Guidepost, a high-touch diabetes health and insurtech innovator that is poised for international expansion.

[South Africa] Standard Bank ups its customer experience strategy, a digital push to win in the increasingly competitive economy

11-14-2019 | 09:46:00
Standard Bank Group has appointed two more agencies to consolidate its customer engagement efforts in a bold digital push to win in the increasingly competitive client experience economy.

[Kenya] Digify Africa celebrats first Cohort graduates its digital marketing bootcamp

11-14-2019 | 09:10:51
Digify Africa in partnership with Facebook celebrated the first Cohort graduates from the award-winning digital marketing bootcamp, Digify Pro in Nairobi, Kenya.

[Kenya] Standard Chartered Bank lends KShs 6.3bn to SMEs in 9 months

11-14-2019 | 09:03:00
Standard Chartered Bank injected KShs 6.3 billion in direct and indirect lending to Micro, Small and Medium enterprises (SME) in 9 months to September 2019

[South Africa] Liquid Telecom extends collaboration with Microsoft as a connectivity partner in Africa

11-14-2019 | 08:54:00
Liquid Telecom is working with Microsoft to launch new enterprise cloud services - designed to improve business collaboration, increase productivity and drive business growth in Africa

Nigeria tech entrepreneurs experience over 30 power outages every month, survey

11-14-2019 | 07:51:00
Nigeria’s young tech sector faces a major hurdle in an unreliable power supply, with the average tech firm reporting over 30 power outages per month, according to a major new survey.

[South Africa] Orange announces winners of its Social Venture Prize in Africa

11-14-2019 | 06:09:03
Orange has unveiled the names of the three winners of its Orange Social Venture Prize in Africa and the Middle East.

[South Africa] Allan Gray invests in market leading e-learning platform

11-14-2019 | 05:59:00
Allan Gray has recently partnered with internationally recognised e-learning specialist, aNewSpring, to deliver inspiring and effective cloud-based training programmes to staff and select associates.

Angola Cables and Nokia trial first direct optical fiber link between Africa and the USA

11-14-2019 | 05:00:49
Angola Cables and Nokia have announced that they have collaborated to provide a direct optical connection between Africa and North America

[South Africa] Motorola Solutions expands video security portfolio to support crime-fighting

11-13-2019 | 14:43:00
Motorola Solutions, a global leader in mission-critical communications, has expanded its video security portfolio with new solutions that help police respond more efficiently in emergency situations.

[Column] Mandla Mbonambi: DevTestOps - the continuous test

11-14-2019 | 06:59:05
It seems like only yesterday that DevOps became the portmanteau de jour and confused everyone except those who were involved in its processes.

[Column] Catherine Moore: Accountants now also opting for Cloud solutions

11-13-2019 | 12:11:52
Gone are the days of software and hardware upgrades, accountants are now opting for cloud ERP systems like Uniconta

[Column] David Bunei: Next-generation cloud eliminates pain points for Kenyan business

11-07-2019 | 08:40:19
The recent Oracle Modern Cloud Day in Nairobi had the opportunity to experience the full potential unlocked by cloud-embedded technology.

[Column] Kree Govender: Breaking away from reporting, embracing predictive, prescriptive analytics

11-06-2019 | 11:10:00
To lead with data in the digital age, today’s businesses must blaze trails daily. The key is to break away from archaic and static business reporting, favouring predictive, prescriptive analytics.

[Column] Syed Asad Abbas: We need to embrace the Cloud

11-06-2019 | 08:31:45
There’s a lot of hype about the Cloud, however what comes to mind when you hear that your software will sit in the cloud, it sounds positively intangible and like a cloud it can fall apart anytime.

[Column] Baratang Miya: Building gender parity in the technology and telecoms industry

11-01-2019 | 11:30:00
AfricaCom 2019 has a strong focus on building gender parity in the technology and telecoms industries this year, with a number of initiatives that will be launched.

[Column] Karien Bornheim: Essential security skills for all employees

10-31-2019 | 10:49:00
Cybercrime is a problem that affects everyone. It doesn’t matter how big or small the company may be, it is at risk of breach, fraud, hack, and theft.

[Column] Kree Govender: The De-silofication of Data in Retail

10-31-2019 | 06:34:11
Across the retail sector, there are three fundamental shifts that need to occur in the digital transformation journey. The first is the rise of the empowered consumer.

[Column] Phathizwe Malinga: Digitising Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

10-31-2019 | 05:33:00
Digitisation has introduced massive changes to every industry and country. And the consumer is the key that unlocks success as individuals become more informed and increase their power by having more choice.

[Column] Toney Wabela: Technological disruption looming for Africa’s data network market

10-30-2019 | 06:05:00
For, as the world creates data, there’s an equal demand for resources to store, process and make sense from this data to drive business value.

[Column] Michelle Moss: CQ is the new EQ for executives

10-24-2019 | 10:03:58
Second, only to emotional intelligence (EQ), cultural intelligence (CQ) is fast becoming one of the most in demand skills for executives in today’s culturally diverse world of business.

[Column] Henrique Vale: The secret to 5G security? Turn the network into a sensor

10-24-2019 | 05:10:00
We are about to make the leap from being a civilization that uses networks to one that runs on them in a fundamental and inextricable way.

[Column] Sandra Crous: Cloud is the future of payroll

10-23-2019 | 05:11:00
Cloud technologies are becoming more popular than ever before, with research from RightScale revealing that some 94% of organisations are using the cloud in some capacity within their businesses.

Cybersecurity is fast becoming an investment priority for every business

10-22-2019 | 10:30:00
Providing a secure business environment is every company's key concern and cybersecurity is fast becoming an investment priority, regardless of industry or size.

[Column] Cameron Beveridge: The new business battlefield

10-18-2019 | 12:36:18
Until recently, it was nearly impossible to prove the business impact of customer experience through quantifiable data.