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In Partnership with the RDB, Move Afrika to take place every year for the next five years in Kigali
06-11-2023 | 08:45:00
‘Move Afrika’ to Galvanize a citizen-led advocacy campaign to promote health and equity, defend our planet, and create economic opportunity.
IFC and Sony partner to support growth of creative businesses in Africa
23-10-2023 | 06:50:15
IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, and Sony Group Corporation announced the signing of a cooperation agreement to identify investment opportunities in companies in the creative industries in Africa.
IFC et Sony s'associent pour soutenir la croissance du secteur de la création en Afrique
23-10-2023 | 06:42:00
IFC, membre du Groupe de la Banque mondiale, et Sony Group Corporation ont annoncé la signature d'un accord de coopération visant à rechercher des opportunités d'investissement dans des entreprises des industries créatives en Afrique.
Mango expands its online sales with the entry into twenty new markets
27-09-2023 | 13:39:00
The company continues its international growth plan for the online business with the entry into 22 new countries, especially on the African continent, to exceed 110 markets worldwide.
[Interview] Yvonne Nelson, Actress and Entrepreneur, Ghana
21-09-2023 | 12:28:00
Yvonne Nelson is a renowned Ghanaian actress and producer who has led a life filled with significant moments that illuminate her remarkable characteristics as a human being. Africa Business Communities interviews with her.
La plateforme d’e-commerce ANKA décroche 5 millions de dollars pour accélérer sa croissance
20-09-2023 | 11:30:00
IFC investit dans la plateforme d’e-commerce ANKA afin de soutenir le secteur de la création en Afrique.
$1 billion to boost access to climate finance for Africa’s youths, African Development Bank announces
07-09-2023 | 11:04:00
African Development Bank President Akinwumi Adesina has announced a new $1 billion facility to accelerate climate financing for Africa’s youth businesses.
L’Inde, nouveau partenaire de la Facilité pour l’inclusion financière numérique en Afrique
03-08-2023 | 11:44:00
L’Inde, nouveau partenaire de la Facilité pour l’inclusion financière numérique en Afrique, s’engage à verser 2 millions de dollars pour stimuler l’inclusion financière numérique en Afrique.
PAPSS et ASEA établissent un partenariat pour révolutionner les paiements transfrontaliers des bourses de valeurs en Afrique
27-04-2023 | 09:59:00
La Banque africaine d'import-export (Afreximbank) et le secrétariat de la zone de libre-échange continentale africaine (AfCFTA) ont développé le PAPSS, qui permet des paiements transfrontaliers instantanés en monnaie locale.
[ChatGPT Biography] Tara Fela-Durotoye, Founder of House of Tara
14-03-2023 | 14:57:03
Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm. As an experiment, Africa Business Communities is publishing a series of 100 biographies of the most successful entrepreneurs in Africa. We only ask the questions and let ChatGPT write.
[ChatGPT Biography] Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu, Founder soleRebels
14-03-2023 | 14:57:00
Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm. As an experiment, Africa Business Communities is publishing a series of 100 biographies of the most successful entrepreneurs in Africa. We only ask the questions and let ChatGPT write.
Apparel Group to announces joint venture with Steve Madden to expand its global presence
01-02-2023 | 12:26:12
Apparel Group aims to significantly expand Steve Madden’s footprint in the GCC, Africa, Türkiye, CIS countries and South Asia.
Epson partners with Dry Fibre Technologies to create designer recycled clothes
26-01-2023 | 12:52:00
Epson has unveiled the production of sustainable textile creations, made possible through the utilization of its digital textile printing technology.
Ethiopian leather goods company Ker Ezhi launches in the US
10-01-2023 | 09:33:47
Ker Ezhi, an ethical, luxury Ethiopian leather goods company, is now available in the US market.
IFC partners with DTRT Apparel to expand garment production in Ghana
21-11-2022 | 13:39:20
Backing Ghana's ambition to become a regional textile and apparel manufacturing hub, IFC announced a partnership with DTRT Apparel Group that will support the expansion of the company's garment production capacity.
Ghanaian Startups to benefit from new accelerator model in the MEST Express Program
28-09-2022 | 10:09:00
MEST has selected six impact-driven startups to take part in MEST Express Accelerator’s first-ever cohort focused on sustainability.
[Interview] AI Kelly, Chairman and CEO, Visa
18-08-2022 | 15:22:00
AI Kelly is the Chairman and CEO of the global payments firm Visa. He joined Visa in October 2016 as Chief Executive Officer and was elected Chairman of the Board in April 2019.
The African Business Roundtable welcomes new members to its organization
15-08-2022 | 10:30:00
Individuals and businesses join the African Business Roundtable for numerous reasons, and the organization’s objectives have been carefully designed to serve them.
La Corée du Sud veut booster ses échanges commerciaux avec le Cameroun
30-06-2022 | 09:00:00
La Corée du Sud a annoncé lors d’un forum économique à Yaoundé qu’il prépare en ce moment un programme visant le développement des énergies renouvelables au Cameroun.
Gide, conseil de Med Investment dans le partenariat pour la production de peinture et de revêtements Jotun en Algérie
20-06-2022 | 11:01:00
Gide a assisté Med Investment Holding Spa, société d'investissement détenue par la famille Kerrar, dans le cadre de la conclusion d’un accord de partenariat pour la production de peinture et de revêtements distribués par le groupe norvégien Jotun Group en Algérie.
Trace, Mastercard Foundation launch Trace Academia to enable young Africans acquire on-demand, market-relevant skills
22-04-2022 | 11:03:00
Trace and the Mastercard Foundation launched Trace Academia, a free-to-use, interactive, mobile-based learning application that aims to enable 26 million young Africans to acquire on-demand, market-relevant skills.
IFC partners with DTRT to help make west Africa a major textiles manufacturing hub
07-03-2022 | 10:48:00
West Africa has an opportunity to build an integrated textiles value chain, creating thousands of better jobs and introducing innovative sustainable fabric production technologies, thanks to a new partnership announced between IFC and DTRT Apparel Group, the region's largest clothing manufacturer.
AfDB’s Fashionomics Africa launch new sustainable fashion competition with $6,000 in cash prizes
14-02-2022 | 09:23:00
The African Development Bank Fashionomics Africa initiative’s second online competition is offering $6,000 total in cash prizes, mentoring, new branding packages and other support for winning African designers of sustainable and circular fashion.
Kenyan artists tap digital platforms to grow sales
21-01-2022 | 13:45:00
Kenyan artists are creating infrastructure to support digital art sales, as sales across Africa move online.
Ghanaian entrepreneur Roberta Annan launches €100m Impact Fund to invest in Africa’s creative industries
08-10-2021 | 08:43:00
Ghanaian businesswoman and entrepreneur Roberta Annan launched a €100 million fund to channel investment into small and medium African creative and fashion enterprises in Africa.
[Kenya] Fashion initiative addresses unemployment, skills gap with training
28-09-2021 | 11:00:00
Carole Kinoti, the Founder of the initiative says it accelerates learning while placing unemployed youth in jobs across the country by equipping them with sewing machine operator’s skills and further support lifelong personal and professional success.
[Kenya] AAFA formalizes relationship with KAM to promote economic growth in the apparel and footwear industry
21-09-2021 | 08:23:00
The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA), signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM), to collaborate on policy areas that are of mutual to its membership through joint advocacy.
Carole Kinoti’s 2021 Fashion On The Road cultural golf tournament set for August 27
25-08-2021 | 08:15:00
The event is set to bring together stakeholders in the fashion industry, buyers, the business community, and golf enthusiasts to have a candid conversation around the growth of the creative economy. 
Summersalt launches international shipping to over 180 countries
19-08-2021 | 16:29:00
Apparel brand Summersalt announced plans to introduce international shipping to over 180 countries in over 120 different currencies.
Afreximbank, Portugal enter partnership to promote Africa’s textile and manufacturing industry
20-07-2021 | 09:34:00
African Export-Import Bank and Portugal’s National Association of Young Entrepreneurs have announced a 3-year partnership to support and promote Africa’s Fashion Apparel and Textile Manufacturing Industry in Portugal and across Europe.
[Cameroon] UN Girls’ Coding camp will help break digital divide in Africa
07-07-2021 | 11:53:00
Over 8,500 girls and young women from across Africa are getting a head start into careers in computer coding to help transform African economies thanks to a two-week formation exercise opened by Cameroon’s Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Minister
Facebook Africa launches global campaign celebrating creatives and small business owners
21-05-2021 | 09:59:01
The films provide a glimpse into the global successes of African creatives and businesses hailing from Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire and Gabon.
Mastercard Foundation, DHL roll out e-Commerce platform Ananse Africa
01-04-2021 | 12:13:00
The Mastercard Foundation and logistics market leader DHL, have partnered to roll out the most comprehensive, pan-African e-Commerce platform, Ananse Africa, to support creative entrepreneurs like fashion designers and artists.
Lux Afrique Group opens Africa’s first luxury e-commerce boutique
24-11-2020 | 10:00:00
The Lux Afrique Group in keeping with its pioneering spirit, will open the virtual doors to Africa’s very first online luxury multi-brand e-commerce store, the Lux Afrique Boutique, on 25 November 2020.