DRC signs a public private partnership with Insolation Solaire Inc
02-04-2021 13:53:18 | by: Pascaline Icyizere | hits: 2156 | Tags:

Jonathan Kalombo Tshimpaka, the Founder & CEO of Insolation Solaire Inc., a Canadian solar energy startup, signed a Public Private Partnership [PPP] with the Democratic Republic of Congo to deploy its novel solar optical module technology called “Oriens Duo” to test its innovative technology in rural areas of the DRC.

ANSER's, the government’s agency assigned to promote the electrification of Congo’s rural sectors, goal is to supply electricity to approximately 15 million inhabitants living in rural areas by 2024.

ANSER is the state entity that signed the Protocol of Agreement with Insolation Solaire Inc. This partnership will commence with a Pilot Project in an area named Kabeya Kamuanga, in the province of Kasaï in May 2021.

Oriens Duo was invented by the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Insolation Solaire Inc., Gilles Leduc. It uses 40% efficient Quantum Dot Triple Junction solar cells coupled with a Winston Cone to concentrate solar radiations towards the substrate. Furthermore, Oriens Duo includes a mechanism of heat transfer to produce thermal energy as a byproduct for the end user, which makes it a hybrid system. The technology enables air conditioner as well, which will be immensely appreciated in Congo where temperatures are very hot and humid.

Insolation Solaire Inc. has captured the essence of evolution and is setting a new standard in the solar industry. As the African market is growing at a staggering rate, the development of novel technologies using a methodology resembling that of Oriens Duo is practically non-existent. Consequently, it is an unprecedented opportunity for Insolation Solaire Inc. to capitalize and forge an enduring empire fueled by the sun.

The political climate of the Democratic Republic of Congo has been stabilizing since the peaceful and mindful strategist, President Felix Antoine Tshilombo Tshisekedi, has been in power and recently been elevated to the status of President of the African Union.

“I believe that President Tshisekedi can unite Africa. Congo being the heart and the trigger of Africa, our work could send shockwaves of a modernization across the continent. Hence, I am wholeheartedly welcoming North American investors to help lay the foundation of this magnificent project,” said the 32 years old CEO, Jonathan Kalombo Tshimpaka.