TARS Consults' Director Harry Yamson on Strategy Consulting & Brand and Channel Developing in Ghana
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In Accra Africa Business Communities met with Harry Yamson , Director of TARS Consult to discuss the Strategy Consulting & Brand and Channel Developing in Ghana.

Can you introduce your company?
'Ishmael Yamson & Associates (IY&A) is a consulting firm that specializes in business and organizational transformation and leadership development. We believe in creating value for sustained growth for our customers and helping them look beyond the immediate by unearthing unique capabilities that would drive them to become market leaders and outstanding organisations. To facilitate this process, we remain integral partners during the period and scope of each project. Our main focus is on providing value-driven strategic management through the provision of leadership training and development programmes, organisational renewal and corporate advisory services to public institutions and private businesses.'

What has been your experience in Strategy Consulting & Brand and Channel Development in Ghana?
'The market is strengthening and many companies and individuals are willing to invest in good strategic advice for corporate decision-making & brand and channel development.'

How do you see present and future investment opportunities in Ghana?
'Opportunities abound, however, success and mutual growth will come if decisions serve the long-term interests of the Ghanaian economy and consumer.'

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