[Botswana] SADC receives a letter of credence from FAO
30-08-2018 13:03:00 | by: Pie Kamau | hits: 12870 | Tags:

The SADC Executive Secretary, Dr. Stergomena Lawrence Tax received a letter of credence to SADC from the Representative of Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) to Botswana, Mr. Rene Czudek at the SADC Secretariat Head Offices in Gaborone, Botswana on the 28th of August 2018.

Mr. Czudek has also been appointed the special representative of the organization to SADC and is the liaison between the two parties on all matters relating to strategic decisions.

Mr. Czudek said that FAO and SADC have a mutual relationship and will continue to collaborate in order to build strong partnerships, as well as support SADC in agricultural development and, supporting policies geared towards promotion of food security and health nutrition.

Dr. Tax congratulated Mr. Czudek and thanked FAO for the continued collaboration, especially for its role in leading the SADC International Cooperating Partners Thematic Coordinating Group on Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resources.

The Executive Secretary also recognised support offered to SADC in the development of a common agricultural policy, now referred to as the Regional Agricultural Policy.

The meeting also discussed issues of mutual interest for enhanced cooperation, and support towards implementation of policies and strategies to achieve sustainable increase on agricultural production and productivity.

SADC has so far through partnership with FAO made meaningful strides in sectors such as livestock, crop, fisheries, food security, and natural resources, and aims at addressing land degradation in the Region.