[South Africa] ContinuitySA introduces SME targeted recovery as a service offering
09-07-2020 06:53:00 | by: Bob Koigi | hits: 692 | Tags:

ContinuitySA, a company that offers business continuity management services to public and private organizations, has launched Recovery as a Service (RaaS), which puts Work Area Recovery facilities within the reach of Small to Medium Enterprises in South Africa.

 Cindy Bodenstein, Marketing Manager, ContinuitySA, says disasters come in many forms. “We tend to think of fires and tidal waves, but load shedding, strikes, or even an incident preventing access can be just as disruptive. And when something happens which keeps you out of the office, you need somewhere fully equipped that allows work to continue without interruption.”

 ContinuitySA has a long history of providing disaster recovery and business continuity services for corporate clients across South Africa and many other African countries. Putting that experience to work for the Small to Medium Enterprise, its Recovery as a Service (RaaS) is an affordable solution for Work Area Recovery (WAR).

Clients subscribe to RaaS with a monthly debit order, which can be annualized and paid up front. This provides access to a ContinuitySA facility which includes desks and chairs in an office – the Work Area - as a basic start point. Packages of between 5 and 50 seats are available, with equipment and services including printing, high-speed internet access, a 24/7 Service Desk and meeting rooms.

 The premises are in a secure environment with 24-hour security and monitoring, with diesel generators and UPS units providing backup power for all services. Even the water supply is assured, with backup supply systems catering for municipal service failures.

 New clients are provided with a Business Continuity Planning Awareness seminar and a one-hour site tour and client induction engagement.

 Bodenstein says that while the solution is packaged with the SME in mind, it rests on the same disciplines, processes and approaches that ContinuitySA applies in every one of its corporate engagements. “A reliable plan and failover facilities are part and parcel of good governance, regardless of your line of business. RaaS delivers affordable peace of mind. It’s flexible and easy to put in place – think of it as essential insurance which keeps you working no matter what.”

 At launch, ContinuitySA offers RaaS from facilities situated in Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu, Natal and the Western Cape. A launch offer is available until September 2020.