Why Network?
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Why are some people more successful in life and in business? Why do they seem to get better deals, more sales, better promotions, or just live a better life? This can be particularly frustrating if you believe that you are better qualified or have a better product. Some may just dismiss this success and explain it as luck or result of being in the right place at the right time.

If we were to delve into these things a little deeper we would discover that most of this highly successful people are just ordinary people just like you and me – who happen to possess highly refined networking skills. These ordinary people achieve brilliant results as they team up with other ordinary people to achieve more than they could by themselves.

Successful business people surround themselves with a well developed, sophisticated support network that they use to get everything from relevant information, to the right supplier, getting the right employee, to being referred to the right clients. Networking is essential for success in every area of your life.

Unfortunately most Nigerian businessmen find it difficult to network. They hardly go to seminars and workshops, attend events especially where they need to make some financial commitments. Most prefer parties and the like to the detriment of their businesses.

Success in business is the sum total of social capital that one has built up over time through the cultivation of solid relationships with all relevant people. without networking your business can hardly grow. Ever wondered why some Lawyers, Advert agents, doctors and surveryors are so very successful than others? It is the power of their networking. You never can say what a contact today can do for you tomorrow. It is simply invaluable.

networking is simple. Start networking today to grow your business.


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