[Column] Verner Ayukegba: Angola targets 60% electrification by 2025 driven by renewables

04-22-2022 | 11:40:47
The Angolan government has reiterated its commitment to expanding the share of renewables in the country’s energy mix, with targets set to increase the utilization of renewable energy sources to 70% by 2025.

Support Shifts away from Fossil Fuels Despite Rising Energy Prices, Survey Finds

03-31-2022 | 11:10:00
According to a new survey, there is strong global support – across all countries and demographic groups – for the energy transition to move away from fossil fuels.

[Column] Kenneth Engblom: Africa can adopt renewable energy on a massive scale and save billions along the way

03-18-2022 | 08:56:00
Countries across Africa want to make good on their objective of building huge amounts of new generation capacity to anticipate on vast increases in energy demand and set the continent on the path of growth and development it deserves.

[Column] Kelly Mealia: Africa is well-positioned to step in as major gas supplier to Europe

03-10-2022 | 09:16:00
Given the events currently taking place between Russia and Ukraine, the potential gas shortage in Europe as a result of this conflict has solidified Africa’s position as a potential major gas exporter to international markets.

[Column] Verner Ayukegba: Top four sectors for FDI in Angola

03-04-2022 | 08:29:29
Over the course of 2022-2023 Angola aims to consolidate its post COVID-19 economic recovery agenda on the back of stronger oil and gas prices.

[Column] Kelly-Ann Mealia: Investment in Africa’s Hydrocarbon projects needed to fund the continent’s energy transition

03-02-2022 | 09:02:00
With the financial technology revolution taking place all over Africa, the call to privatize investment towards hydrocarbon projects through private capital raising methods has been seen as a way to develop short-, medium-, and long-term commitments to energy development on the continent.

[Column] Roberto Vigotti: A people-oriented energy transition

02-28-2022 | 08:24:00
The creation of African supply chains and the birth of regional production poles should be the starting point, together with greater investments in research, innovation and capacity building.

[Column] Patrick Prestele : Green Hydrogen: The new energy frontier in Africa

02-17-2022 | 06:20:21
As part of the agreement, countries have set out a range of clean energy and energy efficiency targets ("Nationally Determined Contributions") to cut emissions.

Rooftop Solar Power in Uganda: Changing lives, one family at a time

02-15-2022 | 18:11:00
The shift from the polluting paraffin lamps to clean solar power has not only increased Bridget’s earnings, it has also improved the family’s health.

[Independent Energy Case] Rwanda fish farm solar system project

01-25-2022 | 13:16:00
Africa's appetite for fish is increasing; and since supply cannot keep up with demand from an increasing African population, fish has continued to fetch greater prices in African marketplaces.

Green energy deployment and low carbon industrialisation on the horizon, SAWEA

01-25-2022 | 10:53:00
The South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) expects 2022 to be a year defined by the accelerated uptake of green power procurement and South Africa’s intensifying commitment to the climate agenda.

[Interview] Janek Winand, Managing Director, Siemens Gamesa, South Africa

12-16-2021 | 15:09:00
Janek Winand is the Managing Director of Siemens Gamesa South Africa, a leader in the renewable energy industry, working to provide the world's best offshore and onshore wind turbines and services

[Column] Mansoor Hamayun: Breaking down financial barriers is the key to unlocking Africa’s clean energy transition

11-22-2021 | 08:42:50
There is no doubt that breaking down barriers to raising finance will be the single most significant action to support the clean energy transition in Africa.

[Column] Mansoor Hamayun: The power of the consumer in Africa’s clean energy transition

11-12-2021 | 07:30:00
As consumer demand for better clean energy options ramps up across the globe, it’s important to shine a light on the consumer in Africa in particular.

[Cas énergétique indépendant] Lancement d'un projet solaire de 2 MWc en Somalie

11-11-2021 | 09:52:00
Comme c'est satisfaisant de voir qu'une rencontre amicale à Djibouti en 2020, est suivie de l'installation de plus de 5000 panneaux solaires en Somalie plus d'un an plus tard.