[Algeria] Sonatrach renews energy management agreement with APRUE
18-09-2020 15:02:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 4772 | Tags:

The Sonatrach Group has renewed, for a period of three years, the agreement binding it to the National Agency for the Promotion and Rationalization of the Use of Energy (APRUE), with the aim of rationalizing consumption of energy at all of its facilities and to preserve the environment.

The agreement aims to “set up a broad program to raise awareness of the importance of rational energy consumption and the adoption of international standards in terms of the use and control of energy at the level of society and consequently, to concretize the economic gains and to rationalize the expenses ,” read a statement.

It also tends to define a frame of reference to provide audit, training and awareness services and enshrine the principles of energy efficiency.