Independent Energy partners with Sosai Renewable to enhance energy access in Plateau State, Nigeria
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Independent Energy announced a consortium agreement with Sosai Renewable Energies to jointly install two minigrids in Plateau State in Q1 2023, to enhance electricity access and supply to about 1000 households in Nigeria.

Peter van Zwol, Managing Director, Independent Energy: ''Sosai and Independent Energy have a long history of collaborating on projects in Nigeria and this consortium deal represents another solar panel in the huge solar array we are building together.''

According to a World Bank report, 85 million Nigerians don’t have access to grid electricity. This represents 43% percent of the country’s population and makes Nigeria the country with the largest energy access deficit in the world. The lack of reliable power is a significant constraint for citizens and businesses, resulting on annual economic losses estimated at $26.2 billion (₦10.1 trillion) which is equivalent to about 2 percent of GDP. According to the 2020 World Bank Doing Business report, Nigeria ranks 171 out of 190 countries in getting electricity and electricity access is seen as one of the major constraints for the private sector.

Plateau State has a very strong agricultural base with rice, casava and maize with a lot of milling, welding, trade and other commercial activities. Power in some Plateau villages is currently provided by expensive, loud and polluting old diesel generators. At a cost of over Naira 300 per kWh (about € 0,75 per kWh), it is clear that there's dire need for improved energy access in the area and the two companies are eager to speed up and roll out these and more mini grids to come in Nigeria.

Habiba Ali, CEO, Sosai Renewable Energies: ''At Sosai it’s always been a thing of Pride to be the reason why people in especially rural communities have better livelihoods. The possibilities that would arise for these communities due to the energy solution to be provided are a lot and we look forward to the rise in economic opportunities for them.''

Frank HoogersCo-Owner, Independent Energy: ''Access to electricity is critical to every society's economic and social growth, and we are very happy about the potential of making a difference in the daily lives of the people in these towns.''

Independent Energy is proud to be part of this partnership and sees a future where renewable energies will play an important role in making communities economically feasible, in a sustainable way.

Independent Energy is a company that designs, manufactures and install on- and off-grid solar and backup solutions worldwide from small house-size systems to large complete “plug and play” installations. The company has invested in modern technologies and systems which ensure that performance of the solar solutions can be assessed real time and technical issues can be detected at an early stage. The Company has been designing and installing solar systems from its offices, warehouse and workshop in Haarlem, the Netherlands, since 2011. Late last year, Independent Energy kicked off a 2 MWp solar project in Somalia to enhance energy transition in the country. Earlier this year, Independent Energy partnered with FoodTechAfrica to enhance aquaculture value chain in Rwanda.