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Vodacom Financial and Digital Lifestyle Services partners with BidVest Bank to boost online payments
21-09-2023 | 12:59:07
This partnership enables millions of South African consumers to seamlessly transact within VodaPay, which offers customers a platform by which money can be transferred into their digital wallets.
Vodacom launches ENHANCE, allowing customers to add a personal touch to their contracts
20-09-2023 | 15:47:54
The simplified value proposition brings convenience for customers and is designed to transform the way they experience their mobile contracts
Vodacom launches hybrid coding boot camp to empower more girls in STEM
08-09-2023 | 12:27:05
The on-site training will be hosted at 19 Schools of Excellence across the country, with virtual training accessible to all female learners who meet the criteria.
[South Africa] Vodacom Western Cape invests R570 million to enhance network connectivity for customers
30-08-2023 | 09:38:56
Of this investment, R470 million is allocated to improve the quality, capacity and reach of the broadband network infrastructure in urban and rural areas.
[South Africa] Vodacom to invest over R500 million in Eastern Cape to drive digital inclusion
12-07-2023 | 12:59:27
This significant investment into the network will help the region expand connectivity in deep rural areas and townships that had no connectivity before. This will enable hundreds of thousands of people to participate in the digital economy for the first time.
JRA and Vodacom South Africa partner to keep traffic lights working during load shedding
07-07-2023 | 09:37:00
The partnership spearheaded by the JRA and facilitated through a Service Level Agreement (SLA) will leverage electricity sourced from Vodacom's adjacent buildings to power traffic lights.
Vodacom launches eSIM support for smartphones to help reduce carbon emission
29-06-2023 | 08:25:05
This means that users with selected eSIM-enabled smartphones will be able to connect to the Vodacom network and enjoy the benefits, capabilities, and flexibility that an eSIM provides.
[South Africa] Vodacom partners with South Point to bring a new youth-focused store to Braamfontein
23-05-2023 | 11:44:33
Vodacom''s new OnPoint Mobile store has opened in Braamfontein. Developed in partnership with South Point, Braamfontein's largest property owner and developer and home to more than 6 000 students, the new space delivers exciting retail design and curated consumer experiences to Africa's largest academic district.
Vodacom pledges additional R60 billion to boost connectivity in South Africa
03-05-2023 | 10:45:09
This latest investment is expected to contribute significantly to enhancing network resilience to keep customers connected, further accelerating Vodacom's deep rural coverage programme to help bridge the digital divide and deepening financial inclusion.
[South Africa] Netstar and Vodacom Business introduce the taxi of the future through WiTaxi partnership
13-04-2023 | 08:05:44
Vehicle tracking and telematics company Netstar, a subsidiary of Altron, in partnership with Vodacom Business, are empowering taxi commuters across the country through the use of a free in-taxi connectivity service, WiTaxi.
[South Africa] Vodacom lands 2Africa subsea cable in the Eastern Cape
25-01-2023 | 09:11:15
This is the first submarine cable landing in the Eastern Cape region, promising greater internet capacity and acceleration of connectivity across the province and supporting South Africa's growing digital economy.
[South Africa] Vodacom launches public healthcare services solution in Northern Cape province
30-11-2022 | 06:56:18
Vodacom has launched a cutting-edge patient engagement solution which includes a computer-aided emergency services dispatch system, a first for South Africa’s public healthcare sector.
Vodacom Business partners with tech start-up CybSafe to make cybersecurity more accessible to businesses
18-11-2022 | 11:57:30
Now, Vodacom Business clients can download the CybSafe app onto mobile devices and use it to achieve cybersecurity compliance, while improving their employees’ security behaviours.
[Column] Takalani Netshitenzhe: How climate change impacts the telecommunications industry
11-11-2022 | 10:40:37
The importance of climate-change mitigation by South African businesses, and indeed companies across the world, cannot be understated.
University of South Africa appoints Vodacom Business to keep students and staff digitally connected
11-11-2022 | 07:12:25
These solutions will give UNISA students and staff free and reliable access to essential online resources and tools to ensure that quality distance learning is a reality.
Mobile finance can boost national GDP, research
03-11-2022 | 07:48:36
Based on previous World Bank research on the relationship between economic growth and reductions in the number of people living in poverty2, this GDP per capita growth implies that countries with successful mobile money adoption could reduce poverty by around 2.6%.
Vodacom launches Prime Video Mobile Edition subscription to its customers
12-10-2022 | 08:31:09
With Prime Video Mobile Edition, customers benefit from Prime Video’s full catalogue of thousands of movies and TV series and Amazon Originals on a single mobile device The Prime Video app allows for streaming and downloading of content in standard definition.
Vodacom Business Africa expands SD-WAN solution into Africa
05-10-2022 | 08:30:30
Vodacom Business Africa has expressed its committed to supporting the internationalisation of multinational businesses into Africa through continuous development of innovative solutions to keep clients securely and reliably connected.
Vodacom's zero-rated ConnectU portal empowers 34 million people
27-09-2022 | 10:44:13
Boosting Education, Jobs, Social, Health, Safety & Security, Government, and Small, Medium, and Micro-sized Enterprises (SMME) pillars, ConnectU is helping millions of South Africans, with Jobs, Health and Education ranking as the top three visited pillars for users.
[South Africa] Vodacom to spend R300 million in accelerating connectivity in Limpopo
23-09-2022 | 09:19:57
The bulk of the capex will be used to modernise the existing radio network, construct new deep rural towers, and enhance transmission, including increasing fibre rollout and improving backup power.
[South Africa] Gauteng municipalities appoint Vodacom to help streamline service delivery
14-09-2022 | 08:55:33
Vodacom has begun rolling out its world-class solutions for both municipalities as part of a three-year contract.
[Column] Diego Gutierrez: Leading Africa into the digital age and transforming lives through technology
17-08-2022 | 13:13:00
Growth in telecoms spurs growth in other sectors as societies become more digitally enabled and technology-focused; transforming everything from financial services and healthcare to retail and education, the same research explains.
Forward looking regulatory policies to unlock the potential of digital economy in Africa, Vodacom policy paper
04-08-2022 | 11:03:06
The paper highlights that one of the keys to unlocking Africa’s digital economic growth, and resulting digital financial inclusion, is to create an enabling regulatory environment that supports the secure flow of data between jurisdictions.
Vodacom partners with Microsoft to boost cyber skills in South Africa
03-08-2022 | 11:32:19
Vodacom is keen to play an integral role in addressing cyber skills scarcity in South Africa, with cybersecurity a significant threat for governments, businesses and individuals around the world.
[South Africa] Vodacom to spend over R500 million to accelerate access to connectivity in Western Cape
13-07-2022 | 11:49:55
This investment into the network will help the region expand connectivity in urban, deep rural areas and townships that had no or poor connectivity before and enable more communities to reap the benefits of highly reliable internet connectivity.
Vodacom Lesotho foundation launches Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC)
12-07-2022 | 20:42:53
The Vodacom Lesotho Foundation in partnership with the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) launched Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC).
[South Africa] Vodacom launches initiative to connect youth to the gig economy
23-06-2022 | 14:11:11
Get-A-Gig was launched as an extension of Vodacom’s recently revamped NXT LVL (pronounced next level), a platform aimed to address the challenges faced by young people.
Vodacom achieves Level 1 B-BBEE status for the fourth year
10-06-2022 | 11:30:00
The achievement is the result of Vodacom’s unwavering commitment to the ideals of B-BBEE, aimed at attaining economic transformation for historically disadvantaged people.
[Column] Diego Gutierrez: Driving Africa’s inclusive digital economy through smartphone penetration
09-06-2022 | 16:21:00
The world has already witnessed the remarkable force of Fintech in Africa, powered by mobile money. In 2020 the continent’s transaction volume of mobile money was US$2.75 billion with 161 million active accounts.
Vodacom appoints Sitho Mdlalose as South Africa’s Managing Director
10-05-2022 | 12:42:44
Sitho is currently the Managing Director of Vodacom Tanzania, a position he has held since August 2021. 
[Column] Matimba Mbungela: Why African companies should strive for gender equality in the C-Suite
10-03-2022 | 13:08:00
​​​​​​​It's broadly recognised that firms with a greater gender diversity among senior leadership perform better, a view that is supported by existing research.
[South Africa] Vodacom enables early childhood development centres to go green
25-02-2022 | 11:44:00
This pledge is being put into action in a new Vodacom Green Early Childhood Development (ECD) Programme where the company will facilitate the planting of vegetables at various ECD centres across the country.
[South Africa] Vodacom invests R450 million in Mpumalanga to drive digital inclusion for all
21-02-2022 | 08:24:22
This coupled with a concerted effort to drive down the cost to communicate through innovative platforms such as Just4U and Just4YouTown, has lowered voice and data rates across the province.
Vodacom Group partners with Amdocs to create African center of excellence for 5G Era
02-02-2022 | 08:26:00
Amdocs announced that it has partnered with Vodacom Group (Vodacom), a leading African connectivity, digital and financial services company, to create an African Center of Excellence (COE).
Vodacom slashes data rates by up to 88% for international travelers
07-12-2021 | 12:20:54
Vodacom customers can now enjoy out-of-bundle rates from as little as R0.49c and up to R5.00 when travelling to over 156 countries across 656 partner networks. This is a price cut of up to 88%.
Vodacom Business expands Cloud Connect offering to support business needs across Africa
30-11-2021 | 13:12:39
Cloud Connect provides businesses with a secure, private, high performance, high availability connection to leading public cloud service providers, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.
Vodacom Group to acquire strategic stake in CIVH assets and create an InfraCo
10-11-2021 | 09:54:13
Vodacom Group announces that it has agreed terms to acquire a strategic stake in Community Investment Ventures Holdings’ (CIVH) fibre assets that will transform its South African fibre business and accelerate the purpose-led Group’s ambition of connecting people for a better future.
Vodacom Group to acquire control of Vodafone Egypt for R41 billion
10-11-2021 | 09:39:00
Vodacom Group announced it has agreed terms with Vodafone to acquire its controlling stake in Vodafone Egypt, one of Africa’s premier telecom operators.
[Column] Dejan Kastelic: Achieving mobile-enabled digital inclusion in Africa with 4G technology
07-09-2021 | 11:44:19
Mobile phone technology will play a key role in building an inclusive, sustainable Africa of the future.
Vodacom Group named Global Alliance member of the Earthshot prize
03-09-2021 | 10:21:00
Vodacom Group has been named a Global Alliance Member of the Earthshot Prize.
Vodacom Mpumalanga region and Google South Africa give smartphones to deep rural communities
23-08-2021 | 08:28:27
Vodacom Mpumalanga Region, in partnership with Google South Africa, is giving away Android powered smartphones at no cost to scores of people in villages of Mbuzini, Mangweni, Stenborg and Magogeni in Nkomazi.
Vodacom to sell mobile handset with new Pan-Industry Eco Rating
18-08-2021 | 09:16:00
Vodacom has introduced the pan-industry Eco Rating for mobile phones across multiple brands with distinct labelling at point of sale where these devices are available.
Vodacom joins forces with government to launch a new ecosystem to fight gender based violence in society
13-08-2021 | 09:34:15
Appalling acts of Gender Based Violence and Femicide (GBVF) inflicted on women, children and members of the LGBTQI+ community are reversing the strides made in gender equality since the dawning of our democracy and threatens the foundation of our fledging democracy.
Vodacom Limpopo Region launches 5G mobile network footprint to drive digital transformation
28-07-2021 | 10:59:19
Vodacom Limpopo Region has switched on 5G mobile network in Polokwane with further rollouts planned to other key municipal districts in that province.
Vodacom Business expands data centre footprint with Digital Parks Africa
28-06-2021 | 12:19:00
In partnership with Digital Parks Africa, a provider of wholesale data centres for large-scale data centre needs, Vodacom Business can further support clients’ off-premise data centre requirements while offering the highest IT standards and services.
Vodacom Business launches dedicated Business Ticket data bundles in South Africa
10-06-2021 | 21:45:00
To ensure work-from-home teams have the data required to access business-critical applications, Vodacom Business has introduced Business Tickets, a first-to-market innovation offered exclusively to Vodacom Business clients.
[Tanzania] MondiaPay partners with Vodacom to increase access to digital entertainment for customers
25-05-2021 | 11:12:51
Mondia Pay and M-Pesa have partnered to allow Tanzanians to conveniently access Mondia’s leading suite of online content on the Vodacom Tanzania PLC digital services network.
[South Africa] Vodacom deploys new sites in 21 villages to deepen rural connectivity
12-05-2021 | 08:30:00
Deployed across 21 villages, these base stations will provide connectivity in some of the big local municipalities in Free State and Northern Cape provinces for the first time.
[Column] Dejan Kastelic: How 5G technology could shape Africa's future
22-04-2021 | 08:21:49
Developing nations have arguably surpassed their developed counterparts in benefiting from the rapid deployment of mobile technology.
[Column] Peter Malebye: The future of mining: Digging deep with IoT
24-03-2021 | 11:31:42
The pace at which digital transformation has swept across industries continues to increase rapidly in response to Covid-19.
[South Africa] Vodacom reduces water usage by 63%, commits to halving environmental impact
23-03-2021 | 12:28:00
Vodacom is implementing water saving strategies across its property portfolio by introducing water-wise gardens and a rainwater harvest dam on its Midrand campus.