Public Image’s Managing Director, Derek Bbanga on positive image as an essential tool for successful business
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In Kenya, East Africa Africa Business Communities met with Derek bdanga, Managing Director of Public Image to discuss the essence of building a good image for a successful business.

Derek, how are you?

Great! I am a firm believer that technical skills and academic qualification alone are not enough to be successful in business today.

Can you introduce your company to us?

Public Image works with individuals and organisations in how they are seen, heard and behave. Creating a positive image includes the necessary soft skills - crucial ingredients for success in business today. It is not enough just to be able to do the job but we all require a certain amount of polish, a good sense of dress, familiarity with people skills and etiquette as well as the ability to put our point across in an interesting and informative way.

What has been the greatest experience setting up a business in Kenya?

The reception to my business has been positive as most people are willing to learn. By blending business management with international etiquette, communication skills and protocol, Public Image is much in demand as businesses realise the importance of social skills when it comes to commerce

What are some of the investment opportunities in Kenya?

I think it goes without saying that the service sector is where the highest growth is predicted. Whether telecoms, tourism or financial services the opportunities for investment lie here.

What is the latest news?

In the past few years, there has been an increased demand for people to teach front office personnel, executives, future leaders on etiquette to improve themselves. In developed countries, the industry has grown exponentially and Kenya is not being left behind especially as companies and personalities realise in order to be successful in the global picture, there are a few extra skills needed. These skills are not to emulate Western customs, but are a global perspective on how one should carry themselves, communicate and project a certain image among other skills. After all, people buy from people.


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