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Africa among regions with highest number of industrial systems under attack in the first half of 2023
21-09-2023 | 10:26:00
Malicious objects of all types were detected and blocked on 34% of Industrial Control System (ICS) computers in the first half of 2023, according to the ICS CERT landscape report by Kaspersky.
[Column] Ruth Njihia: Unleash your business potential with Google Cloud and Incentro Africa
18-09-2023 | 13:59:53
In today's fast-paced world, data is the currency of success. Yet, many businesses across Africa face the daunting challenge of collecting, storing, analyzing, and visualizing their data effectively.
[Charting a Cloud-Driven Tomorrow] Tim Kuria: Incentro Africa's modernization expertise
18-09-2023 | 13:32:00
Today, I'm thrilled to dive into the fascinating world of cloud computing infrastructure modernization with you.
[Google Cloud Security] Irene Mutile: Protect your business data and applications
18-09-2023 | 13:17:00
You’ve probably heard a lot about the importance of securing your digital footprints, but in truth, security is crucial and firms need to prepare for what’s coming.
43% of employees in META region afraid of losing job due to lack of digital skills, report
14-09-2023 | 13:56:00
Among those who think they are most likely to lose their job because of the lack of digital skills within the next 5 years are department heads (29%) and top managers (15%).
[Happening Now] IEA jointly with AfDB are launching Report on Financing Clean Energy in Africa- ACS23
06-09-2023 | 08:09:00
The International Energy Agency (IA) and the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) are jointly launching a report on Financing Clean Energy in Africa.
Top four email scams targeting people in Africa revealed
28-08-2023 | 08:50:00
Kaspersky experts have outlined the top four email scam themes and tactics currently prevalent in the Middle East, Turkiye, and Africa region (META).
Boston IT Solutions South Africa partners with Liquid C2 to deploy Azure Stack infrastructure across Africa
23-08-2023 | 12:12:19
Boston IT Solutions South Africa, a business of Boston Limited (Boston) to announce a partnership with Liquid C2, a business of Liquid Intelligent Technologies (Liquid), to provide them with a turnkey solution to deploy hybrid cloud infrastructure on the African continent.
State-sponsored cyber groups are actively targeting South African Government, Trellix report
21-08-2023 | 15:27:00
Government organisations remain the primary targets for threat actors looking to infiltrate South African IT systems. This is according to the latest data on cyber threats in the South African landscape for the second quarter of 2023 released by cybersecurity company Trellix
[Google Cloud Cost Optimization] The ultimacy of cutting down cloud costs
18-08-2023 | 12:03:00
One of the significant advantages of utilizing cloud technology is the ability to easily adjust the scale of resources based on demand, resulting in reduced operational costs.
[Column] Kelly Bwambok: Data democratization - the key to success in the digital age
18-08-2023 | 11:14:00
In today's digital age, data is king. Businesses that can harness the power of data to make better decisions are at a significant advantage over their competitors.
Syrex partners with Seceon to strengthen cybersecurity portfolio in South Africa
17-08-2023 | 12:22:17
Syrex announced a strategic partnership with Seceon, a global provider of the most advanced AI/ML-driven cyber threat detection and remediation platform for enterprises and managed security service providers.
[Column] Sameer Kumandan: South African businesses should leverage trustworthy data for better procurement choices
15-08-2023 | 14:31:00
Mitigating the risk of procurement fraud and other irregularities is possible by equipping organisations with the tools necessary to improve transparency, decision-making, and cost-effectiveness in procurement.
Recent Attacks Suggest the Three Ransomware Groups Are Sharing Playbooks, Sophos report
10-08-2023 | 13:34:00
Cybersecurity firm Sophos has released new findings into the connections between the most prominent ransomware groups this past year, including Royal, in its report, “Clustering Attacker Behavior Reveals Hidden Patterns.”
CryptoRom scammers add AI chat tool, like ChatGPT on crypto accounts to their toolset, Sophos finds
03-08-2023 | 15:42:00
Sophos has released new findings on CryptoRom scams—a subset of pig butchering [shā zhū pán] schemes designed to trick users of dating apps into making fake cryptocurrency investments.
Identity verification platform Smile ID releases its H1 2023 Africa KYC report
31-07-2023 | 14:07:13
Drawing on data from over 75 million KYC checks across diverse industries, the comprehensive report offers valuable insights into the current state of identity verification practices in various African countries.
[South Africa] Financial Sector surpasses the National Average as Data Breach Costs Reach R73.1 Million
31-07-2023 | 08:09:57
The average data breach cost for South African organizations reached R49.45 million in 2023 – an all-time high according to the IBM Security annual Cost of a Data Breach Report.
Nigeria trails South Africa and Kenya in Africa’s B2B payment revolution
31-07-2023 | 07:59:00
Nigeria trails South Africa and Kenya in the development of key B2B payment processes across Africa, including the adoption of electronic bank transfers, speed of processing invoices and payment automation.
[South Africa] Nearly 85% of African companies rank innovation as a top-three priority for 2023
06-07-2023 | 07:54:00
According to a new report released by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), 83% of African executives view innovation as a top-three priority for this year, compared to 79% of companies around the world.
58% of malware families sold as a service are ransomware, report
03-07-2023 | 15:20:00
Ransomware was the most widespread Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) over the past seven years according to a new study released by Kaspersky today.
Kenya experiences 82% increase in cyber-attacks, Liquid C2 Cybersecurity Report
29-06-2023 | 15:31:00
Cyber-attacks on Kenyan businesses increased by 82 percent according to a cybersecurity report released by Liquid C2, a business unit of Liquid Intelligent Technologies.
Kenya leads the world in global TikTok usage, report
26-06-2023 | 08:51:00
Kenya dominates the platform, with a staggering 54% of users engaging in TikTok for various purposes, while 29% specifically rely on it for news consumption.
Worldpay from FIS teams up with Volt to bring power of open banking to merchants
21-06-2023 | 13:06:24
Global financial technology leader FIS® has announced a new collaboration between its merchant solutions business, Worldpay from FIS, and Volt, an open payments gateway.
Liquid Intelligent Technologies deploys Mauritius Telecom T3 subsea cable to connect Mauritius and South Africa
19-06-2023 | 17:18:42
Liquid Intelligent Technologies deploys Mauritius Telecom T3 subsea cable enhancing connectivity between Mauritius and South Africa.
Liquid C2 and INOVO partnership to improve African contact centres
19-06-2023 | 17:13:15
Liquid C2 and INOVO partnership enables African contact centres to effortlessly boost CX through a flexible, fully integrated cloud solution.
Nearly 80% of organisation in MEA leveraging Edge to solve critical business challenges, report
15-06-2023 | 08:47:00
NTT’s Edge Advantage report surveyed 600 enterprises leveraging edge to enable data-driven decision making; uncovered concerns around infrastructure capabilities.
Africa among top 3 regions prone to mobile financial scam, report
12-06-2023 | 11:27:00
Throughout 2022 and the first quarter of 2023, 14% of installs of potentially unwanted mobile financial apps on Android phones were made by users in the Middle East, Turkiye, Africa (META) region.
Jumia launches its expanding e-commerce to rural areas of Kenya report
12-06-2023 | 11:17:00
A new report by Jumia Kenya has highlighted how online marketplaces can bring opportunities to underserved rural regions, by providing access to millions of products and also creating employment opportunities.
5 African countries pledged to uphold free internet in 2021 UN resolution, yet imposed 16 restrictions since
01-06-2023 | 14:11:00
By comparing countries’ stances with data from Surfshark’s Internet Shutdown Tracker, Surfshark was able to identify 5 African countries that claimed to support the resolution but “broke their word” by imposing internet restrictions.
ESET E.A to launch a cyber security industry survey
25-05-2023 | 11:06:00
Global cyber security solutions provider ESET through its local subsidiary ESET E.A has rolled out an industry wide survey that seeks to establish the State of Cybersecurity in East Africa.
Acquisition of 16% stake in NBX and capital increase by SPENN
22-05-2023 | 12:53:20
SPENN Technology A/S announces the acquisition of 16% ownership in Norwegian Block Exchange AS (NBX) through a share purchase agreement with Observatoriet Invest AS, a company owned by Bjørn Kjos and family.
Tizeti to tackle broadband underdevelopment in Cote d’Ívoire with Microsoft
18-05-2023 | 14:40:47
Tizeti, a leading internet service provider in West Africa, announced an expanded collaboration with Microsoft to address the issue of broadband underdevelopment in Cote d’Ívoire and bring internet access to almost five million people.
Data encryption from ransomware reaches highest level in four years, report
11-05-2023 | 14:52:00
Sophos has released its annual State of Ransomware 2023 report, which found that in 76% of ransomware attacks against surveyed organizations, adversaries succeeded in encrypting data.
INX-ZA launches Eastern Cape Internet exchange point
11-05-2023 | 11:08:09
INX-ZA has announced the launch of a new Internet exchange point in Nelson Mandela Bay, which it says will help boost the growth and development of the Eastern Cape Internet ecosystem.
EAIF has committed a $33 million sustainability-linked debt facility to Raxio Group
10-05-2023 | 11:30:00
The Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund (EAIF), a Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG) company, has committed a $33 million sustainability-linked debt facility to Raxio Group, a leading pan-African data centre developer and operator.
Khazna Data Centers and Benya Group to invest $250 million to build a giant data center in Egypt
10-05-2023 | 07:55:51
Khazna Data Centers Plans to Enter Egypt with Benya Group to Set Up the country’s first hyper-scale data center in Maadi Technology Park with a total investment of USD 250M
Kenyans reported increased cases of vishing attempts in 2022, report
04-05-2023 | 06:54:00
Vishing has become more prevalent than ‘smishing’ – where fraudulent text messages attempt to trick people into revealing data – with 41% of targeted Kenyans having experienced this type of attempt.
Convergence Partners has acquired a strategic stake in 42Markets Group
03-05-2023 | 13:19:57
Convergence Partners has acquired a strategic stake in 42Markets Group, an incubator, investor and builder of high-growth specialist businesses in the financial and capital markets sector.
Smile Identity to acquires Appruve for the expansion identity verification across Africa
27-04-2023 | 11:07:49
Smile Identity has acquired Appruve to expand its digital identity verification solution across Africa.
Les experts réunis à Abidjan pour discuter de la cybersécurité en Afrique
26-04-2023 | 16:43:00
Portant sur le thème « Enjeux, acteurs et partenaires : quelles solutions pour sécuriser la transformation digitale de l’Afrique ? », le CAF 2023 réunit plus de 1 200 participants, 300 experts et plus de 45 entreprises privées et organisations publiques.
Intelsat partners with Gilat to upscale its In-Flight Connectivity and Cellular Backhaul services worldwide
26-04-2023 | 16:28:10
Intelsat Strengthens Strategic Partnership and Expands Service Capabilities with Significant Multimillion-Dollar Orders for Gilat’s Multi-service Platforms and Terminals
Liquid Dataport s'associe à ICOSNET pour stimuler la productivité et la croissance des entreprises en Algérie
24-04-2023 | 12:20:00
Liquid Dataport a conclu un partenariat avec ICOSNET, le seul fournisseur privé de services Internet en Algérie, afin de permettre aux clients d'accéder aux services de communication numérique offerts par Liquid Dataport en Algérie.
Raxio Data Centres raises up to $170m to accelerate digital transformation in Africa
20-04-2023 | 12:33:00
Raxio Data Centres raises up to $170m Sustainability-Linked Debt Facility to accelerate digital transformation in Africa.
Le Groupe African Guarantee Fund (AGF) établit un partenariat avec bettervest
17-04-2023 | 12:56:00
Le Groupe African Guarantee Fund conclut un partenariat avec Bettervest, une plateforme de « crowdfunding », active dans le financement des projets de développement durable en Afrique.
20-year Power Purchase Agreement signed between Africa Data Centres and Distributed Power Africa.
17-04-2023 | 12:36:00
Africa Data Centres, a business of Cassava Technologies group to announce it has signed a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with DPA Southern Africa Pty Ltd (DPA SA), a joint company of Distributed Power Africa and the French utility company, EDF.
Kenya lost Ksh 3.6 billion to cyber criminals in 2022, report
17-04-2023 | 07:58:00
Kenya’s losses to cyber criminals reached Ksh 3.6 billion (USD 36 million) in 2022, compared to Nigeria and South Africa where they are nearly tenfold at Ksh 50 billion (USD 500 million) and Ksh 57 billion (USD 570 million) respectively.
$8 million fund to support enhanced banking identification in the West African Monetary Zone
13-04-2023 | 08:07:00
West African Monetary Institute to receive $8 million from African Development Fund to support enhanced banking identification and financial sector efficiency in the West African Monetary Zone.
[Kenya] Two firms fined Ksh.5 million for abusing customers personal data
13-04-2023 | 07:24:00
The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC) in Kenya has issued a penalty notice against two companies, digital credit provider, Whitepath Company and city co-working space provider Regus.
Farmerline étend ses opérations à l'Afrique francophone avec un lancement en Côte d'Ivoire
12-04-2023 | 12:53:00
L’entreprise d’agritech ghanéenne Farmerline Limited qui fournit principalement des technologies de gestion de données et d’analyse prédictive dans le secteur agricole vient de lancer officiellement ses activités en Côte d’Ivoire.
Sophos releases its state of cybersecurity 2023 report
06-04-2023 | 14:18:23
93% of organizations globally find the execution of some essential security operation tasks, such as threat hunting, challenging. This is according to a new survey report released by cybersecurity leader Sophos.
South Africa leads the world as the most internet-addicted country, report
03-04-2023 | 05:37:00
A study by Atlas VPN, a Delaware-based virtual private network company has highlighted that South Africa leads in most hours spent on the internet globally.
African market intelligence startup Rwazi raises $4 million funding
27-03-2023 | 07:21:00
African market intelligence startup Rwazi has raised a $4 million seed funding round led by Bonfire Ventures and saw participation from Newfund Capital and Alumni Ventures.
[Interview] Dr. Mohamed El Sahili, CEO, Medland Hospital, Zambia
14-03-2023 | 14:56:36
Dr. Mohamed El Sahili is the Chief Executive Officer of Medland Hospital, Zambia. As a medical doctor and entrepreneur, Dr. Sahili also serves on the board of key economic international organizations like the African Business Roundtable, the American Chamber of Commerce, Zambia, Olympic Youth Development Center and the Africa CEO Forum.
[Interview] Dr. Mohamed El Sahili, PDG, Hôpital Medland, Zambie
14-03-2023 | 14:56:36
Le Dr Mohamed El Sahili est le directeur général de l'hôpital Medland, en Zambie. En tant que médecin et entrepreneur, le Dr Sahili siège également au conseil d'administration d'organisations économiques internationales clés, telles que l'African Business Roundtable et l'American Chamber of Commerce.
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Digitization set to penetrate capital market, investment
14-03-2023 | 14:56:09
Given the economic situation spreading across the globe in the last couple of years, it is with some optimism we can take the modest increase in Nigeria’s GDP.
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Telcos break new ground, digital loans gain momentum
14-03-2023 | 14:56:05
Instant loans, sometimes called digital loans, are gaining speed in the country and the telecom sector took some giant steps forward this week.
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Persistent shortages and inflation call for new measures
14-03-2023 | 14:56:04
Africa has in the past decade positioned itself as a knowledge economy, with one of the most robust startup ecosystems in the world.
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Crude industry facts underlining the Nigerian economy
14-03-2023 | 14:56:04
The Nigerian stock market indicators have shown lately a typical pattern in stock markets – investors stay loyal to the resilient stocks.
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Experts point toward startup management for local productivity
14-03-2023 | 14:56:03
Nigeria’s crown jewel, oil and gas, has been in a state of mild disrepair for several months now. There’s an ongoing fuel scarcity situation that is intensifying by the day and causing a ripple effect in every aspect of daily life.
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Domestic savings, capital formation meet infrastructure demands
14-03-2023 | 14:55:59
The Federal Government is taking huge strides to strengthen the infrastructure and agriculture industries in Nigeria.
[Column] Rene McGregor: How to find the story in a business’s data and then action it
14-03-2023 | 14:55:57
It's broadly understood that a data literate person can read, understand, communicate, argue and apply insights from data.
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Economic conditions returning to pre-pandemic levels
14-03-2023 | 14:55:54
The startup movement has picked up pace in Nigeria over the last decade, with the government and responsible agencies ramping up efforts in motivating the burgeoning industry.
[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: 5G becomes national security policy, industries seek sustainability in technology
14-03-2023 | 14:55:51
The one thing the current global pandemic has unilaterally effected in all nations is a rearrangement of priorities, both for people and for governments. Survival elements – food and healthcare – have taken lead position.
[Column] Roger Long: Divergent trends in property values across Africa
14-03-2023 | 14:55:37
The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic not only affected people and communities, but also impacted commercial property values across the world. This report looks at the effect of the pandemic on property values in Africa.
[Interview] Stephan Eyeson, fondateur et PDG, Survey54
14-03-2023 | 14:55:22
L'entrepreneur Britanique-Ghanéen, Stephan Eyeson, est actuellement PDG et fondateur de la société panafricaine de collecte de renseignements sur les consommateurs, Survey54.
[Interview] Stephan Eyeson, Founder & CEO, Survey54
14-03-2023 | 14:55:20
British-Ghanaian entrepreneur, Stephan Eyeson, is current CEO and Founder of pan-African consumer intelligence gathering firm, Survey54.
Rystad Energy analysis shows Africa’s renewable energy capacity is set for consecutive years of growth
14-03-2023 | 14:55:09
Africa’s installed capacity of renewable energy, which stood at 12.6 gigawatt (GW) in 2019, is set for consecutive years of growth, a Rystad Energy analysis shows.
[Africa Business Panel] 6 percent of African Business Professionals expect their companies not to survive the Covid-19 Crisis
14-03-2023 | 14:55:05
About 2/3 of the African companies (62%) say they are struggling but will survive. Almost a third of companies (29%) say they are doing well and the near future is looking good
[Survey] Threats and Opportunities for African Business in 2020 and beyond
14-03-2023 | 14:55:04
As a valued member of Africa Business Communities, we invite you to participate in this a survey to better understand the impact of COVID19 on the current economy in general and within specific industries, but also look at the near future
New analysis shows onshore wind potential across Africa enough to power the entire continent many times over
14-03-2023 | 14:55:04
Developing Africa’s huge onshore wind energy potential can boost its transition to affordable and reliable clean energy. For the first time ever, wind and solar made up the majority of the world’s new power generation in 2019.
Finance for renewables in developing countries on the rise, IRENA highlights
14-03-2023 | 14:55:02
Global finance to developing countries in support of clean and renewable energy reached $21.3 billion in 2017, which almost doubles the level from 2010 when international financial flows were at $10 billion.
[Column] Olagoke Aluko: Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) regulations lead the way in reshaping consumer behaviour and industry in Kenya
14-03-2023 | 14:54:22
Kenya has paid a heavy price in lives lost for its slow uptake of LPG as a cooking fuel.
[Nigeria Business Week] Industries partner to reach common goals
14-03-2023 | 14:53:42
The sectors are revving up to keep up momentum as the 2019 opens new doors for Nigeria’s stride toward economic balance.
Your complimentary report: Lessons learned from Africa's massive data breach
14-03-2023 | 14:53:28
Cybercrime has dominated South Africa’s news headlines throughout the course of 2018, as one high-profile attack follows another on an almost monthly basis
[SA Business Week] Key sectors appointments and a busy air route
14-03-2023 | 14:53:24
October is already proving to be a great month for the South African business and economy, maybe even greater. With only a week into the month, three South Africans have been appointed for senior positions in the ICT, aviation and engineering sectors.
[South Africa] Pink tax causes financial pain
14-03-2023 | 14:53:18
Basic toiletries, grooming products, medical screenings and haircuts are some of the items that see women spending hundreds to thousands of rands more than their male counterparts.
[Nigeria Business Week] With Construction, Agribusiness, Oil and Gas and startup hubs, Nigeria leaves no sector behind
14-03-2023 | 14:52:55
Two years ago Nigeria was as good as drowning in debts, unemployment, reduced investment and general widespread discontent. Today, though still a work in progress, the country has exited recession and is fast regaining its momentum.
[Startup Interview] Renaldo Bothma, Managing Director, HomeFixer, South Africa
14-03-2023 | 14:52:54
Renaldo Bothma is a professional rugby player and founder of a new app, Homefixer, an app to help fix any household related issue at the push of a button.
[Column] Gilbert Saggia: Data - the fertilizer that will feed Africa's agricultural transformation
14-03-2023 | 14:52:34
Everywhere we look, technology is being touted as the enabler of a new era of African agricultural prosperity. The exciting world of possibilities offered by blockchain, IoT and machine learning has made companies, governments and policy-makers sit up.
[Column] Benjamin Coetzer: Combating cloud’s biggest security risk - the user
14-03-2023 | 14:52:30
Cloud is coming into its own. Forrester says that public cloud platforms, business services, and applications will reach $236B by 2020.
Nigerians seek next level shopping experience - Nielsen findings
14-03-2023 | 14:51:49
Despite Nigeria’s retail sector being dominated by independent formats like Open Markets and Kiosks in terms of absolute store numbers, modern trade formats like Supermarkets and Hypermarkets are stepping up to fulfil the needs of consumers.
[Column] Frances Okosi: The rise of renewable energy across Africa
14-03-2023 | 14:51:20
The extent of the power deficit across Africa is well documented and increasing electricity generation across the continent is the focus of a number of initiatives at both national and supra-national level.
Africa presents a mixed foreign direct investment picture - EY Africa Attractiveness report
14-03-2023 | 14:51:13
According to EY’s latest Africa Attractiveness report, heightened geopolitical uncertainty and “multispeed” growth across Africa present a mixed FDI picture for the continent.
[Interview] Jonathan Bloch, CEO, Africa Financial & Economic Data
14-03-2023 | 14:51:12
In response to the ever growing need for information and market analyses, Jonathan Bloch founded the Africa Financial & Economic Data, providing a library of intelligence on African economic markets.
Powering Africa's Transformation - Tony Elumelu, Aliko Dangote, Carlos Lopes
14-03-2023 | 14:51:11
Africa has a bright future ahead of it. Productivity and growth will improve as African economies continue to place more emphasis on services and manufacturing, pursue commodity production, and achieve quick gains in agriculture and light industry.
Casablanca and Nairobi rank leading destinations for Fortune 500 companies establishing international headquarters
14-03-2023 | 14:51:11
The Middle East Africa (MEA) region has become increasingly important for the majority of global Fortune 500 companies, according to a new report released by Infomineo, a global business research company specialising in Africa and the Middle East.
[Column] Brett Parker: Between East & West, Africa's economic transformation will create a third centre of global power
14-03-2023 | 14:51:11
What a difference a century makes. If we stepped back in time to a hundred years ago we'd find a primitive China; a Middle East that had yet to discover the riches of oil and most of Southeast Asia consisted of countries that were barely distinguishable from medieval societies.
Economic growth in East Africa remains strong despite drought - Report
14-03-2023 | 14:51:10
East Africa's economy has continued to grow despite the adverse effects of drought being felt across the region according to ICAEW's (the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) latest report.
[Column] Jaco Lotz: Growth in middle class drives private education boom in Africa
14-03-2023 | 14:51:08
Private universities and schools are mushrooming across Africa, as parents increasingly seek a quality education for their children outside of the state offering - a move which is largely attributable to the rapid growth of the middle class on the continent.
The Global Gig Economy and its Implications for African Digital Workers - Professor Mark Graham
14-03-2023 | 14:51:05
Oxford professor Mark Graham, addressing the 4th UNI Africa Conference in Dakar, Senegal, warned of the danger of ‘parasitic capitalism’ where digital companies give little back to the places where they are embedded and platform workers are left to fend for themselves.
[Column] Mariam Abdullahi: Africa’s mobile revolution: strategic focus areas for telcos in 2017
14-03-2023 | 14:51:04
Despite on-going economic challenges and some tricky regulatory issues, Africa is fast approaching the 1bn mobile subscriptions landmark. The continued rollout of 3G and 4G networks, as well as an influx of low-cost smartphone
[Column] Jens Ischebeck: Edtech - A growth area for Africa
14-03-2023 | 14:51:02
EdTech is the use of digital education technology to facilitate teaching and learning. It’s a rapidly expanding sector with enormous potential. Providers around the world are now incorporating education technology into their delivery strategies.
Samsung emerges Africa’s most admired brand
14-03-2023 | 14:50:59
African Business magazine in partnership with Brand Africa, Brand Finance, GeoPoll and Kantar TNS has released the results of the Top 100 brands in Africa.
[Interview] Debbie Goodman-Bhyat, CEO Jack Hammer, South Africa
14-03-2023 | 14:50:59
CEO of South African executive search firm Jack Hammer, Debbie Goodman-Bhyat, discusses the growing shift from expat hire to local executive leadership in African organizations.
Africa Data Centres and Distributed Power Africa work together to reach Sustainable Development Goals
14-03-2023 | 11:32:00
Africa Data Centres has signed a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement with Distributed Power Africa.
Onix Data Centres lance son deuxième centre de données en Afrique de l’Ouest à Dakar
22-02-2023 | 13:45:00
L’opérateur de centre de données Onix Data Centres Ltd a annoncé le lancement d’un centre de données neutres vis-à-vis des opérateurs à Dakar, au Sénégal.
After Ghana Office opening, Network International introduces direct to merchant payments acceptance in Egypt
13-02-2023 | 08:28:00
Launch under new ‘networkpay’ brand to boost digital payment acceptance & financial inclusion in Egypt.
Pop culture is the biggest influencer of African youth, report
06-02-2023 | 09:19:00
Pop culture is the biggest influencer of African youth, according to the Who is Influencing Who? Unpacking Youth and Influence in Africa report.
Africa Data Centres announces groundbreaking of a second data centre in Cape Town
02-02-2023 | 18:55:55
The new facility will be in the north of the city and will have an IT load of 20MW. Construction is underway, and the facility will be up and running by mid-2024.