Somali regains control of its airspace after 27 years
02-01-2018 08:07:00 | by: Andrea Ayemoba | hits: 3838 | Tags:

The federal government of Somalia officially has taken over the control of its airspace and launched the opening ceremony of the airspace control tower at Aden Abdulle International Airport in Mogadishu last Thursday.

The Somali Civil Aviation Authority will start operations in Mogadishu for the first time in 27 years after the fall of the Somali central government in 1991. During that period of time, Somalia's airspace was being controlled by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) based in Nairobi. Many Somalis say that the organization was collecting the country's flyover fees but doing little in maintaining the decrepit Aden Abdulle airport in Mogadishu which is the main airport in the country.

The Somali Transport Minister Mr Mohamed Abdullahi Salad said that the Somali air traffic will be controlled from Mogadishu as from today in a better way than it was being controlled in Nairobi as modern equipment have now been installed in the Mogadishu's new air traffic control tower. This will eventually ease the problems faced by aeroplanes using the country's airspace.

The Minister added that Mogadishu will still work with Nairobi for a period of one and a half months to make sure that all the technicalities involved in the operations are in good order.

This is a new milestone for the Somali government which has put a lot of effort in making the dream of its people a reality even after ICAO has postponed the move several times over conditions many believe to be unnecessary.