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The future of agricultural access to finance
03-08-2022 | 10:24:22
The agribusinesses were assessed initially in 2019, then they were given targeted training and capacity building to increase their professionalism based on the results of their baseline assessment.
Ministers of Africa and the Americas to hold first summit to enhance cooperation on agrifood issues
22-07-2022 | 11:43:00
Ministers of Agriculture, heads of international organizations and private sector representatives will meet this month during the first Summit of Africa and the Americas, to enhance cooperation on Agrifood Systems amid global threats to food security.
[Column] Dr Agnes Kalibata: It’s time to step up Africa’s adaptation plans, for food and nutrition security
04-07-2022 | 09:22:00
In the last five years, Africa has endured several shocks and stresses – from locust and Fall Army Worm attacks to droughts in Eastern Africa and floods in Southern Africa.
[Column] Hedwig Siewertsen: Digitally enabled farm mechanization aligns incentives to revolutionize smallholder livelihoods
13-06-2022 | 09:11:26
As other farm mechanization innovators continue to explore strategies for enhancing smallholder mechanization, AGRA plans to keep advancing the state of the practice through strategic investments in promising models and the exchange of lessons learned.
AGRA and Microsoft extend partnership to support digital agricultural transformation
01-06-2022 | 10:12:00
The new phase of the relationship will promote digital innovation and technology as an enabler to connect the agriculture ecosystems, sustainably integrating stakeholders in the service of strategic value chains.
AGRA and Microsoft extend their partnership to support digital agricultural transformation
01-06-2022 | 09:12:55
 AGRA and leading technology provider Microsoft, have announced expanding their partnership to advance digital agricultural transformation in Africa.
AGRA President, Dr. Agnes Kalibata, appointed to high-profile Climate Overshoot Commission 
19-05-2022 | 15:00:00
The President of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, AGRA, Dr. Agnes Kalibata, has been selected as one of 16 eminent members of the Climate Overshoot Commission. 
AGRA launches 2022 Women Agripreneurs of the Year awards
23-03-2022 | 11:58:53
AGRA has begun accepting applications for the 2022 Women Agripreneurs of the Year Awards (WAYA), which recognizes female entrepreneurs excelling in different segments of the agricultural value chain.
AGRA and AIM for Climate announced partnership to accelerate investments for climate-smart agriculture
23-03-2022 | 09:58:32
The Alliance for a Green Revolution (AGRA) and Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate (AIM for Climate) announced partnership to accelerate investments and support for climate-smart agriculture and food systems innovation.
John Deere, AGRA and Mascor launch youth SME contest
01-03-2022 | 11:53:53
The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), John Deere Africa Middle East, and Mascor have launched a business plan writing competition for youth SME groups in Kenya for a chance to win a tractor.
[Ghana] AGRA and Kofi Annan Foundation roll out initiative to tackle malnutrition
22-02-2022 | 11:13:00
The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) and the Kofi Annan Foundation say an initiative aimed at increasing the consumption of highly nutritious sweet potato varieties will help deal with malnutrition in Ghana.
Former President Kikwete kicks off tour of agriculture projects
15-02-2022 | 23:02:08
Former President of the United Republic of Tanzania H.E. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete has embarked on a week-long field tour of agriculture projects that are supported by AGRA (Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa) and partners in the country.
Africa Food Prize committee launches 2022 nominations
21-01-2022 | 13:15:00
The Africa Food Prize committee has announced the launch for 2022 nominations for the Africa Food Prize. The Africa Food Prize is the preeminent award recognizing an outstanding individual or institution that is leading the effort to change the reality of farming in Africa.
[Column] Dr Tilahun Amede: Water management and technology can stave off worst effects of climate change
19-01-2022 | 15:36:32
Climate change, which is expressed in terms of drought, floods, and changing rainfall patterns and increased variability, is expected to hit sub-Saharan Africa most.
[Column] Agnes Kalibata: Why the world’s biggest agribusiness player needs more support to tackle climate change
03-11-2021 | 06:15:00
But it is not Unilever, Kraft or Danone. Instead, the largest private-sector player in food and agribusiness is in fact the world’s 500 million smallholder farmers, who are responsible for around a third of global food supplies.
[Column] Agnes Kalibata: It is time that rural women get the attention they deserve
29-10-2021 | 09:51:27
While the spotlight shines on our rural grandmothers, mothers and daughters, it is also an opportune time to declare that, as a continent, we must now do all it takes to alleviate the strife that our women in agriculture undergo to keep us well nourished, while securing a better future for coming generations.
[Rwanda] AGRA president receives prestigious plant breeders award
27-10-2021 | 10:43:07
AGRA President H.E. Dr. Agnes Kalibata has been conferred with the Distinguished Award for Meritorious Service by the African Plant Breeders Association.
[Column] Nixon Gecheo: Role of digital agricultural tools during pandemic
13-08-2021 | 09:41:00
The challenges female smallholders face, from access to technology to informal participation in value chains, have been exacerbated by Covid, risking a widening of the gender gap.
AGRA partners with Aceli Africa to support African agribusiness SMEs
04-05-2021 | 11:21:40
AGRA has announced a partnership with Aceli Africa to enhance capital flows to SMEs in the agriculture sector and support a financially inclusive agricultural transformation across Africa.
AGRA adopts a policy for environmental and social protection
03-05-2021 | 08:00:16
Through this system, all AGRA supported activities in target countries will be conducted in a manner to avoid, reduce or limit negative environmental, social and climate impacts.
[Column] Tilahun Amede: Smart farming boosts harvests, protects climate
30-04-2021 | 13:13:00
More investment is needed for scaling and increased adoption of such nature-positive systems. Further investments in awareness and empowerment is required for complete transformation of food systems.
AGRA and partners launch center to provide support to agriculture sector leaders in Africa
28-04-2021 | 10:23:00
Over the first three-years, the programme will have two cohorts with approximately 80 leaders each, bringing the total number of leaders to a minimum of 160. Initial cohorts will be composed of leaders from eight countries.
AGRA, partners launch online SME Resource Bank to help agribusinesses raise fund
05-03-2021 | 11:32:21
African agribusiness Small and Medium Enterprises seeking to fundraise for their businesses can now go online and have access to a newly launched platform where they can find articulated requirements for accessing the funds.
[Column] Agnes Kalibata: Hungry for change: an open letter to African governments
13-01-2021 | 08:02:00
In 2020, the entire world knew what it was to be hungry. Millions of people went without enough to eat, with the most desperate now facing famine.