PwC repositions brand globally - New brand simplifies name, emphasizes value creation and relationships
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PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has repositioned its brand to reaffirm its commitment to its clients and stakeholders.

PwC is synonymous with excellence and is known for the high calibre of people it employs, as well as its global reach. The firm has for some time been focusing on building deeper relationships with its stakeholders and better leveraging the PwC global network.

PwC Southern Africa CEO Suresh Kana, says the repositioning of the PwC brand is a natural step in the firm’s journey to remain the number one professional services network by adapting to the changing needs of clients and stakeholders in today’s challenging markets: “Our reputation is the foundation of our new brand and our brand promise reflects our commitment to further enhance the value we add through meaningful relationships”.

PwC’s new brand promise is: “My relationship with PwC helps create the value I’m looking for”.

“Success will lie in how well we manage to bring our brand promise to life,” says Kana. “It is all about what our clients experience when we interact with them and what our people experience when we interact with one another. The brand encompasses what it’s like to work with us, how we do business, and what we are good at. The ultimate aim is for PwC to become known by all its stakeholders for creating value.”

The new branding includes a simplified logo consisting of the initials “pwc” in lowercase, and is designed to be easier to use and better suited to digital and online use.

Furthermore, the firm’s brand name is being formally shortened to PwC, to provide consistency and ease of use. In practice, the initials "PwC" have been used interchangeably with "PricewaterhouseCoopers" both within and outside the organisation since its formation in 1998. “PricewaterhouseCoopers” remains the full name for legal purposes, and will be the name used by PwC firms to sign audit opinions.

"We think our new brand expression visually distinguishes PwC in the same way that the quality and expertise of our people differentiates the experience of working with PwC," says Dennis Nally, Chairman of PwC International. "Underlying the visual elements is what the PwC brand really stands for - how we are viewed by our clients, our people and our stakeholders. Beyond our capabilities and experience, we want PwC to be known for building great relationships with clients that help them create the value they’re looking for."

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