[South Africa] Obsidian, HashiCorp partner for advanced data centre
24-07-2018 09:25:00 | by: Andrea Ayemoba | hits: 2437 | Tags:

Open Source technology and services specialist Obsidian Systems is proud to announce that it has become an official HashiCorp partner and will provide the South African market with access to next generation data centre management solutions.

HashiCorp was established in 2012 to revolutionise data centre management application development, delivery, and maintenance.

The company believes business owners can benefit by combining and applying several technologies, including public-and private cloud, hybrid cloud, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, to architect a data centre.

Obsidian designs technology solutions using the best fit software and vendor partners to help any business, from large enterprises to bespoke companies, achieve individual goals, ensure team deliverables and broader business objectives.

Through its alliance with HashiCorp, the open source specialist firm is pleased to now support the installation and support of top-end enterprise solutions such as Vault, Terraform, Consul and Nomad.

These solutions empower companies with various levels of cloud service and competency, including secrets management, privilege access management, infrastructure as code, service discovery, distributed KV store, as well as scheduling.

Although based on Open Source Code, which is HashiCorp’s distribution model, the enterprise products are proprietary and are released as separate binaries. 

HashiCorp offers yearly subscriptions to the products which in addition to the proprietary features also include support with associated service level agreements,”  

The company focus is not on supporting Open Source with customers but selling Enterprise subscriptions with support.

This is where Obsidian is ideally positioned to add the value of its expertise, market experience and technical acumen.

“Our focus is on collaboration through our carefully constructed vendor alliances. These strategic partnerships lead to effective deployment and management of game-changing systems that address core business development issue,” explains Obsidian Systems MD Muggie van Staden.

“Our partner base allows you to select the best arsenal to meet your team, code, compute, and data needs,” he says.