[Zimbabwe] Orama Media Group launches Africa wide business analysis program
11-05-2017 07:36:31 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 5539 | Tags:

Pan Africa media content creator Orama Media Group (OMG) is set to launch an Africa wide business analysis programme titled This Week in Africa.

The programme is aimed at presenting and analysing business trends, movements and transactions across Africa in a simplified and exciting way. Anchored by Zimbabwean media personality and entrepreneur, Kumbirai Nhongo, the programme will simplify the process of doing business in Africa and bridge the information gap between investors and the actual business on the ground.

"The programme itself is only the tip of the iceberg. Behind the programme is a team of analysts and strategists who will deliver market insights, research, financial markets information and risk profiles of African countries on a weekly basis on email and via our website. This will unlock immense value for viewers and potential investors on the continent. The idea is to use broadcasting as a platform to offer continent-wide consultative value", Nhongo said.

Orama Media Group is following modern trends and delivering the programme on various digital channels which include mobile apps, social media channels, terrestrial TV stations and its own website.

The programme will be simulcast weekly in 34 African countries and immediately made available worldwide initially for free before a freemium option is implemented for investors and entrepreneurs.

This is Orama Media Group's first foray outside of Zimbabwe since opening an office in Rwanda earlier this year. In order to maximise the potential reach, the company has appointed KG&A Advertising as a strategic partner in this endeavour.

KG&A Advertising is a strategic communications firm with a growing African footprint and present in Zimbabwe, Rwanda, South Africa and Tanzania. Through this partnership, Orama Media Group is confident of targeting and reaching a large proportion of Africa's billion strong market.