Richmeal to sell Richmeal trademark Brand Licensing and Product Extension to American Brand Management Company for $3 Million
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The founder and CEO of HoveHive Group, a leading chartered management brand representing fast moving consumer goods brands, Mr. Emmanuel Oguejiofor has revealed that Richmeal is set to sell Richmeal trademark brand licensing and product extension to American Brand Management Company for $3 million.

The CEO further revealed that they have received offers and interests from third parties to buy the Richmeal brand licensing and as you all know Iconix Brand Group is the world's Premier Brand management company.  

With as little as $3 million. This will be making the most profitable investment into the next big thing in African and Global FMCG. “We plan on rolling out an entire new line of ‘Richmeal’ brand and products extension, for example we are going to start with Richmeal Ice Tea this will be a competitive deep operational strategic advantage for major US Ice Tea companies who loves the idea of elevating profitability despite intense competition from rivals, with the unique selling proposition (USP) offered through  Richmeal brand attributes, licensing and extension as to tap into the huge vast market of black, African - American origin, which accounts for more than 43 million consumers since the last 2010 US census. But mostly also they will be tapping into Africa's Biggest Consumer Market and economy "Nigeria" and by extension projecting into the lucrative African FMCG market,” he said.

 A vision ignited by Emmanuel Oguejiofor founder of Richmeal. In his quest to position Africa for Global Excellence.

“I told my late mum Lady Helen I will immortalized her legacy. I know all I can do to give back her bountiful blessing to the world was to champion her legacy and all I feel now is tears of joy from her eyes were she is right now in heaven,” Emmanuel added.  

Emma says he wants to thank his dad for believing in him, referencing a prophesy from his dad about his destiny before his birth of which his late mum testified that she will give birth to a male child and his name will be called Emmanuel and that our God will use him Emma Mightily to liberate his people in his generation also he thanks his dad for giving him and all his siblings the best that he never had. And to his friends and well wishers he wishes all love, peace, joy and all there is! 

As he renewed his final pledge, which is mostly cherished but yet very inspirational to the African people. Under his lead as Chief Executive in charge of HoveHive Group. He claims they are ever committed and focused to position Africa for Global Excellence with this new strategic development.