Talentdesk24-7 offers talent on demand for businesses in Africa
22-08-2017 13:09:00 | by: Andrea Ayemoba | hits: 1679 | Tags:

Talentdesk24-7 has officially gone live in South Africa. The new platform provides easy access to a constant stream of projects for experienced freelancers and consultants, while simultaneously filling the skills gap for clients.

Director of Talentdesk24-7, Terry Madavo, is also the founder of local recruitment company, Sapientis, and has over a decade of experience in recruitment and consulting.

“Work as we know it has changed,” says Madavo. “Skilled professionals are looking for flexibility in both how they work and what they work on. At the same time, businesses are looking for cost-effective, reliable talent to call on when they need it. Talentdesk24-7 answers this challenge.”
Talentdesk24-7 aims to disrupt the Management Consulting industry by eliminating the overheads of traditional consulting.

The platform uses an algorithm to match projects with the right talent – generating a quality shortlist of pre-vetted candidates for clients to choose from. “We wanted to create a hub where businesses can post projects knowing they will get a shortlist of only the best freelancers and contractors, at an affordable price,” explains Madavo.

Flexibility, reliability

In an ever-changing business environment, organisations have to be flexible in how they engage with and enlist the services of top talent to reach their business goals. As ‘talent on demand’ or ‘talent as a service’ (TaaS) become global trends, Talentdesk24-7 is poised to enable that shift in the local market.
“Client needs are changing all the time, and the need for talent fluctuates with business demands. While the local contractor / consultant / freelancer market is highly dispersed, Talentdesk24-7 brings together a robust talent pool, allowing businesses of all sizes to confidently source the best skills for their projects,” says Madavo.

A different way to work

Talentdesk24-7 offers a new way to work for the growing number of skilled individuals who don’t want to be tied down to specific roles and responsibilities.
“They want the freedom and flexibility to choose the projects that suit their interests and abilities – while still maintaining their earnings – and that’s exactly what our platform enables,” concludes Madavo.