Zambia selects Authentix as technology and services partner to combat illicit fuels
13-02-2018 06:05:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 8267 | Tags:

Authentix, a global authentication and information services company has been picked by The Energy Regulation Board of Zambia, after a public procurement tender process, as its technology and services partner to combat the illicit trade of refined fuels.

The Authentix covert fuel marking program will support the Zambian government's fuel integrity program and the government's commitment to ensure a clean and high quality fuel supply to support local commerce.

Illicit fuels smuggled into the country or fuel adulterated with inferior products, do not meet the ERB's high quality standards for fuels and may also include harmful substances that can pose a threat to public health and the environment.

In addition to the positive environmental and societal impact, the Authentix fuel marking program will return positive economic results. "In our experience operating nine fuel marking programs across Africa, the return-on-investment measured by recovered excise taxes far outweighs the operational costs of the program," stated Kevin McKenna, Chief Sales and Services Officer, Authentix, Inc. "In twenty years of designing and operating covert fuel marking programs, we estimate to have recovered over USD 1 billion to governments."

Authentix assisted the ERB in assessing the current supply chain, designing a program to meet their goals –including enforcement, and selecting from Authentix portfolio of covert chemical markers and analyzers, to deliver the most effective program tailored to Zambia's unique needs.