[Independent Energy Case] 2 MWp solar project kicks off in Somalia

11-09-2021 | 08:04:00
How satisfying to see that a friendly meeting in Djibouti in 2020, is followed by the installation of over 5000 solar panels in Somalia more than a year later.

[Column] Mansoor Hamayun: We need to talk about the African context in the global clean energy transition

11-04-2021 | 07:36:45
There has been a lot of interest in how we shift from fossil fuels to renewables sources of energy in developed economies.

[Interview] Sidney Zeeman, Directeur des Ventes et du Développement commercial, Independent Energy BV

10-29-2021 | 09:09:00
Independent Energy BV est une entreprise qui conçoit, fabrique et installe des solutions solaires et de sauvegarde sur et hors réseau dans le monde entier, des petits systèmes de la taille d'une maison aux grandes installations complètes « plug and play ».

[Interview] Sidney Zeeman, Sales and Business Development Manager, Independent Energy BV

10-26-2021 | 15:31:00
Independent Energy BV is a company that designs, manufactures and install on- and off-grid solar and backup solutions worldwide from small house-size systems to large complete “plug and play” installations.

[Column] Africa’s green manufacturing crossroads: Choices for a low-carbon industrial future

10-13-2021 | 12:17:19
Africa is at a crossroads. As one of the most vulnerable continents to climate change and climate variability, it has a strong incentive to join global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and bolster its adaptive capacity.

[Column] Nick Hurd: Governments must prioritize off-grid solar in Africa’s economic recovery

09-24-2021 | 11:18:35
Off-grid Solar Home Systems and mini-grids are essential to provide energy access in rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

[Column] Revised power plans can speed up Southern and Eastern Africa’s energy transitions

09-24-2021 | 11:08:44
This demand can certainly be met with the continent’s abundant but currently hugely untapped renewables resources. Northern and Southern Africa are among the sunniest places on earth. Wind speeds are impressively high in East, Northern and Southern Africa.

[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Drastic action needed to mitigate climate change risks

09-24-2021 | 09:31:11
Climate change is widespread, rapid and intensifying. These are the findings of this year’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report released earlier this year.