Africa Tech

Proparco completes pre-series-A investment in Moringa fueling its expansion across Africa

06-26-2022 | 20:58:00
Building on the Seed Investment by DOB Equity and USD 9.5m funding by Mastercard Foundation, Moringa is excited to have recently received an investment from Proparco to support its expansion outside Kenya.

[Nigeria] Cellulant recognised as a leading payment platform solutions provider

06-26-2022 | 19:28:04
Cellulant , Africa’s leading payments company, was recognised as the Payment Platform Solutions Provider of the Year in Nigeria at the 13th Beacon of ICT Awards 2022.

Orange Egypt collaborates with Ericsson to provide its customers with an exceptional user experience

06-24-2022 | 10:17:25
Ericsson has been selected by Orange Egypt to deliver best-in-class antenna products for building a 2600 MHz network that will ensure superior and exceptional user experience as well as completion of rollout plans and license obligations.

Spire and Mastercard partner to enhance and simplify digital banking

06-24-2022 | 09:48:16
Spire, a leading GCC Open Banking services provider, has announced a strategic partnership with Mastercard, a technology leader in the global payments industry.

Mastercard launches its first-ever music album: Priceless®

06-24-2022 | 09:37:00
Mastercard unveiled its first ever music album titled Priceless® at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

Mastercard strengthens leadership team to accelerate growth across Middle East and North Africa

06-24-2022 | 09:29:37
Mastercard has reaffirmed its commitment to the GCC and wider region through the appointment of Mastercard veteran J.K. Khalil to lead its operations across the MENA East Cluster in his new role as Cluster General Manager.

[South Africa] Vodacom launches initiative to connect youth to the gig economy

06-23-2022 | 14:11:11
Get-A-Gig was launched as an extension of Vodacom’s recently revamped NXT LVL (pronounced next level), a platform aimed to address the challenges faced by young people.

Avanti and Viasat sign Ka-band capacity lease agreement targeting the energy sector

06-23-2022 | 14:02:46
Avanti Communications, a provider of high throughput satellite capacity across EMEA, has signed a long-term capacity lease agreement with global communications company Viasat Inc. to help support the connectivity needs of its customers in the energy sector.

[South Africa] The time to unlock the skills development potential of 4IR is now, says PBT Group

06-23-2022 | 13:16:00
Mobile technologies and services have already generated 1.7 million direct jobs. Digitisation is resulting in increased efficiencies bringing with it fresh opportunities for economic growth and job creation

[Kenya] Uber expands to five more towns in Kenya

06-23-2022 | 13:10:00
Uber is taking its operations to Eldoret, Naivasha, Elementaita, and Gilgil towns in Kenya as it seeks to grow its revenue amid increased competition.

Kaspersky expands its network of Transparency Centers opening three new facilities

06-23-2022 | 13:06:00
The new facilities expand opportunities for customers and partners to learn more about Kaspersky’s engineering and data processing practices.

To create a world class supply chain, SA logistics industry needs better and faster KYC, says SearchWorks

06-23-2022 | 09:46:00
Although KYC is a priority for most businesses, conducting manual checks is onerous, time-consuming, and open to human error and oversight.

46% of SMEs in EEMEA earning more money than before the pandemic, Mastercard report

06-23-2022 | 09:31:00
Data from Mastercard’s 2022 Borderless Payments Report has revealed two in five (46%) small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EEMEA) are earning more money than before the pandemic.

[South Africa] IoT providing business leaders with much-needed assurance in ESG initiatives, IOTIC

06-23-2022 | 09:26:00
According to Statista, ESG integration has become the most common approach to investing and, according to Bloomberg, saw $120 billion in funding in 2021.

Proven Consult Partners with Leading Insurance Firm in Africa to Provide Intelligent Business Automation

06-23-2022 | 08:23:43
Proven Consult, a leading automation technology firm, has partnered with a prominent insurance company headquartered in Nairobi, and operating in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

[Africa Tech Review] Nixon Kanali: African startups are still getting the attention of VCs

06-23-2022 | 14:48:38
This has been another interesting week for tech in Africa with a number of African tech startups across different industries raising funding to scale.

[Column] Nitesh Singh: Communications Service Providers have critical role to play in the race to net-zero

06-22-2022 | 14:37:56
As concerns over climate change's lasting impact intensify, CSPs (Communication Service Providers) need to tackle an urgent double-edged dilemma.

[Column] Patrick Ndegwa: Kenyan start-ups to benefit from digital transformation following Google investment

06-20-2022 | 15:19:00
Announced at the company’s Google for Africa virtual event in October, the investment will assist start-ups and entrepreneurs on their digital journeys and help usher in the next era of connectivity for citizens across the continent.

[Column] Carlo Bolzonello: Demystifying Cyberattacks on Critical Infrastructure

06-20-2022 | 13:22:48
Cyber-attacks have the potential to disrupt our lives completely, and in instances where critical national infrastructure is attacked, they could disrupt the country’s entire economy, leading to loss of life and livelihoods.

[Column] Kevin Dherman: Ways manufacturers can unlock the value of data to drive business intelligence

06-20-2022 | 07:24:00
SYSPRO research reveals that only 20 percent of manufacturing and distribution businesses have looked at investing in big data analytics tools to process and analyze data in response to ongoing disruptions

[Interview] Kate Woolley, Ecosystem General Manager, IBM

06-17-2022 | 15:57:27
Kate Woolley is the IBM Ecosystem General Manager. In this interview, she talks about her priorities and her big plans for growing the IBM Ecosystem.

[Column] Sunil Geness: Serving vulnerable communities raises stakes for public sector digital transformation

06-16-2022 | 15:50:30
The ongoing damaging impact of the pandemic combined with a growing number of climate-related emergencies is bringing into stark relief government’s ability to provide essential public services to vulnerable communities.

[Column] Thato Ntseare: Sharp advice for business start - ups on attracting venture capital investment

06-16-2022 | 14:13:21
I advise any business to have a professional website that is functional, looks professional, offers a certain amount of information, and inspires confidence. You need to make sure your solution looks the part, even if it is not 100 percent perfect.

[Column] Valery Njiaba: Digital Rights and Inclusion Forum’s Londa report calls for more digital transparency and protection across Africa

06-16-2022 | 08:01:00
While many governments in Africa have made welcome progress toward digital transformation in the last year, more work needs to be done towards offering transparency, digital inclusion, and the protection of digital rights.

[Column] Lorna Hardie: From Generation Z to Baby Boomers – The impact of hybrid working across the generations

06-13-2022 | 15:41:00
When it comes to the discourse around the way we work in the new era of hybrid working, it has never felt more balanced between the technology that enables it and the culture that defines

[Column] Mazen Mroué: Spreading the magic of 5G

06-13-2022 | 11:39:25
According to a recent GSMA report , mid-band 5G will generate a $13 billion contribution to GDP in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2030. The rollout of 5G will help usher in the fourth industrial revolution and drive economic growth.

[Column] Anna Collard: The great phishing fail

06-13-2022 | 11:36:45
In 2021, phishing attacks increased by 7.3% according to the ESET Threat Report and the Cisco 2021 Cybersecurity threat trends report revealed that around 86% of organisations had at least one person click a phishing link.

[Column] Diego Gutierrez: Driving Africa’s inclusive digital economy through smartphone penetration

06-09-2022 | 16:21:00
The world has already witnessed the remarkable force of Fintech in Africa, powered by mobile money. In 2020 the continent’s transaction volume of mobile money was US$2.75 billion with 161 million active accounts.

[Africa Tech Review] Nixon Kanali: Digital economy to reach $712 billion by 2050

06-09-2022 | 14:23:27
Africa’s digital economy continues to show massive potential accelerated by strong market fundamentals and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

[Columnl] Andrej Sonkin: The dangers of ignoring the human side of enterprise security-

06-09-2022 | 13:31:00
With more devices in the hands of employees than ever before organisations risk exposing themselves to cyber threats if their security solutions and services don’t factor in how individuals will actually use them.