Africa and Americas host most of top 30 high-impact wells for 2021, Rystad analysis

02-09-2021 | 13:46:00
Drilling of high-impact oil and gas prospects in 2020 suffered at the hands of the global pandemic, but the overall results were nevertheless positive, a Rystad Energy analysis reveals.

[Column] Rajnish Aubeelucka: Mauritius oil spill: Our oceans need more than protection, they need investment

01-29-2021 | 07:35:00
Usually bustling with sunburnt tourists, beaches on the island of Mauritius are empty this year. COVID-19 forced Mauritius to close its borders to tourists in March 2020, then another disaster struck.

[Column] James Chester: Clarity on Petroleum Bill needed to drive growth

01-27-2021 | 11:37:27
A lot has changed in the past year. One thing that has remained constant is the state of stasis of South Africa’s new petroleum code.

New U.S. administration must double down on engagements with African energy opportunities

01-22-2021 | 07:08:52
With a rapidly growing, increasingly urbanized population – and associated needs for energy and infrastructure development – the African continent should be at the forefront of a U.S. investment agenda.

Senegal already produces gas, investors should look onshore

01-18-2021 | 07:45:00
Senegal is the hotspot for energy investment in West Africa right now, owing to a string of huge offshore hydrocarbons discoveries since 2014, as well as its compelling renewables potential.

[Column] NJ Ayuk: Angolan legal reforms show how Africa can use oil and gas to create jobs

01-15-2021 | 14:38:00
The restructuring of the sector, that resulted in the creation of the ANPG and the reorientation of Sonangol, is arguably one of the greatest achievements of H.E. Diamantino Pedro Azevedo, Angola’s Minister of Mineral Resources and Petroleum who was brought in to reform the sector.

[Column] Dr Leesi Gborogbosi: Cost reduction strategy in the oil industry

01-13-2021 | 08:05:04
Cost reduction strategy in the oil industry is now being adopted by oil firms as a core strategy. With global economies facing recession and wide fluctuations in energy demands, it seems low costs is becoming the safety valve for oil firms.

[Column] Jude Kearney: What U.S. political transition might mean for Africa’s oil and gas sector

01-06-2021 | 08:08:30
What does the impending US presidential transition mean for Africa’s oil and gas sector? By virtue of my role at the African Energy Chamber, I simply have to ask: How will the Biden administration approach African oil and gas?

Rystad Energy analysis shows oilfield service purchases is set to lose $340b until 2028 as peak oil is closer than ever

12-04-2020 | 09:57:00
The oilfield service (OFS) market is projected to lose a cumulative $340 billion in purchases value over the next eight years, a Rystad Energy analysis shows.

Off-grid solar generation could affect how Africa uses coal, natural gas for electricity

11-25-2020 | 09:19:00
In the International Energy Outlook 2020 (IEO2020), the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) projects electricity generation in Africa using two cases with different assumptions about how future electricity needs are fulfilled.

Adopting competitive fiscal frameworks key to boosting investment in Africa’s oil and gas sector

11-25-2020 | 07:16:32
Without bold fiscal reforms, Africa is doomed to further loose its global market share of oil & gas investment and production.

NJ Ayuk: African countries must develop strategic fiscal policies to survive oil & gas industry changes on horizon

11-18-2020 | 15:07:37
The future of the global oil and gas industry has been a subject of great fascination and debate for decades. Since COVID-19 surfaced, there has been even more conjecture on this topic.

[Column] NJ Ayuk: COVID-19 should be a wake up call for Africa’s oil and gas industry

11-13-2020 | 07:56:15
Today, the economic winds are at our backs. There is so much we can do this year and beyond to make Africa more prosperous and hopeful.

African Energy Chamber expects LNG to prevent massive jobs destruction in Africa

11-12-2020 | 15:07:00
Despite the profound crises of 2020 which have jeopardized hundreds of thousands of jobs across Africa, the African Energy Chamber expects employment to remain strong due to ongoing capital projects sanctioned since 2018.

African Energy Chamber forecasts increased gas monetisation in latest 2021 outlook

11-11-2020 | 15:26:45
In its latest Africa Energy Outlook 2021, the African Energy Chamber forecasts increased gas monetization across the continent on the back of decarbonisation and industrialisation drive.