Zambia modern bus station project receives $620,000 boost from Germany
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Zambia has received $620,00 for the construction of a modern bus station in Southern Province’s provincial capital Choma. Choma District Commissioner Sheena Muleya said the construction project had been financed under the Government to Government partnership.

Ms Muleya said the construction project was expected to begin immediately because the funds were already in the country. The station will be the first of its kind in the new provincial capital.

Commercial farmers offered government to buy their land at exorbitant prices. “Choma will soon have a bus terminus, we have been given funds by Germany under the government to government partnership.

“The funds have already been received and we are just working out some logistics before the construction process,” Ms Muleya said.

She said the surveyors visited the site and have also collected the soil samples to test the suitability.She said plans to build an airport and university were still there but they were hindered due to shortage of land in the district.

As for the airport three sites have already been secured but they were still waiting for the Department of Civil Aviation to check the sites
before they could decide to embark on the construction.

“Our biggest challenge is lack of adequate land here but government has a lot of projects for the people of Choma. “The construction of a University was supposed to begin but we are still searching for land,” she said.

Last year two Chiefs Mapanza and Singani both of Choma and a commercial farmer offered part of their land to government to consider
for the construction of an airport.

Government had been looking for land to construct an airport and a university after Choma was upgraded into a provincial capital of Southern Province.

The land surrounding Choma District was owned by Commercial farmers and others offered government to buy at exorbitant prices.