[South Africa] Rabaki.com creates employment through new re-seller feature
06-04-2017 10:04:56 | by: Andrea Ayemoba | hits: 5065 | Tags:

South African online retail store, Rabaki.com is now giving locals an opportunity to become part of the outlet and earn a 5% commission in return. From April the 3rd 2017, the store will register any individual or small company that would like to make a profit by selling merchandise from the store. The resellers will receive on average 5% of the value of each item sold under their name.

This reseller feature allows both individuals and small businesses to grow and expand the opportunities around them with extra income that is able to increase their stability so that they may rise out of tough economic situations. Rabaki.com is aimed at bringing the Noko Mashaba apparels, well designed and produced merchandises in South Africa, at affordable prices at a press of a button.

“We’re excited to launch this new reseller feature on Rabaki.com because this feature will help to empower both the unemployed and employed South Africans and small businesses,” says Larry Kgatle, Rabaki.com’s Spokesperson. “The unemployed youth no longer have to define themselves as another statistic in the youth unemployment rate and small companies are allowed the opportunity to create more employment prospects out of this reseller feature.”

Rabaki.com will no longer only be about giving customers access to a unique range of clothing from the comfort of their own homes, office or place of leisure but also creating employment opportunities for the youth and empowering small businesses.

Rabaki.com plans to launch the merchant registration feature soon, this may allow small to medium companies to sell their own products on the store. “The merchant registration will play an integral role in developing small businesses that would like to sell and showcase their products,” says Mr. Kgatle. In the meantime, however, merchants who are interested in joining our online store will be given the option to submit their products manually for listing on the store. Interested merchants can use the contact details of Rabaki.com to learn more.

Rabaki.com is proudly owned by Rabaki Pty Ltd, in partnership with Zartner Technology (Pty) Ltd and Rams Comics (Pty), which brings about unique apparels and adds fun into online retail in South Africa.