[Algeria] Sonatrach announces operationalization of Hassi-R'mel gas compression stations in 2021
26-11-2020 16:14:37 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 4507 | Tags:

The Sonatrach Group's gas compression stations in Hassi-R'Mel (Laghouat) will come into service from the first quarter of next year, after the completion of the work which is coming to an end.

The project has three stations, North, Center and South, each of which consists respectively of four, ten and four gas compression units, with an estimated treatment capacity of 43 million cubic meters per day (MCM / D) for the North station, 110 MCM / D for Center station and 37 MCM / D for South station.

With a progress rate of 99%, the North and Center units “will come into service in the first quarter of next year, which will allow the level of production of this deposit to be maintained for almost a decade”, specified the same source.

As part of his inspection visits to monitor the implementation of the Group's various projects, the Chairman and CEO of Sonatrach, Toufik Hakkar and the accompanying delegation inspected the project for the South compression station on Tuesday. gas for boosting production, the construction of which is nearing completion, but also its commissioning.

On this occasion, he praised the considerable efforts made by the staff in charge of the project, both of the Group and of its subsidiaries, by continuing to build the infrastructure during this health crisis which forced the contracting company to reduce the amount of water to a minimum. presence of its experts.

After listening to a detailed presentation on this strategic project given by the regional director, Baali Mohamed El-Seghir Redha, and the project manager Loucif Youcef, the CEO of SONATRACH commissioned the four units of this station from the room control unit equipped with sophisticated technical and digital equipment (APS).