[South Africa] Grad Coach Launches Innovative Dissertation Review & Critique Service
09-08-2017 11:07:35 | by: Andrea Ayemoba | hits: 12333 | Tags:

Grad Coach, a leading postgraduate support provider, has launched a first of its kind Master’s dissertation and thesis service.

More than a traditional editing service, the Grad Coach’s service allows Master’s level students to receive critical feedback and recommendations regarding their work, allowing them to improve the overall quality prior to submission.

Traditionally, Grad Coach’s core services have been tutoring, support and guidance for Master’s students. In other words, turnkey assistance. Founder, Derek Jansen, notes however, that due to financial constraints, many students sought once-off review of their near-completed dissertations and theses. “Students want more than just plain language editing and proofreading (which they can get anywhere) – they want someone to give them critical feedback on the overall academic quality of their work”, Jansen said.

Accordingly, Grad Coach developed a dedicated dissertation and thesis review and critique service for Master’s-level students. The service evaluates, among other things, the:

  • Suitability, justification and relevance of the research topic and questions

  • Quality, diversity and depth of the literature review

  • Appropriate use of description and analysis

  • Quality of arguments

  • Suitability, justification and relevance of the methodology

  • Overall structure, presentation and readability

Students can expect not only in-depth critique, but actionable recommendations on how to improve the quality of the work. “Essentially, we critique each dissertation to distinction-level – it’s up to the student how much they want to integrate, depending on their academic goals”, says Jansen.

The service is the first of its kind. While there are an abundance of dissertation and thesis editing services available both online and offline, the Grad Coach service is unique in that it goes beyond basic English editing and, instead, evaluates the overall quality of the document.

Find more information on Grad Coach’s service here.