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Polish firm Farada Group to establish drone plant at Konza

Polish firm Farada Group to establish drone plant at Konza

Farada Group, a Polish manufacturer of Drones is set to establish a drone manufacturing company in Kenya.

Adam Cudny, Farada Group Chairman said the drone plant will be established at the  Konza Technopolis and will serve Kenya and the whole of Africa.

Speaking during the company's display and demonstration of its drones to various potential customers at Konza Technopolis, Adam indicated that they had obtained all necessary regulatory approvals from the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) to operate their drones in the country. 

"We have all the necessary approvals and we have established a local company to implement the project," he said.

Farada has various types of drones that are used for surveillance of wildlife, and power lines, monitoring disasters such as floods, wildfire and delivery of goods such as medical products and other goods. It is a manufacturer, operator and integrator of drones. 

According to Joanna Rutkowski, the company's Chief Operating Officer, Farada is targeting its drones to players such as Kenya Power, and KETRACO for surveillance of their power lines, energy, county governments for medical supplies, and logistics companies for faster delivery of goods. Its drones can carry up to 1000 kilograms.





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