[Algeria] Sonatrach signs framework agreement with IANOR on standardization
27-01-2021 14:54:42 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 2768 | Tags:

The Sonatrach Group has signed a framework agreement in Algiers with the Algerian Institute for Standardization (IANOR), to support its various structures in the field of standardization, certification and training in this field.

Initialed by the CEO of Sonatrach Toufik Hakkar, and the director general of Ianor, Djamel Hales, this framework agreement relates in particular to training and awareness-raising for the popularization of normative repositories, the acquisition of standards as well as the creation of '' a digital platform to link the various normative funds existing within the group.

The framework agreement also makes it possible to establish a “normative watch”, the drafting of company standards, their submission to national technical commissions and the promotion of research and testing in Algeria.

The implementation of this framework agreement, the duration of which is set at three years, will begin shortly with two first contracts concerning the implementation of two standards: ISO 26000, relating to social responsibility and ISO 37001 relating to the management system. anti Corruption.

The establishment of these two standards is part of the ethical and societal commitment of the Sonatrach group, underlines Mr. Hakkar.

“We intend to seize this opportunity to consolidate in a sustainable manner the adoption of international standards dealing with social responsibility and ethics in business”, underlines the CEO explaining that the agreement with Ianor will allow the operational units of the group to s '' subscribe to “recognized and standardized” management approaches.

Citing the advantages of this convention, the director of Ianor pointed out that SONATRACH should reduce its expenditure on the acquisition of standards, avoiding the purchase of the same standards by the different subsidiaries, and this, through a single purchase with licenses by the Group.