Senegal’s PETROSEN and Cos-Petrogaz lay out gas strategy, reinforce partnership with African Energy Chamber
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Senagal's Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, PETROSEN and Cos-Petrogaz laid out national gas and energy transition strategy with the African Energy Chamber (AEC), to enhance promotion and competitiveness in the gas and energy sector.

Senegal is pioneering a diversified energy mix that prioritizes the co-development of natural gas and renewable resources; the country’s strategy has favoured rural electrification and industrialisation as catalysts of economic growth.

“Under President Macky Sall’s government, Senegal has a history of fostering a balanced energy mix and promoting the energy sector, through the expansion of its electric grid and industrial park. The country’s leaders understand that in the context of the energy transition, Senegal and Western countries are in two different realities and we must work together to find a balanced solution to reach common goals,” said NJ  Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber.

As an emerging gas producer, Senegal has been proactive in building a cleaner, diversified energy mix, uniting ambitious gas expansion plans with large-scale renewable development, to both facilitate an energy transition and achieve long-term energy security.

Since the discovery of over 450 billion cubic meters of gas in 2016, foreign direct investment has flowed into Senegal’s offshore gas reserves, including the $4.8-billion Greater Tortue Ahmeyim development led by BP and Kosmos Energy. Gas monetization has become a key component of the country’s post-COVID-19 recovery, which is expected to see double-digit growth as high as 13.7% on the back of first gas production in 2023.

Home to the largest solar and wind plants in the region, the 20-MW Bokhol photovoltaic plant and 158-MW Taiba N’Diaye wind farm, respectively. Senegal has also emerged as a leader in the field of renewable energy in West Africa. Under the leadership of President Macky Sall, the country has cemented renewable wealth as a key pillar of economic growth and power generation, aiming to increase its share of renewable energies to 30% by 2025.