[Algeria] Sonatrach invests in university incubator for startups
22-10-2020 08:03:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 4486 | Tags:

Algeria state owned oil company Sonatrach has partnered with the National Agency for the Promotion of Research and Technological Development Results (ANVREDET), to establish a university incubator for start-ups at the level of the “Kasdi Merbah” university de Ouargla.

“In order to strengthen and enhance its role as an economic partner and social operator, Sonatrach has contributed, along with ANVREDET, to the creation of a university incubator for start-ups at the university level“ Kasdi Merbah ”From Ouargla, the Group said in a statement .

The project aims to promote scientific research and various innovation works and to bring them to fruition, through the support of innovative project leaders for the creation of start-ups and SMEs, the company further said.

Sonatrach has a vision to support startups, by opening up the field to them and offering them the chance to seek and develop their projects together”, declared the Chairman and CEO of the Sonatrach Group, Toufik Hakkar.