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[Column] Chafic Traboulsi: Meeting capacity challenges in African mobile networks with E-band and long-haul solutions
30-08-2023 | 09:41:40
In recent years, there has been a massive uptick in the data consumption among mobile broadband subscribers in many major African markets, such as Nigeria and Kenya.
[Column] Theo van Zyl: Connectivity on the go: why not all mobile internet services are the same
12-07-2023 | 08:18:05
Driven by a changing environment, including a return to the office for many as well as tougher economic conditions, more consumers are taking a closer look at their connectivity requirements.
[South Africa] vivo hosts 5G technology dialogue with global partner
05-06-2023 | 13:34:00
vivo Communications Research Institute recently held its first 5G Talk event in South Africa. The event brought together industry experts to discuss the latest developments in 5G and the potential benefits for consumers.
Kaspersky reports on new mobile Advanced Persistent Threat campaign targeting iOS devices
05-06-2023 | 13:09:09
Kaspersky experts have uncovered a new mobile APT campaign while monitoring the network traffic of its corporate Wi-Fi network using the Kaspersky Unified Monitoring and Analysis Platform (KUMA).
MTN GlobalConnect rebrands as Bayobab to strengthen its commitment to digitally connecting Africa
22-05-2023 | 07:19:32
MTN GlobalConnect announced an important step in the evolution of its business through the unveiling of its new name and positioning – Bayobab.
Africa had more than 270 million mobile apps users as of December 2022, report
11-05-2023 | 08:17:00
As of December 2022, the total number of monthly active users of mobile apps in Africa exceeded 270 million, a 14% increase compared to the beginning of the year.
SPENN completes strategic joint venture agreement to accelerate its entry into Nigeria
04-05-2023 | 10:27:35
SPENN Technology signed an agreement with Naseni to accelerate the penetration of SPENN products and services in the largest African market – Nigeria.
Uganda bets on mobile app for reliable fisheries data
02-05-2023 | 10:45:00
In Uganda, over 670 stakeholders of the fish value chain are accessing comprehensive fisheries data from Lakes Albert and Victoria, in real-time
Autochek acquires majority stake in Autotager
20-04-2023 | 09:41:25
Nigeria-based car financing platform Autocheck, has acquired a majority stake in Egypt's used cars marketplace, AutoTager, which was founded in 2021 by Amr Rezk.
Mobile money taxation could hamper financial inclusion gains in Africa, report
04-04-2023 | 12:40:07
Mobile money services have transformed the lives of many people across the African continent but taxation policies pose a significant challenge to the financial inclusion gains made by these innovations.
[Report]: Mobile money taxation could hamper financial inclusion gains in Africa
03-04-2023 | 11:05:00
Mobile money services have transformed the lives of many people across the African continent but taxation policies pose a significant challenge to the financial inclusion gains made by these innovations.
MTN GlobalConnect partners with BICS to grow mobile and digital services across Africa
23-03-2023 | 09:06:54
This partnership will see the complementary strengths of both companies coming together to accelerate the growth of mobile and digital services in Africa.
[Kenya] Smartphone market continues to contract as inflation rises
16-03-2023 | 06:36:00
Kenya's smartphone market declined for the second consecutive quarter in Q4 2022, with shipments down 13.5% year on year (YoY). That's according to the latest figures from International Data Corporation (IDC).
[ChatGPT Biography] Tayo Oviosu, founder of Paga
14-03-2023 | 14:57:02
Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm. As an experiment, Africa Business Communities is publishing a series of 100 biographies of the most successful entrepreneurs in Africa. We only ask the questions and let ChatGPT write.
GSMA partners with Africa CDC to harness the power of mobile to combat disease in Africa
02-03-2023 | 10:00:29
A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), intended to bring the transformational power of mobile connectivity to support Africa's most significant healthcare challenges, has been signed between the GSMA and the Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC).
Groupe Sonatel marque la croissance de 9% l'année passée dans 5 pays
27-02-2023 | 11:41:00
Malgré une année 2022 un peu poussive, le Groupe Sonatel peut se targuer de bonnes performances. Selon les résultats dont nous avons reçu copie, le chiffre d’affaires consolidé sur les 5 pays de présence s’élève à 1455 milliards FCFA, en croissance de 9% par rapport à décembre 2021.
Flutterwave to expand in Northern Africa starting by Egypt
22-02-2023 | 11:22:06
Flutterwave, Africa’s leading payments technology company, has announced that it has received its Payment Services Provider and Payments Facilitator licenses in Egypt.
Mintoak raises $20 Million series A funding round led by PayPal Ventures
22-02-2023 | 08:49:00
Mintoak raises $20 Million series A funding round led by PayPal Ventures to expand into new markets including the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia.
Chipper Cash to cut off many of their talent pool
22-02-2023 | 08:36:26
Pan-African FinTech Chipper Cash has reportedly laid off more than a third of its staff.
Cross Switch acquire 50% stake in Vantage Payment Systems
16-02-2023 | 10:33:53
Cross Switch and Equity Invest bring together decades of experience growing successful technology businesses, specifically in the financial technology sector.
Sirius Capital en partenariat avec Julaya pour permettre aux ivoiriens d'investir en bourse via mobile money
13-02-2023 | 10:25:00
Le partenariat, des plus innovants entre Sirius Capital et Julaya permettra d'offrir une plus grande variété de produits financiers tout en facilitant l'accès à des services financiers de qualité pour la population ivoirienne.
MTN and Ericsson win Glotel Award for Mobile Financial Services Mastery
09-02-2023 | 11:32:21
MTN and Ericsson have won the Mobile Financial Services Mastery Award at the 2022 Global Telecom (Glotel) Awards, held in London, England.
Airtel Africa recorded double-digit revenue in the past 9 months and increase in market penetration
08-02-2023 | 13:19:35
Airtel Africa reported a reduced profit of $801 million in the past nine months, down from $864 million in the previous year.
[Interview] Seyi J. Matanmi, Founder, Hosteet, Nigeria
06-02-2023 | 11:13:00
Seyi J. Matanmi is a technology product developer and entrepreneur. Educated in software development, research and analytics, he currently leads the cloud services outfit, Hosteet, operating out of Lagos, Nigeria.
Mitel, Mart Networks re-affirm technology investment in West Africa
25-01-2023 | 13:33:00
Telecommunications company Mitel, and distributor Mart Networks, have re-affirmed their commitment to leverage on technology to improve the telecommunications sector in West Africa.
[Column] Imane Charioui: Factors that will continue to shape the Cameroonian remittance market in 2023
24-01-2023 | 10:07:38
In the last decade, the cross-border remittance market has undergone tremendous changes evolving from traditional offerings to much faster, easier and safer payment methods, thanks to digital disruptors.
Mama Money partners with AFC Commercial Bank for money transfers to Zimbabwe
24-01-2023 | 09:40:00
Mama Money, a South African fintech that offers cross-border money transfer and banking services, has partnered with AFC Commercial Bank, to allow Mama Money customers to easily send money to any AFC Commercial Bank branch.
MediaTek commits to increasing 5G adoption in Africa with affordable chipsets
09-01-2023 | 14:43:00
In a recent interview with Tech Journalist Nixon Kanali, Rami Osman, the company’s Director, Corporate Sales and Marketing MEA said the company will continue local testing to make 5G a reality.
1XBET lance officiellement ses activités en Côte d'Ivoire
09-01-2023 | 13:10:00
La marque 1XBET a procédé au lancement officiel de ses activités en terre ivoirienne à travers sa nouvelle campagne dénommée ‘’Rejoins le Gbonhi’’ à Abidjan-Plateau.
Ericsson, Qualcomm et Thales vont lancer la 5G dans l'espace
04-01-2023 | 12:03:00
Les réseaux 5G non terrestres pourraient permettre d'assurer une couverture mondiale complète de la 5G, y compris dans les zones actuellement non desservies par les réseaux terrestres.
Direct Carrier Billing industry consolidates in Africa and the Middle East
04-01-2023 | 09:13:12
This initiative is part of the strategic alliance between the two companies to place direct carrier billing at the forefront of the payments industry and reinforce their commitment to developing a transparent, secure, and stable mobile economy.
BOSAF, OP Finnfund Global Impact Fund partner to provide $20m to Africa Mobile Networks
15-12-2022 | 10:59:00
The BlueOrchard Sustainable Assets Fund (BOSAF) and the OP Finnfund Global Impact Fund I will provide $20 million debt investment to support the growth of Africa Mobile Networks (AMN), a telecom provider focused on rural Sub-Saharan Africa.
Finnfund invests $3.4m in KaiOS Technologies to bring affordable mobile connections to Sub-Saharan Africa
15-12-2022 | 10:13:00
Finnfund has invested $3.4 million in KaiOS Technologies, maker of KaiOS, to bring affordable mobile connections to Sub-Saharan Africa.
Beko rolls out mobile commerce platform for Kenyan consumers
08-12-2022 | 12:07:00
Beko, one of the top 3 large home appliance brands in Europe with a strong footprint in Africa has announced its entry into the mobile commerce space with the rollout of a WhatsApp-powered service
Chumz announces World Cup savings plan for Kenyan football fans
30-11-2022 | 06:55:53
Dubbed #SuperFansChallenge, football fans can decide what amount of money they want to save should the team they are supporting win, lose or draw throughout the World Cup and Premier League season.
[Column] Susan Sitemere: The global benefits of online transfers in Zimbabwe
23-11-2022 | 13:51:00
A combination of rapidly evolving technology and the restrictions imposed by the COVID -19 pandemic has resulted in nothing short of a revolution in the online money transfer sector.
[Column] Gbenga Okejimi: With cyber fraud on the rise in Ghana, customer security remains essential
21-11-2022 | 13:25:00
Across Ghana, online financial transactions have become increasingly popular as many Ghanaians have become connected digitally and are using mobile wallets and online banking services are a growing rate.
[Column] Imane Charioui: The global benefits of online transfers in Cameroon
18-11-2022 | 12:25:00
A combination of rapidly evolving technology and the restrictions imposed by the COVID -19 pandemic has resulted in what is nothing short of a revolution in the online money transfer sector in Cameroon.
Vodacom launches international roaming bundles to keep customers connected globally
16-11-2022 | 13:39:26
Vodacom customers travelling overseas this festive season can now save on international roaming costs by taking advantage of the best international roaming bundles on South Africa’s leading network.
NCC inaugurates committee to accelerate broadband infrastructure deployment in Nigeria
08-11-2022 | 13:19:48
The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has inaugurated an industry-wide committee to facilitate the deployment of broadband infrastructure under a National Communications Backbone (NCB) project.
Study shows digital tools can help farmers in Africa fight climate change, but need more help from government
08-11-2022 | 12:57:00
African farmers urgently need government support to increase their use of digital tools. This is according to a new survey conducted by Savanta ComRes, commissioned by Vodacom.
[Kenya] Safaricom now offering Boomplay customers dedicated music streaming bundles
03-11-2022 | 10:20:00
Safaricom has announced a new partnership with music streaming platform Boomplay to avail the service to its customers via affordable daily, weekly, and monthly bundles.
Mobile finance can boost national GDP, research
03-11-2022 | 07:48:36
Based on previous World Bank research on the relationship between economic growth and reductions in the number of people living in poverty2, this GDP per capita growth implies that countries with successful mobile money adoption could reduce poverty by around 2.6%.
[Ethiopia] Ethio Telecom selects Subex to deploy its HyperSense Fraud Management solution
01-11-2022 | 10:05:23
Subex, a pioneer in driving AI-led Digital Trust, announced it has been selected by Ethio Telecom to deploy its Fraud Management solution.
[Rwanda] Mobile Finance Can Increase National Gross Domestic Product, Report
31-10-2022 | 04:56:00
Successful deployment and adoption of mobile financial services is associated with a positive impact on GDP growth in developing markets. This is according to new research from Vodafone Group, Vodacom Group, Safaricom, and the UNDP
EIB backs MTN Nigeria with €100m for high-speed network expansion
28-10-2022 | 11:50:00
The European Investment Bank (EIB) has agreed to €100 million financing with MTN Nigeria to support the telecommunications company’s network expansion programme.
New research shows mobile financing can increase national GDP growth in developing markets
28-10-2022 | 10:49:00
New research indicates that the successful deployment and adoption of mobile financial services is associated with a positive impact on GDP growth in developing markets
[Rwanda] UK DIT report highlights potential for digital growth in Africa through affordable mobile access
27-10-2022 | 13:32:00
A report from the United Kingdom’s Department for International Trade (DIT) highlights the potential of mobile and digital services to grow African economies and deliver improved quality of life across the continent.
Safaricom announces commercial launch of 5G services in Kenya
27-10-2022 | 11:16:00
Safaricom announced the availability of 5G Wi-Fi to empower its customers with superfast internet at home and at work, complementing its growing fibre network.
Moove has raised £15 million from Emso Asset Management to scale it's UK fleet
26-10-2022 | 12:49:00
Moove, the world’s first mobility fintech and Uber’s largest vehicle supply partner in EMEA, is announcing it has raised £15 million in debt financing from Emso Asset Management
Ouverture du premier magasin Winpart by CFAO en République démocratique du Congo
25-10-2022 | 11:37:41
La RDC rejoint ainsi le réseau Winpart by CFAO dédié à la vente de pièces détachées et produits à un prix abordable pour l’entretien et la réparation de véhicules multimarques.
Centurion Invest partners with ImpalaPay to advance African mass adoption of digital assets payments to Mpesa, Airtel and Orange
21-10-2022 | 12:26:00
Centurion Invest has partnered with ImpalaPay, a blockchain-based fintech company with operations in 134 countries worldwide and 42 African countries, to advance African mass adoption of digital assets payments to Mpesa, Airtel and Orange.
[Column] Mia Pieterse: Further fintech innovation requires regulation
18-10-2022 | 12:22:00
Traditional banks have monopolised the banking industry for a long time – not just in South Africa, but globally. We have trusted banks as intermediaries with our money and paid their fees.
[Kenya] CBK announces successful separation of Airtel Money from Airtel Networks
11-10-2022 | 11:07:43
The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has announced the successful separation of the mobile money business from the telecommunications business which were previously under Airtel Networks Kenya Limited (ANKL).
87 per cent of consumers prefer to use mobile messaging to communicate with travel companies, report
05-10-2022 | 11:24:28
Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X also all place mobile messaging as their top method of communication with travel brands, showcasing that younger generations are the most inclined to interact with brands via mobile.
Ethio telecom unveils "Lead" 3 Years Strategic Plan
29-09-2022 | 12:45:00
Ethio telecom started implementing its newly developed "Lead", a three-year development strategy for the period of 2022-2025
MTN Nigeria, Ericsson launch 5G services
28-09-2022 | 14:10:00
Ericsson and MTN Nigeria have reached a milestone with the successful launch of 5G services. This deal is the result of a fruitful collaboration spanning 21 years reaffirming a rich culture of partnerships between the two parties.
Digital bank FairMoney partners with Oradian to accelerate market growth in Africa and Asia
27-09-2022 | 09:50:00
FairMoney, a credit-led mobile banking platform for emerging markets in Africa and Asia, has partnered with Oradian, a cloud-based core banking system, to power its next stage of growth and product innovation.
[Column] Gbenga Okejimi: How WorldRemit is promoting financial inclusivity in Ghana
21-09-2022 | 13:41:00
In emerging markets all across the globe, marginalized groups face limited access to both financial services and financial literacy.1 As a result of the financial exclusion, many developing countries face extreme poverty rates which leads to instability.
Mobile remittances to lead digital revolution in marginal rural areas in five African countries
16-09-2022 | 14:35:00
The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) announced its first grant to a digital payments company, MFS Africa, to promote the use of mobile remittances in marginal rural areas in five African countries.
LatAm fintech giant EBANX expands its payments solutions to Africa
15-09-2022 | 10:04:00
The Brazilian unicorn views Africa as the “next frontier” that is poised for rapid digital transformation. EBANX now provides local payment solutions in 18 countries worldwide, including three of the top-10 economies in Africa: South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria.
MTN Rwanda introduces extended warranty and repair services for smartphones.
29-08-2022 | 11:57:00
This service is launching soon after MTN Rwanda’s announcement that it would be launching a device financing initiative in partnership with Bank of Kigali, offering customers the opportunity to buy brand new smartphones on credit.
Mobile World Congress Africa 2022 (MWC Africa ) in Kigali, 25 – 27 October 2022
25-08-2022 | 13:07:00
His Excellency President Paul Kagame to Deliver Opening Keynote at MWC Africa 2022 in Kigali
[column] Marlene Mutimawase: The marketing language you should know!
25-08-2022 | 12:45:00
According to GSMA ,495 million people subscribed to mobile services in Sub-Saharan Africa, representing 46% of the region’s population – an increase of almost 20 million on 2019. With the number continue to go high, how business owners can use this opportunity to reach more customers? are you aware of the language used in mobile marketing?
[Column] Danial Mausoof: Digital inclusion through low-cost rural connectivity in North Africa
17-08-2022 | 12:09:00
With 60% of the African population residing in rural areas, there is an enormous opportunity to connect people in rural communities and villages. In Morocco, a third of the population lives in rural areas.
Flouci se mue en banque mobile pour faciliter les transactions financières grâce à la blockchain
11-08-2022 | 09:29:00
Flouci est une solution fintech développée par la start-up tunisienne Kaoun. Elle permet, depuis un smartphone, d’effectuer des transactions financières en quelques clics.
Finnfund invests in Wave for digital inclusion
04-08-2022 | 10:06:42
Finnfund invests in Wave, a mobile money provider bringing affordable services to Sub-Saharan Africa
MIGA issues $200m guarantees to bolster digital economy in sub-Saharan Africa
03-08-2022 | 10:03:00
MIGA has issued guarantees covering a $200 million investment into companies providing digital financial services under the Airtel Money brand in 12 African countries.
Fintech startup Bizao raises €8m Series A funding to accelerate its footprint across Africa
26-07-2022 | 09:40:00
Bizao, a fintech that facilitates payments for both local and international businesses operating in Africa, announced a €8 million Series A funding to accelerate its geographical footprint across the continent.
Nigerian fintech infrastructure startup Bloc acquires payments company Orchestrate
26-07-2022 | 09:23:00
Bloc, the Nigerian fintech infrastructure provider, has announced the acquisition of Orchestrate (previously Getwallets), a proprietary payments orchestration startup that gives businesses instant access to multiple payment providers with one integration.
Sudanese fintech startup Bloom nabs $6.5m backed by Y Combinator, GFC and Visa
26-07-2022 | 09:19:00
Bloom, a Sudan-based fintech that offers a high-yield savings account and adjacent digital banking services, announced it has raised a $6.5 million seed round, after an undisclosed pre-seed round last year.
Kwik Launches Kwikstore, an E-Commerce solution to help African merchants sell online from their Smartphone
24-07-2022 | 20:52:00
Kwik is expanding its offer of digital services today with the launch of KwikStore – adding yet another exciting service to the already sensational offer it brings to African business owners and social vendors.
Jumia, Realme partner to accelerate mobile adoption
14-07-2022 | 14:55:55
Mobile adoption is rising steadily in Africa, driven mainly by digital transformation. This makes the continent an important market for major phone manufacturers.
Celo announces new Web3 fund for African startups adopting crypto strategies
13-07-2022 | 10:08:31
Mobile-first blockchain ecosystem Celo has launched a new programme to support African startups across payments, remittances, virtual assets, savings, and related financial services.
[ Tunisie ] La BNA Bank lance sa nouvelle application de paiement mobile
07-07-2022 | 14:02:39
Dans le cadre de la stratégie nationale d'inclusion financière et de decashing, la BNA a annoncé le le lancement de la nouvelle version de son application de paiement mobile DIGIPAY By BNA.
African fintech Flutterwave appoints Gurbhej Dhillon as new CTO
06-07-2022 | 09:43:00
Flutterwave, Africa’s payments technology company, announced the appointment of former Goldman Sachs’ Managing Director, Gurbhej Dhillon as Chief Technology Officer (CTO).
Nigerian fintech startup Mono launches in Kenya
06-07-2022 | 09:33:26
Mono, a Nigerian fintech startup that builds open banking infrastructure to enable access to customer financial data and bank payments for digital businesses in Africa, announced it has expanded its services to Kenya.
realme and Jumia join forces to boost smartphone adoption in Africa
04-07-2022 | 11:24:49
Jumia has signed an MoU with realme, the world's fastest-growing smartphone brand, which would provide millions of consumers in Africa access to innovative and trendsetting devices with the latest technology.
Abeg secures AIP for MMO license in Nigeria, rebrands to Pocket
28-06-2022 | 11:36:00
The Central Bank of Nigeria has granted an Approval In Principle to Abeg Technologies Limited, a product of Piggytech Global Limited, as a Mobile Money Operator in Nigeria.
South Africa's Private equity fund PAPE acquires interest in fintech provider Entersekt
17-06-2022 | 11:55:00
Entersekt, a global player in device identity and payment authentication, announced a new investment from PAPE Fund 3 (PAPE), a mid-market South African private equity fund.
MFS Africa raises $100m funding to accelerate its expansion plans across Africa and Asia
17-06-2022 | 11:36:00
MFS Africa, Africa’s digital payments network, announced it has secured an additional $100 million in equity and debt funding led by Admaius Capital Partners, taking the total amount raised in the series to $200 million.
[Africa Tech Review] Nixon Kanali: Digital economy to reach $712 billion by 2050
09-06-2022 | 14:23:27
Africa’s digital economy continues to show massive potential accelerated by strong market fundamentals and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Wizall Money a conclu un partenariat avec l’État du Sénégal
09-06-2022 | 12:24:00
Wizall Money, partenaire du gouvernement dans le cadre des « transferts monétaires exceptionnels »
MFS Africa acquires US-based tech company Global Technology Partners
08-06-2022 | 15:53:00
MFS Africa, Africa’s digital payments network, announced it has reached an agreement to buy US-based tech company Global Technology Partners (GTP).
TECNO introduces TECNO Wallet to provide digital financial support firstly to its CAMON series users
08-06-2022 | 10:19:28
The TECNO brand of smartphones enjoys a leading market share on the African continent, and this move demonstrates its expansion to a global audience and new premium segments.
Talk360 raises $4m seed round to expand its calling business, build African payment platform
01-06-2022 | 14:00:00
International calling app Talk360 has secured $4 million in funding as it prepares to launch a new pan-African payment platform in mid-2022.
TECNO ranks 6th among 2022 Africa best brands
30-05-2022 | 09:35:01
TECNO ranked among the top 6 brands on the African continent for the sixth consecutive year, testifying to the staying power of TECNO brand’s leadership in Africa.
RSwitch Ltd with Mobile Money Ltd and Airtel Mobile commerce Ltd launched of eKash
27-05-2022 | 12:31:37
RSwitch Ltd in collaboration with Mobile Money Rwanda Ltd and Airtel Mobile Commerce Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of eKash to facilitate interoperability between mobile money operators.
Realme records high smartphone shipments in Africa amid global supply chain disruptions 
24-05-2022 | 13:15:00
Global smartphone brand realme, defied international supply chain disruptions to make it to the list of top 5 handset makers with record shipments to Africa.
Airtel launches Nigeria payment service bank unit SmartCash PSB
23-05-2022 | 09:07:14
SmartCash PSB joins 9PSB, the payments subsidiary of telecom firm Etisalat, as the second telco-run PSB to launch in Africa’s largest economy.
Vodacom targets enterprise, fintech growth with Egypt purchase
19-05-2022 | 12:13:20
Vodacom sees huge growth opportunity in both mobile financial services and the enterprise market in adding Egypt to its portfolio through acquisition of a controlling stake in Vodafone Egypt.
[South Africa] Vodacom launches funding for consumers through VodaLend Compare
13-05-2022 | 08:45:00
Vodacom Financial Services has launched VodaLend Compare, a financial services marketplace aimed at offering unsecured personal loans for customers.
[Africa Tech Review] Nixon Kanali: Safaricom’s mobile money service M-Pesa revenue hit Ksh.107.69 Billion
12-05-2022 | 15:53:00
According to Safaricom's Full Year 2021/2022 results released this week, M-Pesa revenue grew by 30.3% to hit Ksh. 107.69 Billion making it one of the biggest contributors to Safaricom's net profits. 
Crown Agents Bank partners with VODACASH SA to facilitate mobile payments in DRC
09-05-2022 | 10:07:23
Crown Agents Bank has collaborated with VODACASH SA in the innovating project of enabling international mobile payments in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) through the M-Pesa brand.
Mediterrania Capital Partners exits Morocco's Cash Plus
09-05-2022 | 10:06:33
Mediterrania Capital Partners announced the sale of its remaining stake in Cash Plus, the largest independent money transfer company in Morocco.
L’Algérie supprime les taxes sur l’e-commerce, les téléphones mobiles et autres outils numériques
05-05-2022 | 11:27:00
Le gouvernement de la République d’Algérie a annoncé la suppression de tous les impôts et taxes sur l’e-commerce, les téléphones portables, les matériels informatiques à usage personnel et les start-up.
Cellulant partners with NALA to power low-cost cross-border payments from the UK and USA into Africa
29-04-2022 | 07:51:00
Cellulant, a Pan-African payments company,  has teamed up with NALA, a Tanzania based fintech company, to power remittance payments from the United Kingdom and United States into Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Ghana.
Skaleet partners with Thunes to expand cross border payments capabilities for customers worldwide
26-04-2022 | 11:08:00
Skaleet, an international fintech providing a next-generation Core Banking Platform (CBP), announced a partnership with Thunes, a global cross border payments provider, to offer an instant, global payment service to both B2B and B2C customers.
CBE approves OPay to issue prepaid cards to help digital finance reform in Egypt
22-04-2022 | 13:01:00
Emerging market fintech unicorn OPay received preliminary approval from the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE), to partner with Masria Digital Payments (MDP), Egypt's largest card provider, to issue prepaid cards in Egypt.
Trace, Mastercard Foundation launch Trace Academia to enable young Africans acquire on-demand, market-relevant skills
22-04-2022 | 11:03:00
Trace and the Mastercard Foundation launched Trace Academia, a free-to-use, interactive, mobile-based learning application that aims to enable 26 million young Africans to acquire on-demand, market-relevant skills.