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[Ghana] appsNmobile Solutions receives Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard certification

05-24-2019 | 09:01:00
Ghana’s fintech company appsNmobile Solutions has received the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard certification having gone through and complied with all the standard requirements.

[Nigeria] IDHS mulls African expansion to increase healthcare access

05-24-2019 | 06:59:07
Nigerian e-health start-up iDHS HealthWise is looking to expand operations across Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa as it seeks to increase access to various healthcare service

AirTelTigo Ghana commits one percent of sales to boosting education

05-24-2019 | 06:52:16
AirtelTigo Ghana has announced it is deepening its long-standing commitment to communities in the Ashanti, Bono, Bono East and Ahafo regions.

[Nigeria] ECOWAS collaborates with NASRDA on space technology development

05-23-2019 | 13:18:00
ECOWAS is collaborating with the National Space Research and Development Agency of Nigeria in the development of space technology and research in the region.

[Zambia] World Bank debars Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology Company for fraudulent practices

05-23-2019 | 13:14:00
The World Bank has announced the 20-month debarment of China-based Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology Co., Ltd. for fraudulent practices under the Lusaka Transmission and Distribution Rehabilitation Project in Zambia.

Allied Wallet partners with African banks, governments to roll out digital payment technology

05-23-2019 | 13:11:00
Global online payment company Allied Wallet and Dr. Andy Khawaja are partnering with Aimable Mpore of Telecel Global to bring state-of-the-art digital payment technology to over one billion people in Africa.

[South Africa] SqwidNet and ChipFox-SA take agricultural IoT to new heights

05-23-2019 | 12:19:00
The value of the Internet of Things (IoT) lies in its inherent ability to connect to physical things to collect data that can be used to inform decision-making.

GODAN high level agricultural policy meetings conducted in Ghana

05-23-2019 | 09:02:45
The Executive Director of the GODAN Initiative was in Ghana holding a series of meetings with Ministers and representatives as part of GODAN's efforts to support common Open Data and Agricultural policy in Western Africa.

Connectivity enables Africa’s digital transformation

05-23-2019 | 08:16:00
As the world's second largest and second most-populous continent, it’s evident that broadband and mobile connectivity growth has had a dynamic impact on Africa.

[Kenya] MultiChoice introduces PBS Kids channel on DStv and GOtv

05-23-2019 | 07:55:00
PBS Distribution has partnered with MultiChoice Africa to bring PBS KIDS’ high-quality educational children’s content to the DStv and GOtv platforms.

Glo Mobile Ghana targets subscribers with new products to improve communication experience

05-23-2019 | 07:37:26
Glo Mobile Ghana has introduced a set of innovative products aimed at giving telecommunications subscribers in Ghana additional value to significantly improve their communication experience.

[Kenya] Mastercard expands digital identity commitment with Samsung Electronics

05-23-2019 | 06:41:00
Mastercard today announced that it will collaborate with Samsung to explore and deliver a better way for people to conveniently and securely verify their digital identity on the mobile devices they use every day.

[South Africa] Cortex Group launches new VC for Africa’s AI-Only focused startups

05-23-2019 | 06:22:00
Cortex Ventures, the venture will serve as Africa’s one-stop-shop for AI-focused start-ups and scale-ups seeking early or growth stage funding.

[Nigeria] MainOne commits $70 million to digitization of Lagos

05-23-2019 | 05:58:00
West Africa's connectivity and data centre solutions provider, MainOne has launched its "Digital Lagos: Broadband for All" campaign initiative to enable the digital transformation of Lagos state.

[Nigeria] Facebook Celebrates One Year of NG_Hub

05-23-2019 | 05:56:00
Celebrating exactly a year to the day since the doors of NG_Hub opened in Lagos, and Facebook further cemented its ambitions to train users across Nigeria in digital skills.

[Column] Murray Steyn: The network cables that connect Africa to the world

05-23-2019 | 07:34:06
In total, there are 520Gbps of bandwidth capacity over the East and West African intercontinental network cable systems for wholesalers to leverage.

[Column] Kieran Frost: So, what’s left after the machines take over?

05-22-2019 | 09:17:00
One of the questions that we at the International Data Corporation are asked is what impact technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have on jobs. Where are there likely to be job opportunities in the future?

[Column] Christine Ambetsa: Data Security; embracing autonomy and intelligent machines

05-22-2019 | 04:47:29
CIOs are operating in a state of heightened awareness. Their mission-critical systems are increasingly under threat from constantly evolving viruses and hacks, making it tougher than ever to defend the lifeblood of their business – data.

[Column] Hannes Venter: African utilities need to transform services to meet demands of experience economy

05-17-2019 | 13:10:00
Make no mistake: energy utilities are not immune to the powerful forces of disruption upending other industries.

[Interview] Esther Asante, CEO, Organic Trade & Investments, Ghana

05-16-2019 | 07:36:00
Esther Asante is the founder and CEO of Organic Trade & Investments, a Ghana based online retail store selling organically produced commodities.

[Column] Anton Jacobsz: The always-on economy gives cloud data management trends a seat at the boardroom table

05-16-2019 | 05:56:30
With regards to both data centre and cloud offerings, data management provides an important tool to facilitate an infrastructure that needs to operate in a round-the-clock application availability

[Column] Iniel Dreyer: Data Management as a Service is a solution for the mining digital revolution

05-16-2019 | 05:37:00
Mining has always been an intensive industry, from the perspective of resources, time, labour and people safety.

[Column] Ian Dury: Embracing Tech for Effective Management

05-15-2019 | 02:48:35
As organisations across the globe attempt to manage these massive datasets, varying sources and formats emerge. This leads to disparate data, management silos and questionable reporting based on varying data.

[Interview] Clive Butkow, CEO, Kalon Venture Partners, South Africa

05-14-2019 | 08:36:00
Clive Butkow founded Kalon Venture Partners in August 2015, a digital disruptive technology VC, to make use of his skills and learnings and to invest in a portfolio of disruptive tech companies.

[Column] Robin Brown: Ten cloud myths busted

05-14-2019 | 07:15:33
Cloud ERP has come of age, but the uptake is still very slow. Why are enterprises reluctant to make the switch from on-premise to the cloud?

[Column] Adebayo Sanni: Three transformational technologies that present unprecedented opportunity

05-14-2019 | 05:52:00
The joint forces of the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain, represent an unprecedented opportunity for enterprises in the public as well as private sectors.

[Column] Kevin O’Neil, Chukwudi Onike: Rwanda demonstrates the power of digital government to boost an economy

05-10-2019 | 16:17:29
In a few days, thousands of people from around the world will converge in Kigali to attend the Transform Africa Summit.

[Column] Hassen Hamza: How communications service providers can maximise revenue with cloud

05-09-2019 | 09:37:03
While cloud adoption among communications service providers (CSPs) in Africa is still at an early stage – with many regional operators only now beginning to implement concrete projects.

[Interview] Eran Feinstein, CEO, DPO Group

05-09-2019 | 06:15:00
For the last 13 years, DPO Group, Direct Pay Online, has positioned itself as a market leader in the provision of payment services in Africa.

SIM swap fraud: A new wave of attacks targeting financial and online services in Africa

05-06-2019 | 11:03:01
Kaspersky Lab experts have sounded the alarm on the wide spread growth of mobile payments across the globe and the many cyber risks that surround such technology.