[South Africa] Wesbank partner with Haval Motors to offer finance products to the brand’s growing customer base
23-11-2017 08:47:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 3979 | Tags:

WesBank, a division of First Rand Bank Limited, has concluded an agreement with Haval Motors South Africa to provide finance products for the brand’s expanding customer base in South Africa.

 The Chinese vehicle manufacturer Great Wall Motors (GWM) has traded in South Africa since 2007 and the brand has grown consistently over the past decade. Its product range includes pick-ups, SUVs and passenger cars and since its introduction here on 31 May 2017, GWM's world-class premium SUV brand, Haval.

Customers of the new Haval Financial Services and GWM Financial Services will benefit from WesBank’s innovative financial solutions, strong customer focus, and end-to-end service that have contributed to it being the country’s leading provider of vehicle and asset finance.

Mark Finlayson, CEO of WesBank Motor, says: “We at WesBank are excited by the prospect of working with Haval and GWM. As a market leader in vehicle finance that has built strong automotive finance alliances, we believe that by combining our solid value offering with the leading Chinese brand, who is aggressively growing its presence in the country, we can offer the customer a unique experience.”

Charles Zhao, Managing Director of Haval Motors South Africa, says: “Choosing to partner with Wesbank was a clear-cut decision. With WesBank as the number one vehicle and asset financial services provider in South Africa and Haval Motors being a SUV leader, we believe that both parties offer a significant all-round value proposition for the South African consumer.”

Not only will consumers have the convenience of an in-house finance product, but also WesBank’s proven self-service portals that allow for access to settlement quotes and eNATIS certificates. Furthermore, Haval and GWM will work closely with WesBank to provide a full range of finance and insurance products that will drive increased sales in South Africa.