Uganda- Tanzania oil pipeline to create 10,000 jobs
18-01-2017 06:10:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 15410 | Tags:

Close to 10,000 jobs are set to be created following the three year construction of the crude oil pipeline that will run from Western Uganda to Tanga Port in Tanzania.

The pipeline and related facilities are being designed and built to export the Lake Albert crude oil reserves to the Indian Ocean port.

According to the Ugandan minister of energy and mineral development Eng. Irene Muloni the project activities will be initiated towards the fourth quarter of this year "They are related to the pipeline coating plant(s), access to some locations and ordering some long lead items. They include materiel and equipment that have to be available soon after the final investment decision has been made. These include first batch of steel pipes, coating products, trailers or those which could have a long delivery time (power generator, pumps," Muloni said.

The minister tipped Uganda's private sector and potential employees to take some steps to enable them participate in the project. She explained that the pipeline project called The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project has benefits for Uganda and Tanzania which include job creation, local content, new infrastructures, logistics, technology transfer and the enhancement of the Central Corridor between Uganda and Tanzania.

"It is estimated that during the three years construction phase, between 6 000 to 10 000 jobs will be required and during the operation phase up to 1000 jobs will be required by the project. These estimates are direct hire and do not include indirect or induced jobs which will be as the result of the project".

She underscored that local content is a key value for the ECAOP project participants and will be fully integrated in the contracting strategy as well as the training programs. She noted that a local content plan is being developed to guide the implementation process. 

The EACOP project includes the construction and operation of 1445 km of insulated 24"inch pipeline through Uganda and Tanzania, 8 stations and a marine export terminal at Chongoleani, near Tanga Port. It includes as well fiber optic cable, block valves and high voltage lines to supply power to the various heating stations for the pipeline. 

Due to the waxy and viscous fluid properties, the pipeline and the fluid will be heated above 50°C. Once completed, the EACOP project will be the longest electrically heated pipeline in the world.