Southern Business School Namibia appoints Feitjie Veldskoen-Kapofi new Deputy Director
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Southern Business School Namibia is proud to announce the appointment of Mrs. Feitjie Veldskoen-Kapofi as Deputy Director. Mrs. Feitjie Veldskoen-Kapofi has an impressive and substantial career track record within both the fields of finance and education.

Making her the perfect fit for SBS Namibia. She is a qualified and experienced professional with extensive experience within the Financial Management sector. Her constant career growth is a clear indication of her need for self-improvement and love for the field. She is also very familiar

with the operations of SBS Namibia as she was a part time Accounting Lecturer with the Institute.

As SBS Namibia keeps on growing and student enrolment increases the need to professionalise and increase management capacity for future anticipated growth means that the new Deputy Director has her work cut out for her. In her last position as Manager Finance and Administration
at First Capital Treasury Solutions (Pty) Ltd, she was in charge of ensuring the organisation ran smoothly across the board, from an administrative and financial point of view. With the growth of SBS Namibia continuing unabated this will be where her knowledge and talents will be most

Being passionate about education and realising that the youth really are the future of Namibia, Mrs. Veldskoen has been fully involved with the National Youth Council as a Board Member as well as other Youth orientated organisations. Promoting and furthering the educational agenda
focused on the youth.

Feitjie said; “It is my hope and mission to improve the way in which SBS Namibia is run. Making it an education institution that is truly there for its students, our valuable clients. Bringing affordable higher education to Namibians, no matter where they reside in this great country is something
I cannot wait to get involved with.”

Albin Jacobs, Director of the Southern Business School Namibia stated; “Having Feitjie on board will make a real difference as her expertise and knowledge of all finance and admin related duties will streamline and organise our organisation to the benefit of our students. With her assistance
Southern Business School Namibia will continue to transform and become a major player in Namibian higher  education.”