Sodastream South Africa launches social media rewards campaign
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Remember that product from the 80's that frequented almost every kitchen, the machine that tirelessly produced carbonated and fizzy drinks right from the convenience of your home? Well, not many people are aware of this but Sodastream has gone through a major re-design and is available for purchase in many major retailers in South Africa.

Sodastream teamed up with renowned designer and social entrepreneur Yves Behar to revolutionise the product invented in 1903, which makes carbonated drinks from tap water. Giving an update to the enduring classic, Behar's concept re-examines every element of the Sodastream system, including the interface, design and material selection. The result is a beautiful design that would be a centerpiece in any modern kitchen.

Sodsastream has partnered up with Social Wiiv. Social Wiiv is a company that developed digital rewards software that provides incentives to users for interacting with a brand's social media and digital content. The software is not limited to social media and users can also be rewarded for other digital actions, for example: Purchasing in an e-commerce store, answering custom surveys, giving product ratings and reviews and referring their friends to the platform.

Social Wiiv's product is a world's first social media rewards and research tool. The software was developed 100% in South Africa and it is a real feat for local app and web-based development. So far, the clients that have used Social Wiiv have seen engagement increase across all channels of up to 600%. The reason for this success is that it increases organic growth and reach as users are incentivised to be ambassadors for brands and share their social content. 

Sodastream has positioned their social rewards platform as a "community" and have named it the Sodastream Bubble Club. In the Sodastream Bubble Club people are rewarded for engaging with Sodastream posts, for sharing recipes, watching useful video content, and from next month, users will even be rewarded for making purchases through the Sodastream Bubble Club store. 

"It is very important that we close the loop between social activity and actual purchase. Return on investment has always been difficult to measure in social media, especially if your client's measure for success is to increase sales. Now that we can facilitate the actual purchase of the product in a controlled environment, we can directly link a sale to a user and accurately measure the return for Sodastream" - Chris Peters, Business Development Director at Social Wiiv

Users can stand the chance to win amazing Sodastream Machines as well as other lifestyle, beauty and fitness rewards that focus on health, which is a position that Sodastream wants to own, as it is far healthier for your family than store bought fizzy drinks.