Africa Fortesa Corporation Executive Chairman Rogers Beall won lifetime achievement award at AEW2022
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Rogers Beall, Founder and Executive Chairman of Africa Fortesa Corporation, represents one of five winners of the Mohammed S. Barkindo Lifetime Achievement Award, presented during the 2022 edition of the African Energy Awards which took place during African Energy Week (AEW) 2022 in Cape Town.

Beall's selection as a winner of the esteemed award is a testament to his dedication and commitment to driving investment and development across Africa's rapidly expanding energy sector.

With over 46 years' experience across the global oil and gas sector, Beall has been an instrumental player in driving exploration and production globally, having founded Africa Fortesa Corporation in 2005 to focus on exploring the MSGBC basin in Africa. Since its establishment, the company has made significant progress in unlocking the true potential of the basin, with much of Africa Fortesa Corporation's success owed to Beall's leadership.

Currently, the company holds two onshore licenses in Senegal one exploration permit in line with the recently discovered Sangomar reserves and one long-term exploitation license for Gadiaga's license  and is driving an ambitious gas-to-power agenda across the country.

Before making moves in the Senegalese hydrocarbons sector, Beall drove upstream market growth from the Caspian to West Africa to South America, positioning himself and his company at the forefront of the global energy sector. As such, Beall truly represents one of the movers and shakers of the oil and gas industry, making him the ideal winner of the Mohammed S. Barkindo Lifetime Achievement Award at Africa's biggest event for the oil and gas industry.

"Rogers Beall has not only made a significant impact across the global oil and gas sector but has driven exploration and production across one of Africa's most promising hydrocarbon markets: the MSGBC basin. His outstanding career has seen him found Africa Fortesa Corporation, unlock significant hydrocarbon reserves worldwide, while supporting a number of corporate social responsibility initiatives, thereby ensuring energy developments translate into tangible opportunities for the local communities in which his company operates. As such, Beall's decades-long career warrant his accomplishment of the Mohammed S. Barkindo Lifetime Achievement Award," states NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber (AEC).

Beall represents one of five industry leaders who won the Mohammed S. Barkindo Lifetime Achievement Award at the African Energy Awards 2022. Selected by an esteemed panel of judges from global energy intelligence firm, Rystad Energy, and the Advisory Board of the AEC, Beall's success in the global oil and gas market has positioned him as an ideal winner of this high-level award.